Portis Family Home

Hello!Β I’m back with some more photos of my friend Joy’s house today!

Portis Family

If you missed Tuesday’s post about her kitchen, you can find it by clicking HERE.

Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home | Kitchen

And for those who asked questions about that space, I will see Joy on Saturday, so I promise to respond to those next week!

Osage Oranges

Today’s photos aren’t in any order, and we didn’t take pictures of every single space. Kevin just randomly snapped these as Joy was giving us a tour of their new place while we were there visiting with her last month.

Striped Wallpaper | Breakfast Room | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Fabric | Gray and White | Chair Back | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Striped Wallpaper | Portis Home | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Breakfast Room

Ceiling Molding | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Ceiling Molding | Round Dining Table | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Moroccan Star | Coffee Table Decor | Phillips Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Wood Beamed Ceiling | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Wood Beamed Ceiling | Living Room | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Hydrangea | Coffee Table Decor | Portis Home | Phillip Sides Interior Design

Wood Beamed Living Room Ceiling | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Concrete Stairs | Wood Panelled Walls | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home | Entry | Stairwell

Piano Room | Beamed Ceiling | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Master Bathroom | Marble | Wood Doors | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Wood Panelled Walls | Hallway | Sunburst Mirror | Pendant Light | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Sunburst Mirror | Console Table | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Living Room | Fireplace | Wingback Chairs | Chandelier | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Lamb Photo Art | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Joy told me space and storage were key in this home. In addition to having lots of children, she and her husband are also foster parents on a regular basis, so they were very intentional about creating areas to accommodate their ever-changing family size. I love this locker room next to the carport:

Locker Room for Kids | Mudroom | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

The laundry room is through that cut-out on the left:

Laundry Room | Gray Cabinets | Phillips Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Their kids all share rooms, and it was so fun to see all the one-of-a-kind (matching) beds!

Kids Room | Built In Beds | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Kids Curtain Fabric | Blue and White | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Bathroom | Double Vanity | Gray | White | Window | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

These next three beds all having twins opposite or next to them:

Fabric Headboard | Girls Bedroom | Wallpaper | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home Wallpaper | Bedroom | Girls Room | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Girls Bedroom | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Boys Bedroom | Bed | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Lamp Base | Sunglasses

One of my favorite spaces is the playroom:

Kids Theater Room | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Joy said the kids love to give her and Cole a concert on that stage every night. How fun is that? πŸ˜€

These beds (located in one corner of the playroom) weren’t dressed at the time, but oh how I loved the structures themselves!

Built In Beds | Planked | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Another favorite room was this den:

Den | Vaulted Beamed Ceiling | Wingback Chairs | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

Joy was in the middle of planning a gallery wall at the time (hence, all the picture frames laid out on the floor), butΒ I couldn’t take my eyes off the ceiling!

Beamed Vaulted Cathedral Ceiling | Chandelier | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

I love how the designer suspended the chandelier, and how gorgeous is this drapery fabric?

Curtain Drapery Fabric | Ottoman | Brass Lamps | Phillip Sides Interior Design | Portis Home

These last two photos feature another “favorite little thing” we spotted just before we left. Joy said it was a Secret Santa gift from a Christmas party a while back.

Turn Me Over Rock

Ahhh Much Better Rock

I might have to copy that one next December. πŸ˜‰

Thanks again for the fun afternoon, Joy!

How To Create A Wall Grouping
Portis Family Kitchen

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  1. Joanne says

    It’s an absolutely beautiful home… I’m just wondering how they keep all that “white” pristine with all those children πŸ˜‰

    • Layla says

      I’m guessing a lot of bleach for the bedding, Joanne! πŸ˜€ Most of the lighter-colored furniture is covered in outdoor or wipe-able type fabrics.

  2. Jodi A says

    I am in love with all the different ceilings! Each one is different and creates an atmosphere for the room it is in. Love it! Oh and also in love with the sheep art too!! Such a beautiful home for a lovely family.

  3. Cindy Brown says

    Obviously this couple has been successful but so wonderful that they share their success with children and friends. Beautiful home with many textures and patterns. I really enjoyed getting the bird’s eye view!

    • Layla says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the peek, Cindy! The Portis’ are such caring and inspiring people! :-)

  4. says

    I love this house, it’s really prety.
    But if you don’t mind me saying, the camera perspective bugs me. Some rooms look way bigger in some photos than they really are. Look at the green room, for instance. What’s the point?


    • Layla says

      Hi Ana. I don’t understand “what’s the point?”, but the gray rooms were just shot zoomed in or out, I guess. Like I said, we were walking through the house at the time. No tripod…just snappin’ as we strolled! :-)

      • says

        Thank you for taking the time to answer me, Layla!
        I just don’t appreciate the perspective because it doesn’t seem real.
        It was a general question, not a criticism, and I’ve seen it in other places (Apartment Therapy, for example, does it very often).

        Like I said, the house is beautiful!

        • Layla says

          No problem, Ana. Kev said one was probably zoomed out (the locker room) to show all the pretty lockers, and one was probably zoomed in (the laundry room) so that what was pictured was the view into the room, not all the wall space around the doorway to that room. I hope that makes sense! :-)

  5. Juli says

    Wow! beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing! Can we see a photo or two of the outside? I’m just curious…

    • Layla says

      Hi, Juli! I totally forgot to include a photo of the exterior! I will add that today! :-)

  6. tina says

    Pretty, but almost sterile. I miss seeing personal items, mementos, etc. I like a home to reflect the people in it. Just my opinion.

    • Layla says

      Hi, Tina. Kevin didn’t snap photos of a lot of their personal items…because, well, they’re personal, I guess- LOL! πŸ˜€ They really do have a lot of wonderful family photos, art, decor and mementos throughout their home, but they haven’t fully got it decorated yet either, so I’m sure a lot of things will continue to come together over the years, too. :-)

    • says

      This is a very large house and we are just beginning the process of accessorizing and adding the layers of personal things that make it their own.

  7. says

    What a lovely family! Now you have me curious of their story. This home is beautiful! So many large spacious rooms for all those kiddos to make lasting memories. Thanks for sharing the stripey wall room of the kitchen. Loved it! I really love all the soft soothing tones in this home.

  8. Karie says

    So beautiful! Questions for you – how does she keep things so clean with having 8 children and how did she dare go with so much white? It is only me and my husband at home but our grandson is over a lot. We love having him but even being as clean as I am I don’t think I would dare go with white…

    Thanks for sharing….

    • says

      Believe it or not, the Portis children are responsible for taking care of and keeping their rooms clean. I must say I find this rather refreshing and rather have clients these days who instill this responsibility in their children.
      Only the more formal areas have pale fabrics and the kids are taught to be more careful here. At the same time I chose good fabric that is cleanable. Again it is nice to work with a family whose children have free reign of the house but at the same time to take care of their surroundings.

  9. Tracy says

    How beautiful! I am now interested in hearing about this inspiring family …. would you (and more importantly, they) be willing to share?

  10. says

    I was delighted to see that we have a mutual acquaintance! Joy’s oldest daughter, Skip, is a friend of mine. What a generous, godly family! And what a gorgeous, bright HOME!

  11. Anita says

    Such a lovely home! The lack of clutter is so soothing!! But can I have bonus points for finding one stray object? There’s a balloon hiding in one of these photos that I am pretty sure was forgotten in the tidying up before pictures. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ It made me smile. πŸ˜€

    • Layla says

      Yes! I loved that balloon too, Anita! That, and the tiny blue t-shirt underneath the fuzzy bright blue pillow in one of the boy’s rooms! πŸ˜€

  12. Leta says

    Where did the Giraffe fabric come from? Also loved the wallpaper is the room with the green canopy…

    • says

      The fabric with the giraffes on it is an embroidered fabric from Schumacher. The wallcovering in the green and white bedroom is acutally a Schumacher fabric that has been latex backed and applied like wallpaer, rather than upholstering the walls. I prefer applying fabric, rather than wallpaper, to walls as it has so much more depth than paper.

  13. Sandra says

    Layla, Thank you for sharing this beautiful home and beautiful family with us. Such a treat! I absolutely love the white and natural wood look. Love the doors going into the bathroom! I have a lot of white in my house and have two young boys. I know how hard she must work to keep it looking photo ready. Thanks again for sharing and a big thank you to the Portis’ for opening up their home to all your viewers. :)

  14. Sheila says


    Beautiful home, thanks for sharing! Love the octagon hand towel ring & beautiful nickel sconces on the white subway tiles in the bath. Would you mind asking if she knows the source?


  15. says

    WOW! What a GORGEOUS home! Really, really beautiful! Just curious, do they have help come in to help clean it (as it is obviously huge) or do the kids all pitch in and help? In case this seems like an odd question, I have lived in a few larger homes now and am looking forward to a smaller one for less cleaning so this is top of mind for me right now! I only have two kids though so it is easier to think about smaller. Also, do you have photos of their pantry? Would love to see that! Aren’t I the nosey parker?! :)

  16. Talitha says

    The ceilings!!! The beams!!! The wood panelling!!! The huge windows!!! The colors!!! What a stunning house!!!! But the most beautiful part is how they share all of that with so many (foster) children. That truly is an inspiration.

    Would your friend be willing to share the sources and colors of the grey bathroom? Love it!

    • says

      All tile is by Walker Zanger, All plumbing fixutres are by Kohler. All plumbing fittings and accessories are by Water Works. Lighting is by Visual Comfort. I wlll look up the paint color and post it later. It is a Benjamin Moore paint.

  17. says

    This is a beautiful home. I love that even though it is decorated immaculately it is still a family home.

  18. Sue says

    What lovely family and beautiful home! How does she do it with all the whites and nuaturals? I have half the number of kiddos and everything gets stains :( I have seriously been considering leather Oh the little hands, the little feet

    • says

      Leather is a good choice. Also there are many high grade faux leathers these days that are amazingly leather like, both in feel and look. We at PSID have a favorite one called Almost. And it comes in many colors, textures and finishes.

  19. Stacey E says

    2nd picture in this post, on the left of the picture, who/where did the black chairs around the round table come from? They are similar to the the bar stool shape. So pretty!


    • says

      The chairs are actually covered in dark gray velvet. They are by Julian Chichester, available to the trade. Feel free to call us at Phillip Sides Interior Design for more details.

  20. says

    Oh what a place to share, I so love many elements of their home the bathroom double raised paneled doors, the marbles, throughout the home there are so many piece and and design ideas I would want in my own home.
    Loved my visit here today.


  21. says

    This home is an amazing labyrinth of style, taste, minimalism, and above all, a family inspired palace!!!!
    I checked out Joy’s page and I can’t believe what a blessed family they are. Great people, and it must have been fun to get a glimpse of their home :)

  22. says

    Wow, this house – and family – is incredible!!! If you know it I would love to find out the light gray paint color on the bathroom vanity! It’s perfect!!!

  23. Johanna says

    My sister and I were talking (she and her husband are also in the process of adopting, I’m so excited! For BOTH of y’all!) and she told me about you and your blog – thought I would love it and she was right! It turns out that not only do I love your style and adoption blog posts, and oh that sweet sweet song – sniff! – but my husband actually built this beautiful house! Ha! I thought that was kinda fun to see all his amazing work highlighted on your blog! It really is a fantastic house, and the interior design and decorating is just perfection. Love the people that live in it more, though!

  24. Kristi says

    Do you know the name and brand of the paint they used in the living and kitchen areas?