Possibility, Discovery, Adventure, And Becoming

Christmas was pretty low-key at TLC this year, but it seems like life has been moving at a peppier pace than usual, so it was nice to slow down and let the fullness of the holiday sink in for a few days.

(Thank you for surprising us with the snowy Christmas card confetti, Deborah!)

About a week before Christmas, however, I had a bit of a creepy run-in with a handsy guy that decided to follow me around Target (grrr). Luckily, my Mom came up to visit/Christmas shop with me around that same time, and man was it fun to run around with her like we used to back in the day.

Ya know…back when leaving the house without bullet-proofing your bangs was not an option…

Which reminds me, if I ever start separating my hair into quadrants again, promise me you’ll make me step away from the aerosol.

Anywho, Kev and I kicked our old, malfunctioning stove to the curb about a month ago, and although we don’t really spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen, I was stoked that my Mom and I found a new, stainless steel-look stove, (the kind that looks just like stainless steel but that’s made to repel fingerprints- yay!) on sale at Lowes while we were out shopping.

On Christmas Eve, Kev and I plugged it in and fired it up for the first time. We fried up a big piece of ham, threw together some (boxed) au gratin potatoes, and just because we were feeling extra giddy about the new stove, we even tried our hand at Ree’s oven-roasted asparagus. (Holy scrumptious spear alert, Batman!)

We had a ton of fun snapping pics and shooting video together that night…

We spent Christmas day with Kev’s family in Montgomery, and we’re looking forward to ringing in the new year, here at TLC this coming Sunday.

And speaking of 2012- I wish you a fun and fresh New Year…full of possibility, discovery, adventure, and becoming.

PS- The winner of our FLOR carpet tile giveaway was Christyn who blogs at GreyStables.blogspot.com! Congratulations, Christyn!


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  1. kelly in georgia says

    slowing down is always good when you have been as busy as you guys have. here’s to an adventure filled year full of possibilities made into reality!
    all my best….

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Kelly! We have 18 articles to shoot and write for HGTV.com in January, so we’re looking forward to relaxing for just a few more days while we can! :-D

      • kelly in georgia says

        18!! Oh my gosh! That is ALOT!!! I hope you have a slow down February break after that.

  2. Kel says

    The video was adorable. I hope you are able to use your dining table/chairs soon! And I am soooo sorry about the shopping incident – yuck!

    Question – I could not locate it on your site but am wondering what kind of camera you use to shoot video. We would like to replace our camera. I am looking forward to Kevin’s new site in 2012!

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Kel! :-D
      We actually have a table and dining chairs, but we only eat in our dining room like twice a year- LOL!
      We have a Canon 30D and and Canon 7D (it shoots pictures and video), and Kevin is working hard to finish the site in the other room as I type this comment! :-D

  3. Tina says

    Fun and Fresh New Year…………. I love that! I so love reading your blogs and all your little notes. My house seems empty without all the Christmas trees and decorations. We have yet to fill the rooms in our new old house:) I put the Christmas decorations away to get ready for an already busy (good busy) 2012. I’m excited to get some things accomplished. Happy New Year to you and Kevin. Keep up the wonderful projects. Hugs.

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Alison. It was a really special night and I’m determined to create many more just like it in 2012! :-)

  4. Amy F. says

    Such a cute video! I wish I had known you were looking for a new stove. You could have had ours. I’ve been threatening for a while to replace our stove with a vending machine.

    I actuallly almost rear ended a delivery van in front of your house on about the 23rd. A larger vehicle was in front of me and at the last minute moved over into the middloe lane to go around the delivery van. I didn’t even know the van was there until the car moved out of the way. Glad I did’t cream your new stove! LOL

  5. says

    Yikes about the creepster, that can ruin a good day. Thank you so much for all your inspiration- I enjoy your lovely spirit that shines through your posts. I look forward to the new year, and pray you have an awesome blessed 2012.

  6. Debbie says

    Congrats on the new stove! We watched as the truck was unloaded – so exciting! Thanks for all the wonderful uplifting moments from this past year and many more to come in 2012. Happy New Year and of course, War Eagle!!!!!

  7. says

    Your video was delightful! I love that you guys eat at your couch. My husband and I do the same thing, even though we have a kitchen table, dining table or our kitchen island that we could eat at. Something about the couch just feels so cozy. :) Happy New Year to you both!

  8. says

    Love the video – the music is perfect for it.
    Your big hair cracks me up – I had a perm through most of the 80’s and I have one photo of me and three friends with the same hairstyle and we all look like we are sharing one big wig! Our street is having a New Year’s Eve party with each house being a different decade – we are the 80’s so got some great music lined up and am going for the big perm look again! Can’t wait!
    Happy New Year to you both – hope 2012 brings you even more success and happiness x

  9. says

    Here’s wishing you and Kevin and very good New Year!

    It sounds like you had fun with your mom (aren’t mom’s great?) and with your family over Christmas. The new stove is very exciting – I went shopping on Boxing Day for a video camera and came home with a new dishwasher. Yeehaw!

  10. Lauri McIntosh says

    Love that video! You guys look so happy, no matter what you’re doing. I’m getting to spend the holidays with my grown daughter as well, although it took breaking her leg for that to happen, poor thing. I’m glad to be able to spend the holidays with her, especially this year, as this may be our last for awhile. Her fiance is serving in Afghanistan and when he gets home in February, he’ll have a new assignment and who knows where they’ll be. Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year and I hope to see you on TV with your new show!!! Lauri

  11. Cheryl B says

    Your video made me smile. Your Christmas seemed so calm and peaceful in comparison to mine. I wish you a happy new year as well.

  12. says

    Drove by your house today while running errands…all was quiet. However, the folks next door had a trailer full of cool chairs/seats. Now, why do I think you guys will have something to do with that???? Hummmm….

  13. Geri says

    I am not sure why I was in tears watching you
    and Kevin. I do know how lucky and blessed you are
    to have found each other, to make it all work and fit and have a best friend always.
    I never had the just us time when we were young.
    We have it now and love it, sprinkled with 2 grand babies
    makes life even sweeter right now.
    I always always just love watching you both together.
    Merry Everything and a New Year of love and laughter and peace.

  14. says

    I think I would probably let you borrow my Aqua Net so we could both sport that awesome big hair. Mine looked the same in 1992 and I gotta say there’s a part of me that’s sad that part of the 80’s hasn’t made a comeback. I’d love to see if I’ve still “got it” in the hair dept! :-)

    Glad you had a great holiday and enjoy you New Years festivities no matter how you choose to celebrate!

  15. Lisa says

    Happy new year Layla and Kevin! I loved this post. Honestly, you two are the sweetest couple in blog world!

  16. Tracey says

    Awww your mom being so touched and making you so touched touched me! So sweet! <3

    You and Kevin are amazing and I hope and pray that 2012 brings you all the love & blessings God has to offer!

  17. Michelle Wright says

    Layla ~ Just watched your video and I noticed Kev & you have those wood decorations under your cupboards by your stove. Love it~ I was at goodwill a couple of weeks and say two pieces of wood taped together ~scooped those buggers up and have the same idea for my kitchen only spent $2.00 and is going to make my kitchen look like I spent alot more. Now about Ree’s asparagus I am going to try that recipe for New Years. I have cooked alot of her recipes and OMG she knows how to cook. Happy New Year to the both of you.

  18. says

    Adored the video! I hope Max’s bladder is healing well-this should help in the potty-in-the-house-department =) In 92 I was grad’ing highschool, and had some pretty wild hair myself-think big, permed, sprayed =)

  19. Carol Sullivan says

    Aw! Loved the video and the music, made me get a teeny tiny tear! Thank y’all for sharing, and happy stuff in the new year!

  20. says

    You and Kevin and your blog always give me inspiration and make me smile! I, too had bullet-proof bangs in the late ’80s and early ’90s! I ‘follow you’ (no, not like the creep at Target!) wherever I can find you, here, magazines, HGTV and love everything you do and how you make me laugh!!! Thanks for that!

  21. Lisa W. says

    LOVE this video…simple…happy…kind…loving…just wonderful! Thank you for sharing all your “good” stuff. You are a adorable little family. You will both make wonderful parents someday if you choose that path:) Happy New Years!!!!

  22. tracyo says

    Thank you Layla! And a happy, healthy 2012 to you and your family! I just love following your site. You are so sweet and so much fun! You make me want to be a better person! Very inspirational!

  23. Sherry Ann says

    Awh ! That warmed my heart! Love it that the furry kids were enjoying Christmas as well! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  24. says

    what a wonderful video! absolutely adored the mix of still images with the video. so well done! and so full of love.
    it was terrific to know your christmas was wonderful, mine was as well. happy new year!

  25. Maggie says

    Your video is so sweet and personal! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    By the way, because of your gorgeous Pottery Barn curtains, I splurged the other night and ordered a blue set on Ebay….can’t wait until they come.

    Thanks for the continued inspirtation!

    • Layla says

      Yay for your new PB curtains! That blue is so lovely, and I just know you’re going to enjoy them so much! :-D

  26. Jennifer says

    Y’all are just TOO cute! Thanks so much for the DIY ideas and happy inspiration throughout 2011. A blessed New Year to you.

  27. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    So precious! You kids are just P R E C I O U S!
    Girlfriend, come to Destin and I will teach you how to make spot*on delicious potatoes! Easy as pie!
    I am curious as to what Kev’s right arm says? What are the words behind his symbols? Inquiring minds wanna know.
    My girls are coming down from Kansas City in mid Jan and we are going to get new tattoo’s. All we can talk about is tattoo, tattoo, tattoo.
    Many blessings for you both in 2012. It will be your BEST year yet! Love to the 4 legged babies as well. xoxoxoxo Ter’e

  28. Renee says

    And to think, I used to be so upset that my hair wouldn’t hold like that back in ’92. LOL. I can’t help but wonder what we were thinking and it frightens me to see some of those styles coming back. I saw a student walking down the hall wearing acid jeans before Christmas break. Shudder.

  29. Martha says

    You two are adorable! I am the ripe old age of 58 and grew up on those boxed scalloped potatoes. I have tried to make them from scratch, not as good!
    BTW, not sure what is happening with the adoption issue with you but it has been the BEST thing in the world for us. We have 2 adopted kids, now 25 and 21, and it has been the greatest thing ever, Open adoptions, which I know is different from what you are doing, but best of luck and love to you!

  30. elizabeth says

    nice hair…..i think i have a similar picture of myself back in the day. i love coming to your website and seeing all your projects you are working on….and that your tattooed hubby helps! My hubs is a drummer, with tats also, but he loves to tackle the DIY projects I come up with. It’s funny b/c people misjudge him based on appearance that he would like that sort of thing and he’s actually really good at it! One last comment, I emailed you about a month ago through your site wanting help with our daughters playroom. We live in a 50+ year old house…..I have no idea how to do the layout and would love to work with you. I’m patient. Very patient, so waiting isn’t a issue I just wondered how long it usually took to hear back something?

  31. says

    I was reading this post, and I had this overwhelming excitement for your and Kevin to become parents to the little one that will be with you soon enough.

    You guys will be the most amazing parents.
    Glad your Christmas was low key.
    Low key is good.

  32. Bethanie says

    Oh Layla,
    I think we were separated at birth!!! I have the exact hair picture from 1987!!! Give me some Aqua Net!!

    Praying you and Kevin have a wonderful New Year. I look forward to seeing your new show and whatever else the Lord has in store for you this year!
    Much love,

  33. suzyhomemaker says

    the hair shot…totally awesome! BUT–did you carry a butane curling iron in your purse?? you know, for those all important touch-ups between classes??

    butane curling iron, you say…yes, it does (or did) exist. every big-texas-hair girl of the eighties did NOT leave home without it. guilty as charged.

    happy new year, layla. i’ve loved your blog from day one and i’m still a fan!!

    HS class of ’87

  34. Chrissy T says

    Layla- loved the video!! and can really tell how much you and Kevin love each other thank you for sharing!!! Would love to know who is the artist singing in the background???? Can you share that info?- I loved the music too!!!

    p.s. soo happy you didn’t put bricks in your kitchen.::)))) I was one of the people who voted no- we had bricks in our kitchen at our old house and although they looked cool- really hard on our kids knees and so tough to clean– I think you made the best choice:))

    Happy Holidays and here is to a wonderful new year!! You guys are awesome and an inspiration to many!

  35. cathy says

    Happy New Year to you both! I hope 2012 brings you all the happiness, joy and success you deserve…and then some :)


  36. says

    That was a great Christmas, thank you for sharing.. I loved that your wee sweet dog didn’t beg while you were eating.. I thought, there is a dog with manners.. Nice! I’m so sharing with my dog. :)

    The photo of you with your hair in “quadrants” was priceless..and you gave me a good chuckle.. Gotta love that walk down memory lane, stiff and sticky as it was.. :)

    Happy New Year!!

  37. Karen Sunday says

    Your video was beautiful I had tears in my eyes, I hope my married kids are as happy as you guys I think you will make amaing parents thanks for are your inspiration,sincerely Karen

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