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  • Porter Family Kitchen Island Re-do

    Meet Lisa Porter.


    Her blog is The Lisa Porter Collection. I highly recommend you stop by and visit her, if you haven’t already done so. It’s one of the prettiest places on the web! She has impeccable taste, and is one amazing and inspiring lady!

    I just had to show you what she and her husband did to their standard, builder-style kitchen island.


    First things first, Lisa painted the island white, and changed out the hardware…


    Then, while her husband was out of town, she removed the panels from the sides, and the drywall from the back of it. Next, she removed the formica countertop.


    Initially, they were thinking about doing a huge butcher block top, but soon found out it would cost more than they wanted to spend.
    They really wanted a wood top with character, and they knew they would never use it to cut on. So they re-configured some old wooden panels, from a folding screen, to use as the top.

    Toshiba Digital Camera

    They added beadboard paneling to back, and sides, and chunky base molding around bottom.


    There used to be an electrical outlet on the outside of the island, and instead of removing it, they turned it the other way (so that it faced the inside) for the “hidden” microwave.

    Total cost: $50.

    New look : PRICELESS!

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