Priceless Pets

Neutering and leg pin removal surgery for Kit-Cat: $360.

Bladder stone surgery for Maximus: $1370.

Seeing them recovering together in a sun spot on our bed:



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  1. says

    My Gracie had allergy testing to the tune of $500 and allergy shots for about $300 and eats $35 a bag allergy food! That’s love! Glad your’s are going to be ok. On a side note: I love the black metal bed. Can you tell me where you got it?

  2. says

    oh you are so right…oliver has a couple very expensive surgeries in the spring…re-constructing two knees. we love him…he’s my “boy”…

  3. says

    LOVE those two baby faces!! As the owner of 12 cats and 2 dogs, mostly rescues, I never focus too hard on how much it costs a month to keep them up. You just can’t put a price on love, can you? And with animals, it’s always unconditional.

  4. Cristine says

    So cute! Those contented faces just make my heart sing. I cringe when I think of all the money I’ve spent on my animals over the years (I could’ve taken that dream vacation about five times by now) but I don’t regret a single cent.

    • ashley says

      My poor puppy has a bladder stone as well… that price tag scares me. Did they do good old fashioned surgery to extract the stone or a special procedure? Did they determine what type of stone it was?

  5. says

    Ohhh, I love them both – especially Maximus (he looks so much like my little Chi mix Kona). I’m glad to see they’re resting up and feeling better!

  6. says

    Holy smokoli!! I need to set up practice where you are! That’s about twice what we would charge, but I think there are huge variables in cost between Canada and the US. After owning a practice for 9 years, I totally understand the ‘cost’ of veterinary medicine. It would shock you at how little ‘profit’ is to be made (if any if the practice owner just bought the clinic). I’m now in the same boat as you, having moved away, sold my practice and taking time off to have a baby (due in 10 wks). I’d be spending that money in a blink of an eye if it meant the best for my pets too =) Hope they are all healed up, and Max is on some prescription food to prevent stone recurrence. :-)

  7. Terri says

    aww.. they both look like they are in full recovery!! :) …. My little schnauzer has had bladder stone surgery twice in 11 years!!! Poor little things… buth thankfully… they do bounce back!!!!!! Have a blessed week .. Teri

  8. Karen says

    Ohhhh…so cute. My baby kittie of 9 mos passed away this past week. After a few days of throwing up and not being himself we took him to the vet. They determined x-rays were in order where they found that he had swollowed a threaded needle of mine. The needle was stuck where the large and small intestine come together. They performed surgery and after a very large bill and several nights at the hospital we brougth him home. Unfortunately he did not make it. I am very sad and miss him terribly. It’s amazing how very quickly we bond with these furry little animals. I couldn’t figure out how or why a cat would swollow a needle. The vet stated that they go after the string and end up swolling it and the needle just follows behind. Makes perfect sense. Let that be my warning to all of you with loved pets.

  9. Gini Vyborney says

    Or as my husband says, “No ‘free’ cat or dog is truly ours until we’ve spent the first $1,000.”

  10. Gina says

    Whoa!! That was some steep bladder stone surgery!!!!!!!!!!! Both of my dogs have had them and we didn’t pay near that much. I feel for you! I agree though that it is priceless when our pets are well. :)

  11. Kim in Iowa says

    Where’s the “Like” button? :) Too cute, and I’d so be joining them in that sunny spot – looks like a good snuggle time!

  12. says

    I always say that I have bought my vet her beach house!! We’ve had numerous surgeries, lifelong prescriptions to take, and $500 a year for the annual exam and shots. Coming up, tooth cleaning for at least $300 per Husky. Why not? I love them too much to not take the best care of them that I can. Your guys are SO cute!!

  13. says

    I feel sorry for people who don’t have pets. They are so good for us! They lower our blood pressure, help us exercise (I run with my lab), and love us unconditionally. I would spend a LOT to keep them healthy.

    I even just made cat food that’s good for a “high thyroid” kitty this week. Yes, I love my fur babies…….

  14. says

    I’ve had a few years where vacations, house projects, etc. disappeared into vet clinics. Still, worth it for all the love they give back!

  15. Lisa W. says

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..OUCH…but still ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Your good gal Layla…and Kev of course too!!! We love our dogs too, AS much as humans!!!

  16. says

    Awwww! I love my animals and take waaaayyy better care of them or myself. I always (half jokingly) say we paid for the new building our vet is housed in. We have been going to the same vet for 20 yrs + 4 dogs + 6 cats= well, you do the math! Nothing like the unconditional love of our fur-kids!

  17. carol ann says

    well said! a few months after adopting our 4 year old cat Kocadon she needed 4 teeth out… 900.00 later… so worth the love she gives us everyday… x

  18. says

    they are just so sweet, how can you not try and make them more comfortable, you know? about a year after we adopted our cat she needed major tummy surgery to remove bladder stones. she now needs special vet presribed expensive food and even after all that it isn’t a guarantee the stones won’t come back. but she is my little baby, and i’ll pay for the surgery again if need be. you’re right, they are priceless!

  19. Bonnie says

    One of our cats got ear mites and clawed his ear terribly. They had to do surgery. When my husband and son went to pick him he was told “that will be $360.” My son still says, “I expected Dad to hand that cat right back to them!” He is almost 8 years old now (the cat, not the son) and his surgically repaired ear gives him character, I think.

    We have 3 dogs and 2 cats right now and vet bills are really starting to be an issue. But we’ll just have to deal. Cause I love all my babies!

  20. says

    They are worth every penny, and will spend the rest of their lives repaying you both with love. Ours are super pampered and get annual beach vacations!

  21. Erin Clark says

    That’s so cute. We really want a pet but living in an apartment in San Francisco, we’ve decided to wait for a backyard. My heart melts seeing your picture because I can’t wait for a four legged friend.

  22. Courtney B says

    So worth it, though, isn’t it? We have a pup that had a football sized tumor taken out, and one of our cats ( we have brothers) had to have surgery to unblock stones in his bladder a couple of times. Every time they look at us with those sweet eyes makes it all worth it! I have to think these animals were brought into our lives because “someone” knew we would take good care of them!

  23. Sarah K says

    With 3 active dogs, we’ve spent thousands on their veterinary care. I am afraid to ever to total it up! I like to think that instead of $$, I spend LOVE on my 3 sweet pups.

  24. says

    I agree when it comes to our furry animals. I have two dachshunds. My wire-hair dachshund went through not one but TWO back surgeries this past summer…Total $14,000.
    Then my smooth coat had a cancerous tumor which had to be removed total on him wasn’t near the cost of the first guy it was $600.00.
    However, I love these two boyes dearly and would do anything I could.

  25. Kathleen says

    You’re right Layla. You can’t put a price on these furry children. They bring an immense amount of happiness to a family. I’m so happy you kept Kit-Cat and that he and Maximus get along so well. I just love seeing both of them in your posts:)

  26. says

    Yes the pictures are priceless..

    But what first got my attention was price of surgery. My hubby and I are always amazed that it cost more to get our dogs teeth cleaned than ours!

    dee :)

  27. Jane says

    So sweet!!Our 4 year old Chihuahua needed surgery for a popped knee–many thousands– that was our 30 year anniversary present the hubs and I. I wouldn’t change it for the world!!

  28. Sherry Ann says

    You really couldn’t have put in any better than that. What’s a pet lover to do. Those furry friends are our babies. I am experiencing an empty nest and my pets are there to welcome me when I walk through the door, cuddle on the couch on a cold day and watch a movie, and give unconditional love when I need it most. All priceless. That picture says it all! To think you were worried about the two of them getting along. . .

  29. Dana says

    A veterinarian mentioned it above, but it’s worth repeating. Please make sure Max is on a prescription food to keep stones at bay. You could easily end up doing this again for him!

  30. Kat :) says

    So dang cute!!!! :D Glad to see they like (love?) each other and are recovering nicely. Love seeing pics of them when I drop by to see what’s going on at TLC. :) makes me smile

  31. says

    Your pets are precious, and your little Maximus looks just like our Min Pin, Leyna. We spent over $500 on her a couple of years ago when she got heartworms. We will never, ever, ever, EVER miss a heartworm pill again. : It was a traumatic experience for her and for us.

  32. says

    How adorable that Maximus and Kit-Cat find comfort where you and hubby lay your heads at night. They must know they will heal the quickest there….

  33. says

    They are so sweet! I know how you feel. We want to do everything to help our pets just as much as we do our human family members.

    The vet bills have priced us out of pet owning. At one point, I realized I had a decision to make: pay the kid’s tuition or the vet. I don’t want to ever be in that position again. When the last of our beloved furry friends died, we were well convinced that there would be no more trips to the animal shelter for more. Instead, we spoil the neighbor’s fur balls.

  34. Janet says

    You are so right, they are never free but they love so unconditionally. My three cats are my feline children and I love each of them.

  35. Jude says

    That is the sweetest picture :-) Ivy’s favorite new thing lately is to lay in my lap before I go to work, while I drink coffee and watch the news – all 53 pounds of her!! love ya’ Mom

  36. Deborah says

    So cute. I’m glad they are recuperating ‘together’. I’ve been trying to assimilate my 3 cats into one furry cat family for several years and I’m beginning to think they will never curl up in one big loving furry ball. They just don’t know what they are missing. I’m so happy you kept Kit-Cat. The first time I saw him on your website, I felt like you should keep him. Thanks for the post. :~)

  37. Regina says

    I am so happy to hear your critters are on the mend.One of my cats is a severe asthmatic. We thought he had hairballs!! He uses an inhaler with a little spacer just like you use for a baby. My cat was an angel about the inhaler from the very first time I gave him his first puff. I feel fortunate that I am at a point in my life where affording his medication isn’t a big problem. Although I doubt I could afford his medication if I purchased it in the US.I bought his first inhaler in the US and it cost me $80 for 1-50 mcg Flovent canister. The next inhalers I bought from Canada for $125 for three 125mcg inhalers! Twice as strong as the inhaler I paid $80 dollars for here. Now I order them from Vanatu and I pay $130 for 3-250 mcg inhalers.

  38. says

    Oh, sweet Maximus!!
    How reassuring to read this post today.
    My Daphne was just diagnosed with chronic bronchitis…and the vet bills were over $500. But she is well worth it! :)

  39. Kathy Thomas says

    We have 2 rescued Chorkies – Chihuahua/Yorkie. The youngest is a year old and has had had a hip and both knees reconstructed due to congenital problems which were not evident when we got her – although we would have taken her anyway. The bill so far is $5,000. Yes, it is worth it. She will not be crippled and will have a long and active life. Also, we can enjoy her crazy antics for many years to come.

  40. Victoria Athens says

    Your pets are adorable. I am happy to hear they are on the mend. Vet bills certainly can be stunning, but looking at those faces prove they are worth it.

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