Praying and Giving

It is with a heavy heart that I publish this post today.

Heavenly Father,

We pray that you’ll comfort the citizens of Newtown, Connecticut during this time of tragedy and crisis. We pray that you’ll give peace and strength to the families of the innocent victims, and that you’ll give rest to the souls of their children who are now in Your kingdom. We pray that you’ll touch and heal the injured children and staff- as well as their siblings, parents, relatives, friends and everyone who works at Sandy Hook Elementary school. We pray that you’ll continue to work through the medical staff helping those who are injured, and that You will bless all those who seek to calm a community in crisis.

In Jesus’ comforting name we pray- Amen.

Dear e-friends,

It goes without saying that the people of Newtown could really use our help right now. United Way of Western Connecticut, in partnership with Newtown Savings Bank, has created the Sandy Hook School Support Fund that will provide resources and support services to them.

Please click the banner above for more information about how we can unite and help them through giving.

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  1. Kim says

    Thank you for putting your prayer on your blog. It was very well said. As a mom and a past school volunteer, I am so deeply saddened about what happened. Sadly, the media is also politicizing this tragedy. I sing in my church’s praise band and we actually changed some of our song line-up to sing songs that beg God to come and cover the entire earth and bring peace. The entire band was in tears by the end of our set. It was quite emotional. So again, thank you for your prayer and thank you and Kev for everything you do for the bloggy community.


  2. says

    Such a heartfelt prayer. We can never make sense of this. I pray god’s grace for the families who have some dark days ahead.
    Blessings on you Layla and your hubby.

  3. Mary says

    Lovely prayer Layla.
    Now, however, it’s time to get mad and perhaps use your blog to influence change. Do you know that since the shooting at Sandy Hook, sales in Bushmaster automatic rifles is skyrocketing. Apparently, some “folks” are scared of the possibility of gun legislation and are buying now in case they can’t later. I wonder how many of those sales are to mentally ill people like the young man that shot all of those beautiful children? Action, people speaks louder than words. If you don’t want guns in the hands of criminals and lunatics you’re going to have to do and say something about outlawing the sale of guns and ammunition.

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