Random Meets Remarkable

I snapped this photo with my cell phone as I was on my way to town a couple of months ago…

Women Fishing

That’s two women fishing together out there on the point, and I just thought it was such a fun thing to ride by and see. I pulled my car over, and called out to them through my window: “Y’all look so cute! Can I take your picture?” They both laughed and looked back at the lake, so I snapped a couple of pictures and we exchanged waves as I drove away.

I think I must have smiled for the next five miles straight because of those gals. :) It’s just not something you see every day, ya know?

But don’t you love it when that happens?!

You’re just “doing life”, and all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of a moment that feels so random-meets-remarkable? Those things have such a crazy powerful and positive effect on me.

A few years ago, my mom and I took a road trip together. We drove several thousand miles from start to finish, and we had lots of great conversations along the way. We visited family in Minnesota, and stayed at Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin on the way back home. I’ll cherish those memories forever! Even the little tiny one that springs right to the front of my mind every time I think about that trip. It doesn’t have anything to do with where we stayed, or who we visited. It’s not one that I could’ve planned, and like the fishing friends, I didn’t even see it coming until I was right there experiencing it.

I can’t remember what state we were in, but my Mom and I were seated at a table near the ‘Pay Here’ counter at KFC. I could see the register over my Mom’s shoulder. We were talking about who-knows-what, when out of the corner of my ear, I tuned in to a conversation between the cashier and a satisfied customer.

The cashier was a sweet little thing, maybe in her late-60s or so.

The customer looked like he was in his 40s, and I remember thinking he looked like a hard-workin’ man.

The customer told the cashier that he just had to come back up and tell her how much he enjoyed his meal. “It was just absolutely delicious, and you guys outdid yourselves today!“, he raved.

The cashier beamed from ear to ear as she reached for his tray and told him she was so glad he enjoyed it.

Like moisture when it’s humid, I could literally feel happiness in the air right then. I fought hard to not get up and hug ’em both- ha! (Note: I do not always win the battle against the bear hug.)

My eyes welled up as they went about their ways, and I loved sharing with my Mom what had just happened over her shoulder.

Funny how hearing somebody say something nice to someone else can not only make their day, but it can also make your day, too. :)

Those kinds of moments are happening all around us, all the time. Ones that make us feel lucky, and alive…and like Gifts if we slow down long enough to let our hearts tether to them.

Amazing how fishing friends and a fast food joint can do that. :)

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  1. Christine @ Practical Decor says

    This post had me feeling all warm and fuzzy for a second and then it had me feeling a little sad, because I seek moments like this every day to cling to their positivity and I feel like in NYC, it just doesnt happen that much anymore :(. I know that’s not true, but lately everyone is so grumpy! I’d love to see a happy moment, or just a moment where someone is SATISFIED with something. Oh well. Maybe it’s just the hot weather. :)

  2. Louise says

    Isn’t it funny! It doesn’t cost one cent to give a compliment, but the feelings of happiness after receiving one are priceless! Love that! Such sweet stories. Thanks, as always, for sharing!

  3. says

    Love your photograph – it reminds me of an Impressionist painting!

    I love those moments when people are at their best; it fills my heart and you definitely carry that with you when times are tough. I keep a paper journal of moments like the one you had.

  4. says

    It truly is the little things isn’t it? As the saying goes…’how we live our days is how we live our lives’. Or something like that :).

    That’s a beautiful picture Layla! Makes me wonder why I bought a dslr! lol

    Thanks for bringing sunshine to my day with your awesome spirit!

  5. Bernie says

    My hubby and I just got back from a 6000 mile car trip from Fl. to PEI, Canada. While in Charlottetown, PEI, we were standing on the sidewalk, looking at a map, trying to decide where to eat dinner. An older couple came up to us and asked if they could be of assistance. We told them we were trying to get our bearings and find a place that was open for dinner (it was Canada Day). They had a few suggestions, and we asked about a Pub we’d heard about. They said they lived right across the street and did we “mind” if they showed us the way. We walked and talked with them for about six blocks until we reached our destinations. I am blessed to say, we had LOTS of encounters like this on our trip!

  6. Venita says

    I just love this post, made me smile. I, too, soak up all those warm wonderful moments sprinkled throughout my days. Thanks for sharing : ).

  7. says

    LOVE this post :-) Your blog is always so inspiring in every way.
    If you want to see some cute blue colored decor…check out my blog. :-)
    Have a wonderful day dear


  8. Kathy Johnson says

    Love this story! Stopping and taking the time to appreciate the beauty of a day or the kindness in strangers is the key to finding true happiness. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Linda says

    Your Fishing Friends photo looks like a painting! A Soft and dreamy and perfect spring day. I would love to see that image every day. Would you consider selling prints for framing?

  10. says

    I had one of those moments today! We were driving to see my great aunt, and along the way a girl was holding up a sign in another vehicle. The sign said, “Have a great day!” and she was trying to get everyone’s attention as she drove past. It was such an awesome, sweet moment that someone would take the time to wish a stranger a great day! We need to do that more often :)