• Reader Letter – Nursery

    Dear Layla-

    Your Reading Room with its horizontal stripes inspired me!

    My husband and I currently on the waiting list to adopt a baby.
    It has been a long journey and much like most of life, where we started is not where we ended up. After the realization that I could not do a traditional blue or pink room because uncertainty of the of domestic adoption, I set out to create a neutral room.
    When I saw the stripes in your Reading Room, I thought “this is it”!
    I’ve attached a few pictures of the finished product. It was hard to give the dream up of blue and pink, but we absolutely love this room. We did the moulding and painting ourselves, and feel like it’s such a soothing room. We know that one day God will bless us with a sweet baby to bring home to this perfect room!
    Thanks for sharing your gift, your creativity, your inspiration, and your heart!

    Emily Echols

    (Click on the photos to enlarge them)

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