Puppy Love

We’re surrounded by some really sweet neighbors here in the new ‘hood.

Looks like Max has already found his favorite.

Note: I feel like I should probably mention that Abbie belongs to our next door neighbors, Scott and Tammy. We asked for their permission before we brought her inside (via text message), and Max was very happy they said yes.

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  1. Jessica says

    I have been reading the exciting news about you adopting a child (CONGRATS!!)

    Did you adopt your dog? I love my precious chihuahua (that looks like yours!) that I adopted from a rescue in my hometown and hope you also went to a shelter or rescue to save a life!

  2. says

    Hi Miss Layla,
    This is Asher & Zephan and our mom is typing as we talk. We liked the story about Max. We want to know if Max is getting married? Thanks for sharing the story. Max is cute. Our favorite picture was the big picture of Max’s face. We want to know if you can actually understand what Max is saying.

    • Layla says

      Hi Asher and Zephan! 😀
      I’m SO happy to see a comment from you today!
      We’re not sure if Max is going to ask Abbie to marry him or not, but we will keep you posted for sure. 😉
      I can usually understand what Max is saying by the way he looks at me, and by the noises he makes and the way he turns his head. Can you do that with your doggie, too?

  3. cristin says

    AWWW! This is so cute!! Really made me smile! Love the pictures and message bubbles! LOL! SO ADORABLE!!

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