Porch Ideas

A couple weeks ago, I showed you a sneak peek of this guy…

…and told you about our plan to make over the back porch at Kev’s parents house…which looked like this:

Well, I’m happy to report that we finished everything up last Friday, and here’s a little video of the reveal and their reactions…

It was about 105 degrees the day we pulled everything together, but man was that a fun reveal!

Here’s a breakdown of everything we did…

With the help of some Rustoleum spray paint in Satin White, we took their chippy chairs from drab…

…to fab!

We used outdoor fabric from Hobby Lobby on the cushions and pillows. While one of Kev’s Mom’s friends made the slipcovers for the seat cushions, I used the striped and floral fabrics to make the pillow covers.

The smaller pillow on the settee was actually from a pillow project I did with my friend Ashley. I just removed the existing, more brightly colored fabric that was previously on the right side of it, and attached a piece of the outdoor floral-patterned fabric instead. The bigger pillow (in back) was a Pottery Barn pillow cover that I got on eBay about a year ago. I loved the neutral back side with the buttons…

…but the front side was previously navy blue and beige, and I never ended up using it anywhere. I just removed the navy fabric and sewed on some of the green stripe fabric instead.

Kev made the sunburst mirror after seeing this project on our last How To’s Day link party.

Because we already had the Liquid Nails, we only bought two packs of shims, and the mirror was 50% off at Hobby Lobby- the whole project only cost $10. Talk about bang for your buck, huh? (Thanks Kate!)

The (indoor/outdoor) Dragor rug (something we gave them last year) and netted curtains came from Ikea. We hung the curtains with tension rods from Walmart, and the curtains were just $4.99 per pair. (The ones we used actually used to hang in our guest bedroom.) The white pitcher is something I’ve had for a while, the yellow flowers came from Publix, and the $3 yellow planter (full of Scrabble tiles) came from  J&G Flea and Antique Mall.

(More about the Scrabble tiles in a future post!)

The ($4.95) caned flyswatter also came from J&G…

(We stuck the hook it’s hanging on to the brick with heavy duty velcro specifically engineered to stick to brick. The hook came from Hobby Lobby.)

…and the shutters were part of an HGTV.com project we put together a while back.

We picked ‘em up at J&G last year sometime and used two stacks of cinderblocks (spaced 40″ apart) to hold them in place against the wall behind the settee. We placed a couple of pine boards across them to set the plants on. (We didn’t end up using ferns after all!) And like I said in the video, the wood bird came from WhiteFlowerFarmhouse.com (thanks Lori and Megan!), the little blue and white pot came from J&G, and the seagrass plant pot and faux plant came from Ikea.

(I’m big on layering plant pots!)

We picked up one of the little side tables from Prattville Pickers for $8, and gave it a makeover using more white spray paint and some Miniwax Special Walnut-stained, wood “fill-it” strips from Home Depot…

(More about this project in a future post!)

The chicken crate we turned into a coffee table also came from Prattville Pickers, and cost just $28. (If you search for “chicken crate” on eBay, they’re usually listed for between $50 and $100 dollars.) To create a smoother surface on top, we attached some old rulers and yardsticks we found on Etsy and at another local flea market.

(More about this project in a future post!)

We added some big 5″ vintage casters (from AnythingGoesHere on Etsy) to the bottom of it so it would be easy for Kev’s Mom to move it when she wants to vacuum underneath it.

The (solid wood/very heavy) $20 console table (we also found at Prattville Pickers) got coated with a Behr paint color Kev picked out called “Southern Breeze“.

We painted the $6 foot stool we picked up (at J&G) with the same color…

Other inexpensive flea market finds we scooped up included a wood based, $7 lamp (which we plan to secure to the table with a long bolt at some point in case it gets windy), a $5 fabric lampshade, and a $2 basket for whatever they decide to use it for…

…and the little green metal table ($8)…

…which all came from a local flea market called Memories.

And last but not least, we’ve been borrowing this green metal bin from our neighbor for a while (the ones with the awesome kitchen!)…

…and it worked perfect as a magazine holder, so we may need to see if we can buy it from ‘em!

Oh! And in case you’re wondering about the “cookie holder”, I got the iron cake stand from the prop stylist that worked on our Nest Magazine shoot, and the rattan cloche ($6) came from TJ Maxx a couple months ago. The hemstitched linen coasters came from Prattville Pickers. (The set of six was $3)

(For more cool cloche’s, check out our sponsor FarmhouseWares.com!)

It was a neat space to work on and we can’t thank Kev’s parents enough for allowing us to have fun with it behind closed blinds all week!

PS- Rumor has it Kev’s Mom has been sitting out there with her Bible and her feet propped up on the chicken crate early every morning since the big reveal! Yay!


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  1. Angie J. says

    Y’all. I could just eat her up, how sweet was that video??!!! You both are so giving and loving, thank you for doing everything you do with excellence…Keep it coming!

  2. kelly says

    OH MY GOSH!!! Super super job guys! I would say she got HGTV”D without the big red truck (maybe the little red car?) There are just too many wonderful things in this post to even begin to comment. Loved the ruler covered crate (especially the shot with Max in it!) Y’all did GREAT! (I am about to start redoing my back porch this weekend – painting every piece of wicker out there – so come on over!)
    kelly in georgia
    p.s. That had to be a brother of Kevin near the end of the video, right? Looked too much like him to not be.
    p.ps. I think her reaction was very geniunely surprised.(If not, she is a great actress!)

  3. Gloria says

    Love. Love. And I think his mama’s sweet southern accent is as darling as her sweet porch. I’m a southern girl myself, growing up in Memphis, but my drawl isn’t near as charming as that! The crate, sunburst, and side table are my faves. Great job, yet again!

  4. says

    First of all – LOVE the song you used in the background. It created the perfect mood for showing how much you two enjoyed doing the makeover and how much Kevin’s parents loved it. What a wonderful gift to them. And it looks beautiful!

  5. says

    This is exactly the kind of inspiration I needed! I have a back porch that has been taken over by my two toddler boys and their toys. I’ve been wanting to reclaim at least part of it for me and this gives me lots of ideas to get started.

    Thanks, once again, for an amazing job!!

  6. lisa says

    your posts and videos always bring a smile to my face. but, this one also brought me to tears! how sweet is kevin’s mom & dad! you both are such an inspiration in so many ways. :)

  7. says

    Kevin’s mamma looks like the sweetest little woman in the world. What a nice treat for her to enjoy. I love what you did with the porch. It looks amazing!

  8. says

    Kevin & Layla
    Not only do I love your style, you guys are just plain, stinkin’, adorable! A lovely reveal and a sweet and loving gift for Kevins Mom & Dad:>)

  9. says

    What a great redo. Love everything you did. What was your total cost? I love the color of the painted tables and all the neat little things you did. What wonderful children you are. The video was great. Nice mix and you two are just so darn cute. I would love, love, love to see you have your own show on HGTV!

  10. Susie B says

    I want Kev’s Mom to adopt me!!! She is the sweetest thing! And so are you two for doing that for them!

  11. says

    Love Kevin, love his mom, love you! What a fabulous thing to do!

    I feel so good; you made my day, lol!

    Have a fabulous weekend.


  12. Lori says

    Layla…you win in the mother in law department. What a sweet mom you have Kevin. She’s a doll!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the porch reveal and you didn’t disappoint. I could go on and on….. I love it. Just beautiful! Gotta go….I have to watch the video again.

  13. says

    What a great job!! I don’t know who’s cuter you guys or Kev’s parents!! Adorable! Your videos always make me smile!

  14. says

    This video made my morning. How awesome was that music?? And you lining it up with certain lyrics was not lost on me! I feel like I was watching some of my own southern family there. What a blessing to them! And so many fantastic ideas. Love the rulers on the coffee table. I am going to have to make that sunburst mirror. And love the happy flowers! Thanks for all the inspiration and positivity! You guys really are super. Great job.

  15. says

    Such a beautiful space…so lovingly and creatively done! The video was awesome. I laughed and got teary-eyed at the same time! Kevin, your family is precious and I loved how they delighted in what you and Layla had done. Thanks for sharing, y’all!

    Anna K.

  16. Leslie Mammarella says

    Wow..you did an amazing job on the porch. I loved the chicken crate table with the castors on it. The paint color on the table and stool was so soothing. What a nice space for Kevin’s mom to relax and read her Bible…Beautiful!!

  17. says

    Layla and Kevin,
    Yet another amazing redo, love it!!! I so wish we were related so I could pick your brain for ideas:) I love the styling you come up with and Kevin’s photography gets more beautiful each and everytime. My very favorite thing is the plant in the wicker basket inside the chippy pot. Those are the out of the box ideas that make your designs stand out. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Thanks Layla and Kevin for inspiring me to decorate:)

  18. says

    “Rumor has it Kev’s Mom has been sitting out there with her Bible and her feet propped up on the chicken crate early every morning since the big reveal! ”


    The whole thing is gorgeous!

  19. Gracie says

    Awww, that was so sweet of y’all and Kev’s parents seem like the sweetest couple in the world! Great job!

  20. says

    I first looked through the pics and loved everything. Then I watched the video and I’m crying. Kev’s mom’s personality reminds me of my grandma’s. She passed away 15 years ago. She was from Missouri and had that sweet southern accent and she had a sweet disposition. I’ve never met anyone like her since and I miss her so. Cherish your mom!!!!!

  21. Kati says

    You both are SOOOO talented. I love the chicken crate… I gotta find one of them for my house! Thanks for the constant inspiration….I love your design!

  22. Darlene says

    I’ve never met you, and likely never will, but I can tell we are kindred spirits. The reveal brought tears to my eyes. Nicely done.

  23. says

    LOVE what you did !!! I long for a back porch…one day when I get one, I’ll have to call you guys!! HA!!
    I am sure your folks will enjoy what you did for them!!!

  24. Melanie Scheerschmidt says

    You guys make me smile. I love what you did for your mom/MIL! how sweet are you. Thanks for showing us ways to make others happy!

  25. Debbie says

    Oh gosh…a gorgeous job!!!!!! You two are such special people and Kev’s parents are adorable!!! Brought tears to my eyes…the love is awesome.

    Could you please tell me the name of the song that was playing? Such a perfect fit!

    Absolutely wonderful job!!

  26. kristin mccullough says

    I love the yard sticks on top of the chicken crate but THAT CONSOLE TABLE!!!!!!!! The finial on the bottom shelf is fantastic. What great details! The space is great.

  27. says

    WOW! Great before and after. The sunburst mirror and the coffee table are great! I bet they’ll enjoy this space a lot more now.

  28. says

    Gorgeous! Love what you did to the porch. So inspiring. Love the song, too…it is a good life, isn’t it? It’s what you make of it, and attitude is everything! Love watching you guys do your thing!

  29. El says

    What a great job y’all did!! Love the re-purposing of so many things including even smaller details such as pillow covers. Want to come and do my house ;)

  30. sabrina says

    ohmygoodness, you guys are awesome! That porch is so great and now I have some *awesome* inspiration to finish mine!!! :) I’m thinking there is a sunburst mirror in my future….

  31. says

    What a fabulous re-do! I love how you’ve repurposed & crafted so much of this project!! What a gift this is to Kevin’s parents. Outdoor spaces & patios can add so much quality to our lives. So lovely & well done!

  32. says

    Love it, Layla & Kevin! And, I especially appreciate the beautiful photos and fun video that record and reflect all of your work and creativity. Thanks for sharing it. :-)

    PS-It’s a little detail, but I was glad to learn that there’s special velcro for brick surfaces! We recently moved to a brick house, and it has been quite an ordeal to figure out how to hang stuff on the outdoor walls without drilling too many holes!

  33. says

    LOVE IT. I could say that over and over. It is just so fresh and cute and cozy. Are you sure you can’t come to Illinois and sort through all the good stuff I have and make it all look pretty…..pretty please??? Seriously though, it is gorgeous. How fun to do something so amazing for the people ya love!

  34. says

    So precious. I love her reaction! The porch looks great, but I love watching you guys interact. There is so much love. Just precious. I am so thankful I found your site.

  35. Gail says

    Oh. My. Goodness! It turned out so well! You guys are so sweet to do that for them…..nothing short of amazing. I really like the skull “danger” table turned chic side table/plant stand. I’ll be anxious for a tutorial about that. ;)


  36. Margree Morrison says

    This is fantastic! I look on your website almost every day. You are one of the best!


  37. says

    Oh Kevin and Layla! The room is fantastic, but the surprise factor for Kevin’s mom is just wonderful! What a gift for you all to share. You guys are all just too adorable.


  38. says

    I LOVE this porch!! You always have the greatest accessories–I think that’s one area where I’m hurting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. nicole says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Hard to say what my favorite part is, but I do love that chicken crate table and that awesome green magazine holder thingie!

    And, um, could you guys be ANY cuter?! New follower and really love the site.

  40. says

    I was looking forward to this reveal and I LOVE it! I kept getting new favorite things as I scrolled down, but I love, love the metal skull side table makeover. The green metal table and the magazine holder are both faves too. I love it all. Nice work kiddos. :o)

  41. Katie says

    Kevin & Layla, how can we ever thank you! The porch is beautiful, your post is just wonderful. I love the video. As one lady said, I do feel like I have been HGTV’D without the Big Red Truck. Everything the two of you do is so professional. Dad and I are so proud of you. We love you both so much. Layla, you are such an added blessing to our family. Kevin struck GOLD when he found you!! Our whole family loves you dearly. Thanks again for the makeover. It was a wonderful 42nd Wedding Anniversary present.

    Mom & Dad

    • kate says

      am i the only one getting misty-eyed over here?! even the video had me choked up a bit. your <3 for each other and your mama and hers for you guys is soo apparent in the beautiful video-loved the music with it and how it tied in with the video. great job on the porch! i especially love the old chix coop…and your mama's comment "i can just pull my chicken right out!" seriously had me laughing aloud!

  42. says

    This is so wonderful!!!! You guys are so cute and Kevin’s parents are precious!!! What a wonderful makeover! Love the chicken crate. It is all so my style! Can you come do my lake house….pretty please????

  43. says

    It’s simply lovely! I need someone to come do mine next. But I have a deck – not a sunroom, and I want to make it “pretty” but I just can’t for the life of me come up with any good ideas.

  44. says

    I love the redo!!! Yall have got to live near me!! I go to Prattville Pickers and J&Gs all the time. I live in Calera and my husband and I have an auction house we run every Sat. night in Maplesville. We have alot of people that come from around there!!! We go to the auction in Wetumka all the time too!!!

  45. Danielle says

    Beautiful! What colors did you use on the little foot stool and the shutters? This looks so relaxing.

  46. says

    Wow! I have that very same chicken crate and have been waiting and waiting for someone to inspire me with a project to make it useful again! I cleaned the hide off that thing and it looks pretty good, but I’m wondering what you did to yours to get that warm color. I can’t wait to start collecting yardsticks to make mine cute like yours! Great job you two!

  47. Amy R says

    Well, Kev’s Mom is just the cutest thing! Such joy in her voice. And the space is so beautiful, creative, soothing. What more could one ask for?

  48. Annie says

    Wow!! Great job you guys, I bet his mom was really pleased. You guys are so creative, I can’t believe what you do with some of the things you find and what you turn them into. I go to flea markets and somehow only see what it is not what it can become.

  49. Merry says

    SO LOVELY…and that the re-do has given her a quiet respite to read her Bible and be with the Lord. Just precious. Now, is that cinder block I spy behind the settee with the plants perched on top?? Clever use of (probably already layin’ around somewhere)materials, if so. You two are always up to something fresh! Love it!

  50. says

    A perfect reading nest! I can’t decide which I like more… y’all or your designs! Kevin’s kindness to his mom is just adorable and warms this mama’s heart. I’ve heard you can tell how a man will treat his wife by how he treats his mom…so he’s a keeper, huh?

  51. says

    Absolutely wonderful! I love what you’ve created for your folks.

    There are so many wonderful designs that I see, but yours make me go “that’s me”. I could live in this room!

    Thank you for sharing the Behr color “Summer Breeze” with us. I’m looking for a blue to use on some furniture and this looks like it’s going to be the new color of choice.


  52. Laura says

    After the pictures of your birthday and this post, I’m pretty sure most of America wants to be part of Layla and Kevin’s family! It wouldn’t hurt that we would get to stay at The Lettered Cottage either! Oh, and the cookies too!

  53. Tina K says

    You always inspire me! Kev’s parents are so blessed to have you two in their lives. What a wonderful surprise for them. Thank you for keeping me upbeat in my boring, oatmeal colored cube world.

  54. says

    What a fun filled video of the reveal. I love the porch and it too would be a place that I would want to sit and have my morning coffee. Thanks for sharing!

  55. says

    It looks fantastic! I loved watching you two look at each other in the video. You guys just look so happy together and in love. Kevin’s mom is so sweet and cute! My little boy (2yo) watched the video with me, and he kept saying, “I go play with that grandma!” :)

  56. says

    LOVED the whole video. You two are so cute filming and having fun in the hot weather. What a great thing you did. :o)
    Love the chicken crate coffee table idea

  57. says

    You guys did such an amazing job on the porch makeover! And that video brought tears to my eyes! You can see joy in your eyes and it’s so sweet to see such love for life. Kev’s parents are just too cute! Thanks for sharing.

  58. says

    You did a beautiful job. But, the sweetness of the reveal made me tear up a little … I’m not going to lie. It is such a testament to family love when we can give back to our parents just as they nurtured us when we were young. The videos was so much fun … you did an amazing job on the room and on documenting the process. I always love your blog … Thank You!

  59. Alicia says

    Awwww-Kevin’s mom looks like the sweetest lady–I can see where Kevin got his sweet personality! What a blessing the two of you are to her! Love what you guys did–and I love that she has a special place to converse with the Lord!! Great, great job you guys!!

  60. Chaz Moore says

    This made me so teary! It looks beautiful and you guys are amazing! Thanks for all the joy you spread around. :)

  61. says

    I have a hard time deciding my favorite spot….the green magazine holder, the chicken crate….even the fly swatter! You just did a GREAT job!!!

  62. says

    Layla & Kevin I’ve been on the hunt for a chicken crate to use for a coffee table…over the weekend I saw one for $195.00 nearly identical to yours! Thank you for always sharing your sources & prices you paid for your goodies….I’m still hunting!

  63. says

    I just love love love the redo you have such wonderful ideas. The video is so fun, you could see mom was in total shock…lol And how adorable is Kevs mom she is so sweet, I love the chicken comment…lol This is my fav video you guys have done not because of the redo but because it was so personal and you could feel the love. What a gift you gave them, I had almost cried when mom opened her eyes. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  64. Mary Ellen says

    Y’all are so amazingly talented, and SO CUTE! Love the porch, your personalities just shine through.

  65. Allison A. says

    Are you serious? That place is UH-MAZE-ING! All the colors and little touches make it seem like home. I have to admit though, I adore Kev’s Mom’s accent. I’m from NC and being away from home, living in AZ the last 12 years I miss that. Thanks y’all. That was a journey I was glad to be on!

  66. says

    You guys are wonderful, you gave her the gift of a lifetime . The best ones come with memories and she’s going to think of how much you love her every time she enjoys that porch. Great job!

  67. Marm says

    Loved it! The table, the redo, the reaction, the video, and the music were all great. Was that Kevin’s band?

  68. Sandy A says

    Not only is this just a beautiful porch makeover, but a beautiful gift of yourselves to Kevin’s parents. Your talents are amazing–both of you. Your blog remains one of my favorites because your decorating is so lovely–but it is attainable for us to recreate in our own homes. And I do love to copy!!! Thank you for sharing this post with us–I love the video how you show the beginning, the creating and the final makeover!!

  69. Vonda L says

    As wonderful as the makeover is, the best part was seeing Kevin love for his momma. So sweet. You guys blessed her socks off!

    May I ask what the music is in your video?

  70. AnnW says

    What a nice gift for someone! It is amazing how changing your surroundings lifts you up a little. Great job. I love the chicken coop table and all the other touches. Ann

  71. kathy h says

    I won’t bore you with my usual “how much I love what you did”. This time I’ll commend you on the quality of the editing of your videos. I hope to one day be able to do that! I don’t know how much time it takes (for me I’m sure it would take ages), but the finished product is remarkable.

    Oh.. shoot…I can’t end this without one more comment… you guys have such wonderful chemistry on your videos. I just love the playfulness. Have a great weekend!!!

  72. Shawne says

    Simply gorgeous!! I love how you turn “well used” stuff into amazing pieces!! We are redoing our screened porch based on inspiration from your site and we’re almost done. One question, can I get the velcro that sticks to brick at say Home Depot or Lowes? If so, which department? Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  73. GinaE says

    You two are sooooo talented! The porch was so great, Kevin’s Mom and Dad so lovely, but I have to say the video is the best part. It show cased what a great couple you are, how sweet Kevin is with his Mom and the music choice was perfect (one of my favorite bands)! Please make more like that……so enjoyable!!!!

  74. says

    I have to admit, this post made me a bit teary. What a SWEET SWEET thing to do for his folks! And his mom reminds me of my southern aunties I miss and adore!

    I love the job you did on this space! And I love the imagination that went into it. The chicken crate table is AMAZING!! Oh my goodness!

    I have been out of circulation for a while due to flu, job change, moving my kids (back and forth from college), so I’m a little behind. I need to see if there is an update on your adoption progress, praying for both of you.

    Hugs! God bless!

  75. Mary says

    I don’t usually comment, however I always enjoy this blog. Great job folks, she is so sweet, love the look on her face. Have to know what song that is folks? thanks for sharing. Mary

  76. Maureen says

    What an amazing makeover! And an amazing family. Kevin, I can tell that you love your mom to bits!! She seems like a fantastic lady and is some proud of the two of you. Loved the music that accompanied the video….can you share what it was? I am inspired to tackle my screen porch now!!

    Hope whatever you are up to with HGTV will be available in Canada!

  77. says

    You had me smiling all the way through your video, Layla! You two are such a sweet, special couple to do that for Kev’s mom. She’s a darling, too! :) I just adore the way you both work together so very well. You always seem so happy! Beautiful job on the sunroom! Blessings to you both!

    xoxo laurie

  78. says

    Love the coffee table on wheels. They have something similar at Great Stuff by Paul in Frederick MD for several hundred dollars. Good for you!

  79. says

    amazing inspiration….what a wonderful transformation for your family. love, love, love your videos! :)

    have a creative day,


  80. says

    When Kev’s Mom gave u a hug at the end – I felt it! I have been following ur blog for a few months now and just LOVE it! I’ve had a tough week with a family member having a health problem. This video just made me feel simply happy. Thanks!

  81. says

    Loved this reveal and loved your sweet mama’s reaction. My husband grew up in Prattville (& I in Greenville not too far away!) and now we live in Pensacola. We are back all the time and I am so anxious to check out Prattville Pickers & J&G the next time we are there! Thanks for sharing – the porch is so southern!

  82. Bonnie says

    Such a sweet reveal! The porch looks fantastic and I am inspired to start seriously considering some things to do to ours. Where did you get the curtains? They look like mosquito netting?

  83. says

    That is the cutest stinkin’ video I have ever seen in blogland! I just want to squeeze Kevin’s mom!!!! She is so adorable.
    I love what you did with the porch. You guys are amazing. Please come to my house and do my front porch. :)
    Love you!!

  84. says

    Is your mom not the sweetest thing?
    I just bawled watching that video! I loved her reaction and you can tell she just loves you both.
    That has to be the best part about the whole thing– doing something for family is always fun!
    Layla– you got the sweetest mother in law!

    Oh, hey and the porch looks great too!


  85. says

    Beautiful work! What a blessing for your mom!
    These type gifts are my favorite — and you captured/edited it all so beautifully.

  86. Jodie says

    Wow…..what a great space for your parents. You have to be one of the sweetest and beautiful couples I have ever seen. I was showing my 8 year old son this video clip and he said “wow Mom they look really young for doing all of that” then I told him that Layla is a year younger than Mommy (Happy Birthday by the way!) and his jaw dropped. I said Layla’s sure pretty eh and he nodded. Kevin he thought the same thing about you:) and your Mom is just the loveliest lady ever. Awesome and thoughtful!!

  87. Cindy says

    Layla and Kevin: I absolutely love everything that you did to the porch and the video with music is great, but my most favorite part of the makeover is the love that your family has. Thank you for sharing your day with all of us! Cindy

  88. Roxanna says

    I’ve seen alot of HGTV reveal make-overs & not once have I ever had tears in my eyes & a smile on my face. You are both lovely, caring & the sweetest darn couple I have ever seen. What a wonderful gift to your parents. I so enjoy your blog & look forward to seeing what you guy’s are up to next.

  89. Janie says

    Y’all did a fabulous job….what an adorable family! And now I’m sitting here bawling ’cause I miss my Momma and Daddy…

    • Layla says

      Hmmm…I’d probably have to see it to really get the creative gears a’ goin’, but this months Southern Living magazine has some awesome porch inspiration pics in it! :-)

  90. Dianne says

    Could Kevin get any cuter? I think not! I am old enough to be his mother and I want to jump through the screen and hug him. :)

  91. says

    What a lovely and perfect gift! All the little details you came up with show how much heart & soul you put into this. Thank you for linking to the ‘Southern Breeze’ color that Kev used on the table and stool – I love it and know it would look wonderful on a few pieces in our cottage.

    I wish you both a fabulous weekend!


  92. says

    Layla and Kevin, this was sooo sweet. Kevin’s Mom is a sweetheart! She will think of you guys every time she goes out there to relax…when it isn’t 105 degrees. ;) Beautiful job…loved everything, especially that nifty coffee table.

  93. says

    LOVE the porch!! Such a wonderful job!! And loving the coffee table, been on the look for an industrial coffee table with wheels and I am totally digging this, well done!

  94. Donna says

    Love Kevin’s moms reaction. She seems so sweet and appreciative of all your hard work. Brought a tear to my eye the way he was hugging his momma. Hugs from sons are the best…. spoken from a mother of two boys :)

  95. says

    Love the pretty porch!!! I live in Prattville too, so it’s fun seeing places that I shop being listed in your blog. I have a metal bin like the one you’re borrowing from your friends…..I got it in Montgomery…saw that they still had them a few weeks ago. I got it to put wood in next to my outdoor fireplace.
    And Minwax Special Walnut….I love it! I’ve been using it for years.

  96. says

    Oh this was so sweet!! I couldn’t stop smiling watching Kevin’s Mom and how happy she was :) This was so precious and you can tell how much you both love them and it just touched my heart. Very well done to both of you and thanks so much for sharing!!

  97. Jackie says

    Oh my Gosh! Kevin your mom is the cutest! You both did a great job on the porch. I’m sure she will love spending time out there now. That is so great the you guys did that for her <3 :)

  98. says

    This was my first visit to your site and WOW! The video brought tears…that was so cool.
    We are getting ready to redo our patio into a screened in area and this has really inspired me to
    use as many repurposed items as I can. They look wonderful and will help on the cost as well.

    I look forward to more from you both in the future!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    ~Lynn from KS

  99. Amy F. says

    Layla, I have what looks like the same white pitcher. What do you know about yours? I bought mine at a yard sale a few weeks ago where almost everything there was really old/vintage. I have a picture of it under my facebook photos – album, “random things.” I don’t recognize the mark and my research on it have come up empty.

  100. says

    It’s incredibly beautiful! I love the depth of your design. It’s so mulit-dimensional which makes it so inviting and beautiful! Congratulations on a job well done!!

  101. says

    Hi Layla & Kevin, I LOVED the makeover reveal video and what you guys did with the porch. Kevin’s Mom is adorable and she is very lucky to have you for a daughter in-law Layla. I am very happy that the driftwood egret has a new and loving home. Take care, Lori

  102. says

    Hi There,
    Taking the week off to play catch up…This post is so wonderful. Your Mom looks so happy in the video
    love ya

  103. Detra says

    You have a way to creating such beauty and warmth, it is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your re-do with Kevs mom. It made me cry a little, since she made me think of my mom who is now gone. I loved doing little projects for her as well….and she would have loved this porch.

  104. says

    The porch looks amazing, I love the colors you chose and that sunburst mirror is awesome! You two are the best! P.S. I love Kevin’s Mom’s face! :)

  105. says

    Okay, it’s official…you two are the sweetest. I loved every single ounce of the redo, but more importantly, the video. It was a little glimpse into how generous and joyously contagious the two of you are. Thanks for sharing it with us. (can’t wait for our double date to southern accents!)

  106. Tiff says

    Wow you guys. Just wow.
    Kevin’s mum has the best laugh ever! I was grinning like a goon through the entire video!
    Lovely work and great shots of the makeover.

  107. Elizabeth says

    That is an amazing little screened in porch you guy’s bring such happiness into peoples home with your warm and loving way’s. And turning drab into FAB with just your great imaginations…Love kev’s mom what a sweet lady loved it when she said I can just pull a chicken out of the crate….Oh and layla your reaction getting cookies two for one….that was so cute.!!!!!

  108. says

    such a beautiful surprise. you guys are so sweet to do this for Kevin’s parents. i found myself tearing up as soon as the music started playing. good tears though, happy tears.

  109. says

    Amazing redo! The mirror project was totally fab! I am going to have to mentiion it on my blog. I am thinking I may have to try the project for my own home too! I might gold leaf it though to match my decor better. Great work! THanks for the inspiration.

  110. says

    What an awesome makeover! The porch now looks so calm, cool, and peaceful. Very nicely done! Kevin’s mom is adorable!

    What song is that playing during the video? It’s fabulous. Do tell!



    • Layla says

      Hey Kimberly! It’s a song called “Good Life” by a band called One Republic…glad ya liked it! :-D

  111. Jill says

    GREAT job, you guys! What a sweet thing to do for your mom. She is just precious! My sweet little mother would do the same thing and spend her quiet/devotional time there every day. You two rock!

  112. says

    I think my favorite part of this beautiful reveal was Kev’s Mom’s delighted reaction. You can’t ask for more than that to know “job well done”! You two are just so darn cute and clever!

  113. Pat Richter says

    Wow what a great transfermation. You guys did a wonderful job. I have a 3 season room that needs help!
    Thanks for the inpiration

  114. says

    This is absolutely darling!!! The porch looks fabulous but what really comes across in this video is LOVE. I have 2 sons and to see Kevin hug in his Mom and to hear y’all say I love you just brought me to tears. Beautiful. I love that you shared your gifts in such a way with Kevin’s parents. All of you are just incredibly cute (especially Kevin’s Mom!)

  115. julie g. says

    The porch is fabulous – as usual for you and Kevin. What I need to know is – is that song one of Kevin’s Band’s songs? I have never heard it but I love it!

  116. says

    This was so much fun to watch their reaction. Beautiful job and so many great ideas! Love the sunburst mirror over the shutters, the colors and well…everything.

  117. Shellaine says

    This is just and adorable room. Kevin’s mom seems like a wonderful lady and I’m so happy you could do something for her she obviously loved so much :-)

  118. GS says

    This defines FAMILY! The video brought tears to my eyes. . .thank you for revealing God’s love through the talents He gave to you. What an amazing gift.

  119. Bethe says

    I LOVE how you and Kev honored his parents with this makeover!! Y’all are wonderful. Thanks for letting us listen in. I agree with GS – it defines family and shows the blogging world God’s love lived out thru you two. You will make the best parents ever – when your time comes! It was a joy to watch.

  120. Rhonda Figh says

    Gosh…beautiful job for Kevin’s mom….I know her from FBC Montgomery and she is one special lady! Love your blog and have been checking it out for a couple of years. Thanks for sharing this video.

  121. Isabela says

    Hi Layla and Kevin, I’m a big fan of your fabulous blog and this is the first time that I write you a comment… today I couldn’t resist because the video made me tears of joy.

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations for the beautiful and amazing makeover. I admire you both a lot.

    Best wishes from Estepona (a village in the south of Spain) ;o)

  122. Karelyn says

    What a lovely gift to Kevin’s parents! Great job….I’m sure they’ll enjoy it for many more summers to come. Also, loved that song…made me a little weepy if truth be told…can you please pass on the name of the song and artist. with thanks,
    A fan from Canada

  123. Debbie Horvath says

    I have sat and watched this video this morning and just cried my eyes out! What sweet, caring, and adorable people you two are, your husband’s parents are so lucky to have you. Looks like both sets of parents did a very FINE job of raising you two!!! God Bless you both!

  124. says

    super late to see this – just amazing!!!
    love love love the video also. you guys are super talented.
    thankyou for sharing this.
    cheryl xox.

  125. says

    Hi guys, just watched your porch reveal & boy was that sweet! Love all the things you guys did and the chicken coop was the best :) You guys are cute together! Great video! Poked around your site and loved all the HGTV articles & enjoyed looking at your pics ~ love your style…just moved into my childhood family home and starting from scratch…I have gotten great ideas from site and look forward to following you guys!

  126. says

    Layla and Kevin, I found your blog through Tereasa’s. I think that you two are wonderful! So happy and full of life. I try to sneak a few moments here and there at work to make my day brighter and inspire me to think what my husband and I can be doing on the weekends in our new home.
    Keep up the good work and I hope more wonderful things come your way as it is much deserved.

  127. Kristi Hill Skipper says

    I didn’t know about your blog until I saw an article about you in the Montgomery Advertiser recently, so I just stumbled on this post a few months late! :) I went to school with Kevin & Kerry, and I worked with Mrs. Katie for about four years, so I’m happy to catch up with everyone and see the amazing and fun things you’re doing. I really enjoyed watching this reveal, and I’m so excited that Mrs. Katie has a cute Southern porch! Y’all did a wonderful job!

  128. says

    Finally, I found a chicken crate at an auction! Since reading this post, I’ve been on the lookout for one. Country I may be, but I’d have had no idea what the crate was if not for the coffee table project.

    Now to find some casters and I’ll be set!

  129. Eve says

    Just read the post where you made over the porch. As a read the blog I found myself a bit surprised as I myself live in Prattville and have for nearly 40 years. Great Job on the make over…wish I had found that table for $20.00.

  130. Roberta says

    Absolutely beautiful! The porch is gorgeous and inviting, even more I was blessed by your heart and the blessing this was to your parents. Thank you for sharing.

  131. Cheryl Bell says

    I LOVED everything about this! It’s obvious that a LOT of love went into everything you’d both done here-BEAUTIFULLY done!

  132. Erin Kaven says

    Everyones already said it but I had to just add in my two cents. This was just a beautiful job I’m sure inspired by some beautiful people. Many ideas to steal and thank you for putting in prices so we can compare when we go junkin. Sometimes you think somethings a good price then you see what others paid. It’s a help.
    Congrats and Blessings to you all.

  133. says

    First of all, y’all should do more video reveals!!! How much fun!! Second of all, this made me smile… the teary that’s-so-sweet kinda smile and I totally needed that today. Thank you for blessing me with your smiles, giggles, and gorgeous decor today!!
    xo Heidi

  134. Beverly says

    I’d still love you to have the two of you visit and give me some ideas on my Log Cabin home. I enjoy seeing your labors of love, in fact I think I’m addicted lol.

  135. Pam says

    the two of you are so very cute and I love the way you interact with each other…you can feel the love….the room came out awesome!!!

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