Portis Family Kitchen

He’s home!

Kevin and Layla | Sunset

Kevin had more music business in Michigan last week, and man did I miss him. We don’t spend much time apart, so I felt sort of like I was holding my breath the whole time he was gone. He rolled in at 11 o’clock on Thursday night after driving 14 straight hours (alone) to get home and I think I’ve been exhaling ever since- ha! 😀

Today, we’re headed to the paint store to pick up some Ultra by Muralo to coat our kitchen cabinets with. We’re going with the color Simply White (to match our trim) and I look forward to sharing the whole process with you once we’re done!

In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos we snapped of our friend Joy’s kitchen a few weeks ago. It was designed by Phillip Sides, and wow is it a beauty!

Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home | Kitchen

Kitchen by Phillip Sides | Portis Home

Kitchen Island | Refrigerator | Phillip Sides | Portis Home | Range Hood

Kitchen Island and Range | Phillip Sides | Portis Home | Chandelier

Joy and her husband have 8 children (one of whom is now in college) and are in the process of adopting their ninth, so I love the fact that their designer worked in lots and lots of seating in the kitchen.

Portis Kitchen | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Double Island

If you have any questions about anything else featured in these photos, just leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to check with Joy about it for you.

Bright Kitchen | Phillip Sides | Portis Home | Reclaimed Wood

I’ll be back soon with more pics of their pretty place, but for now, I’m off to pick up some paint and stare at my sweetie a little more! Happy week! 😀

Portis Family Home
Hallway Door Makeover (Part 3)

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  1. Miriam says

    Love it all but I noticed and pinned the pillow placement on the sofa for my family room pillow update. Thanks!

  2. says

    This lighter look is so fresh. I go back and forth wanting lots of color, or neutrals. I just realized that I’m glad stainless appliances are still in style. When we bought ours, we were told they would go out of style. That was oh . . . about 16 years ago!

  3. tamara says

    I love the simplicity of this kitchen, but noticed that there does not seem to be a lot of cupboards….where do they keep their food? is there a pantry hidden away somewhere??

    • Juli P says

      I thought the same thing! there must not be a lot of space for food…they have the bread piled on the counter next to the stove…
      they aren’t lacking in fridge and freezer space though. (drool….)
      it’s lovely!

      • Layla says

        Hi Juli! They were actually super intentional about every kind of storage in this house and have oodles of room for food in their ginormous pantry. :-)

    • says

      The kitchen has a rather large pantry adjacent to the wall of refrigeration. It also houses an ice maker and wonderful Miele appliance that delivers coffee, expresso and cappuccino of Starbucks quality. The pantry has 200 linear feet of uninterrupted shelving achieved with hidden brackets. This pantry is truly a kitchen lover’s dream.

  4. Carl Kist says

    Love this kitchen and how it has its separate zones, very similar to what we are landing to build. The fridges (?) look really shallow which I love, are they? Any more info on the fridges would be much appreciated! Thank you :)

  5. says

    That explains all the fridges! You two are too cute–love the pic! And Kevin is crazy to drive 14 straight hours. I would have been nervous my hubby made it home safely with that kind of drive alone. So–where does he do his gigs in MI? I have a feeling music business would have him in the lower part of our mitten. :) I am from MI and when you are ready for a Northern MI vacation email me. I grew up in Petoskey and you haven’t seen God’s Country (as many refer to it) until you have visited Northern MI and the Great Lakes. We are doing another family vacation this summer in Harbor Springs. Seriously–email me when you want a trip heading North!

    • Susan M. says

      Green with envy over the wall of frigs!

      Fellow Michigander here who will vouch wholeheartedly about the merits of the northern part of MI! Kristen, we had a cottage on Torch Lake and a cabin on 80 acres in Bellaire – water sports in the summer and sugar mapling and skiing/sledding in the winter. I’m now in NC – I don’t miss the bitter cold of MI, I sure do miss the beautiful summer weather!

      • says

        Not sure if you’ll see this. Your response went to spam and I just found it! My Grandpa Jack had a log cabin on Torch Lake also! My grandmother (my mother’s mother) had her cabin on Lake Charlevoix but we went to “his” cabin often enogh that I have wonderful memories of that area also. I have been told I should be the tourism rep. for Northern MI. :)

  6. says

    The 8 kids explains the ginormous fridge situation! 😀 Seriously – that kitchen could not be more gorgeous! Love all the textures and soft colors they’ve used in this space – it’s perfect!

  7. Gina says

    I love everything about your blog!! Wow- beautiful kitchen. I know exActly what you mean about holding your breath! My hubby is on an overseas trip right now, and I have always said the exact same thing about how it feels when he travels. I can’t wait to exhale! Glad you are enjoying face time with your man again:)

  8. Liz says

    I am hoping you will feature more about the wood used in the kitchen. It is dreamy! Is it reclaimed? Is it new, made to look old? What process was used to finish the wood and achieve this gorgeous finish? Crossing my fingers, hoping for more info.

    • says

      The kitchen cabinets were built by my dear friend, Allen Deal (Deal’s Cabinetry), Montgomery AL. The wood is antique reclaimed oak. The finish is a combination of stain, wax and lots of time to achieve the patina. It was achieved by my furniture maker Joshua Jones.

  9. Denise Cosgrove says

    So fresh and lovely and perfect layout for her large family! Please more information on her cabinet paint treatment. So unique! Thanks, Layla! I can’t wait to see your finished kitchen…loving everything so far! You and Kevin are a dynamite duo!

  10. Deborah Wilkins says


    Any chance you could find out where they purchased the lighting? It would be most appreciated. Thank so much!


    • says

      The kitchen fixture is from Nicole Maleine Antqiues, Montgomery AL. The fixtures in the Family Room and Breakfast Room are from Robuck Antiques, Atlanta, GA.

    • says

      The rugs are custom designs by Philip Sides Interior Design for Tamarian Carpets. They are available to the trade and we are a registered dealer for Tamarian.

  11. says

    Hi Layla! Do you happen to know the paint color of the walls and moldings? Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

    -Lauren Dunn

  12. Linda Hilbrands says

    Hi Layla,
    I Love your post today. Such a pretty kitchen/living space.
    I read above that you were going to paint your cabinets. That’s next on our list. So many people have been talking about using the chalk paint on cabinets but I don’t know if I like the brush finish it leaves. And I want a nice hard finish with less chipping… I would love to know your thoughts and I look forward to see what you do with yours. Thank you.

  13. Lisa W. says

    OH Layla…your love and respect for each other is JUST awesome…makes my heart happy. I know, I really don’t know ya, but we all ( I am sure I can speak for others too) feel like we do by simply following your happy amazing lovely blog.

    With all that we “see” and watch in the world today you two are like a breath of fresh air!!! There is SO much sadness and heartbreak in the world, so again your blog just makes my day. Not only do I too love LOVE to decorate, but your taste and style is so close to home for me. Your new home is beautiful!!! I cannot wait to see your cabinets when there done.

    This kitchen you blogged about today is beautiful also, EIGHT kids, oh my I gotta say I can’t hardly wrap my head around that. I have raised three, well still raising but there getting up there, my baby just turned 20! Cleaning, running to sporting events, cooking ect. WOW again eight. She MUST be a super woman for sure, and Dad too:)

    I don’t always comment, but I love to see your awesome blog in my inbox, happy happy happy. And I felt it important to let you know how much I love your blog. Sometimes it just gets ya through the day. Thank you!!!!!!

  14. Sunny says

    I’m all about the pretty decor, but the sunset shot trumps all. Did you have someone else shoot this or is it on a tripod, timer thing? … deep technical wording..lol

  15. Talitha says

    Love that kitchen! love your blog! What I don’t love is the advertisement going crazy! I don’t mind the ‘regular’ stuff on the side, but the pop ups drive me crazy. But today beats all: there are adds covering parts of the pictures! You guys are sitting on Venus sensitive razors in the field and Dell Intel has taken over a portion of your friends beautiful house!! Is this just my Ipad? I follow several blogs, I only have this problem on yours!

    • Layla says

      Hi Talitha!

      It must be an ipad thing because I’ve never viewed my blog that way, and I haven’t ever seen a pop-up ad on it either. I will have to check with my tech guy to see if he can help me figure it out. Thanks for the heads up! 😀

  16. deborah allen says

    Hi Layla. I love your website :0)
    Any chance you can find out where she got the coffee table in the family room. I want that! Thanks!

  17. Michelle Smith says

    I am wondering how tall the ceilings are in Joy’s kitchen and living area. Thank you!

  18. Dominique says

    Beautiful kitchen. Wondering if you can find out about the flooring and size variation?

  19. says

    The neutral tones and ceiling height make this light and open home feel very rich. Nothing at all like my style, but incredibly appealing. Did I miss the square footage of this home? The recording studio that you and Kevin went to record your adoption song (Ford Rd. in Canton) is just a few miles down the road from my place ; )