Portis Family Kitchen

He’s home!

Kevin and Layla | Sunset

Kevin had more music business in Michigan last week, and man did I miss him. We don’t spend much time apart, so I felt sort of like I was holding my breath the whole time he was gone. He rolled in at 11 o’clock on Thursday night after driving 14 straight hours (alone) to get home and I think I’ve been exhaling ever since- ha! 😀

Today, we’re headed to the paint store to pick up some Ultra by Muralo to coat our kitchen cabinets with. We’re going with the color Simply White (to match our trim) and I look forward to sharing the whole process with you once we’re done!

In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos we snapped of our friend Joy’s kitchen a few weeks ago. It was designed by Phillip Sides, and wow is it a beauty!

Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home | Kitchen

Kitchen by Phillip Sides | Portis Home

Kitchen Island | Refrigerator | Phillip Sides | Portis Home | Range Hood

Kitchen Island and Range | Phillip Sides | Portis Home | Chandelier

Joy and her husband have 8 children (one of whom is now in college) and are in the process of adopting their ninth, so I love the fact that their designer worked in lots and lots of seating in the kitchen.

Portis Kitchen | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Double Island

If you have any questions about anything else featured in these photos, just leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to check with Joy about it for you.

Bright Kitchen | Phillip Sides | Portis Home | Reclaimed Wood

I’ll be back soon with more pics of their pretty place, but for now, I’m off to pick up some paint and stare at my sweetie a little more! Happy week! 😀

Portis Family Home
Hallway Door Makeover (Part 3)

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  1. Talitha says

    Love that kitchen! love your blog! What I don’t love is the advertisement going crazy! I don’t mind the ‘regular’ stuff on the side, but the pop ups drive me crazy. But today beats all: there are adds covering parts of the pictures! You guys are sitting on Venus sensitive razors in the field and Dell Intel has taken over a portion of your friends beautiful house!! Is this just my Ipad? I follow several blogs, I only have this problem on yours!

    • Layla says

      Hi Talitha!

      It must be an ipad thing because I’ve never viewed my blog that way, and I haven’t ever seen a pop-up ad on it either. I will have to check with my tech guy to see if he can help me figure it out. Thanks for the heads up! 😀

  2. deborah allen says

    Hi Layla. I love your website :0)
    Any chance you can find out where she got the coffee table in the family room. I want that! Thanks!

  3. Dominique says

    Beautiful kitchen. Wondering if you can find out about the flooring and size variation?

  4. says

    The neutral tones and ceiling height make this light and open home feel very rich. Nothing at all like my style, but incredibly appealing. Did I miss the square footage of this home? The recording studio that you and Kevin went to record your adoption song (Ford Rd. in Canton) is just a few miles down the road from my place ; )

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