Puppy Love

We’re surrounded by some really sweet neighbors here in the new ‘hood.

Looks like Max has already found his favorite.

Note: I feel like I should probably mention that Abbie belongs to our next door neighbors, Scott and Tammy. We asked for their permission before we brought her inside (via text message), and Max was very happy they said yes.

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  1. says


    filippin adorable! love the photos of you and mini captions! i pictured max pleading before i even jumped over to the page. i wish our dog was docile enough to have play mates– thats something we need to work on!

    keep up the good parenting ;]

  2. Shauna says

    What a fun community to have! She looks sweet. Your porch is also weathered to a perfect chippy texture…you should take pictures (to use as backgrounds in graphic design stuff, you know what I mean?) before you re-do them.

  3. Liz VanKirk says

    Their soooo cute! We have a dog named Abby as well. I’m sure Max is going to love his new neighbor! Doggy love?

    On another note did you get your hair cut shorter? Looks cute.

  4. Tina says

    Love your hair, Layla!
    Good to see images of a happy, peaceful, home-sweet-home during this tragic storm aftermath.

  5. says

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! So cute! I love when the puppies make friends. My best friend Kami decided she wanted to have a birthday party for her dog last night. I’ll be honest, at first I thought it was a really ridiculous idea. but she had 8 dogs in her house all at once, eating dog-friendly cupcakes. It turned out to be way fun!

    Max is a sweetheart.

  6. Nelson's Mama says

    I love this :)

    We share an invisible fence with our neighbors (we have one shih tzu, they have two), the “boys” have free access to both houses and it’s SO much fun. I love having my sweet dog and two “auxiliary” dogs!

  7. Gena says

    So Cute!!! Is Max a Chihuahua or a Min Pin? Or something else? I have a Chihuahua and Max’s expressions remind me of her sometimes. Darling post!

  8. says

    OMG, that was so fricking cute!!! Our (cat) boys also have friends that come over, but they pee on the door, which makes our boys pee on the inside of the door. Maybe they’re more like frenemies, then :D

  9. Heather says

    Finding out there is a really great playmate just next door who will be your new best friend makes a move so worthwhile, no matter what your species apparently. What fantastic pix with perfect captions! I’m Smiling-Big-Time and cuddling my pets.

  10. says

    This. is. hilarious.

    We have a gigantasourous golden retriever, about to turn one year old, and he’s like Max with every dog he meets! {Imagine Dug, from UP, and you have pictured our puppy grub}

  11. Abby says

    Sooo cute! Crazy that many people name their dogs Abby, Abbie, or however they want to spell it. I’m not sure I understand it- I can deal with it.

  12. Katie says

    So cute! We have three neighborhood dogs that come and have play dates with our dog in our yard almost every day.

  13. says

    That is too cute….

    Our dachshund, Oscar, tends to have the same excitement when any of his friends walk by the house… Adorable that Max’s friends can come in and play.

  14. says

    I love this! Ahh, it’s just too cute! Doggy play dates. My neighbors aren’t anything special and I definitely don’t have their numbers, plus their dog had fleas and passed them to our dogs through a chain link fence. Talk about annoying!

  15. Dawn says

    Awesome! I love doggie playdates! Our boxers get to have a fellow boxer come over for one week of every month!

  16. says

    You guys are so funny! Thanks for the laugh – I’m a canine mom (couldn’t have kids) and sure appreciate the way your animals are your babies, I can relate that’s for sure!
    Love yall!

  17. Judi says

    Gah! This is the cutest….and you are gonna make a great mom! That is exactly what I do…..say no..no.. no..no… realize that I could say yes, then send them to dad….who of course will say yes…HAHAHA Parenting 101 ;)

  18. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Do you have special voices for your animals? LOL! We do. Periodically, we have to wash Charley’s mouth out with soap! LOL

    Looks like your hair is back to being blonder. Love it!

    Darling post…………looks like you are lovin the new ‘hood!!!!!

  19. Donna Doble Brown says

    OMG …. Layla just the laugh I needed after a day filled with hurricane stuff! We were one of the lucky ones to only have lost the house Internet but now that means my husband can’t work! May be another storm INSIDE our house! Love the look on your face and Max’s …. Priceless!
    Stay well and keep these wonderful posts coming! XO

  20. says

    How sweet!!! I love the way you tell the story with your great pictures. And Mom, how could you look at Max and say no? LOL You know Dad always gives in anyway.

      • Julie B. [Holland] says

        I really think you should write too! I’ve thought that since I started to read you blog a few years now. I started to read your blog when you though you might do another blog The Olive Letter? Was that it? Looks like the pets are really loving their new home too! Loving all the pictures you share with us Layla . :)

  21. Paulina J! says

    I was having a terrible day until I saw this! I think Max was really saying this in doggie speak :)

  22. KatyO says

    I love it!! I’m glad to see someone else carries on conversations with their pets….and refers to themselves as “mom” and “dad” in regards to the pets!! :)

  23. Sharon says

    Oh my goodness! How can you say no to that face? I’ll bet Max gets his way (and spoiled) all the time just be begging with those big brown eyes. It’s so nice that he has a next door neighbour that he can play with.

  24. Nicole says

    Lovin’ the new hair style! Had to look twice to be sure it was you….new look for your new home! My compliments to your stylist!

    I had a feeling Kevin was going to be the “softie” …which is a good thing for a Daddy!

  25. Culpepper says

    Adorable. We have a Max in our life too (his name is Walter). Don’t you just love their sweet little eyes? Great post, Layla, BTW, your hair looks great!

  26. Raquel says

    Just wanted to say thank you for putting a big smile on my face this morning. I simply enjoyed this post. So cute. You have to do a series…lol.


  27. says

    We have 2 pup sister’s named Kizzie and Molly who come visit our furbaby often. Dog visits are so enjoyable! All that wagging can’t help but make one cheerful.

  28. says

    OK, that may be the cutest post ever. I see a Maxie and Abbie book in the making. But little brownie ( what’s his name?) will feel left out , then he’ll come to my door and I will have to say, “no,no.”

  29. says

    This is so precious!
    Years ago we had a darling pug, Noah. Our next door neighbor had a beautiful Pom named, Princess. She would come over and bounce against the door wanting Noah to come out and play. They were best friends!

    Max and Abbie will have so many good times together!

  30. Jessica says

    I have been reading the exciting news about you adopting a child (CONGRATS!!)

    Did you adopt your dog? I love my precious chihuahua (that looks like yours!) that I adopted from a rescue in my hometown and hope you also went to a shelter or rescue to save a life!

  31. says

    Hi Miss Layla,
    This is Asher & Zephan and our mom is typing as we talk. We liked the story about Max. We want to know if Max is getting married? Thanks for sharing the story. Max is cute. Our favorite picture was the big picture of Max’s face. We want to know if you can actually understand what Max is saying.

    • Layla says

      Hi Asher and Zephan! :-D
      I’m SO happy to see a comment from you today!
      We’re not sure if Max is going to ask Abbie to marry him or not, but we will keep you posted for sure. ;-)
      I can usually understand what Max is saying by the way he looks at me, and by the noises he makes and the way he turns his head. Can you do that with your doggie, too?

  32. cristin says

    AWWW! This is so cute!! Really made me smile! Love the pictures and message bubbles! LOL! SO ADORABLE!!

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