• Decorating With Dishes

    My mom gave me an amaryllis for Christmas, and man is that thing doing some cool stuff this week! One day there’s a bud, then BOOM, the next day there’s an open blossom!

    It’s sitting on a little, old hamper in our sunroom right now and I love the way it makes me feel when I walk in there every day! (Thanks again, Mom!)

    Speaking of our sunroom, we’ve been in this house three months now, but I’ve only just started to unpack the moving boxes I mentally labeled “stuff we don’t need right away“. I pulled out some dishes yesterday, and I’m looking forward to hanging a bunch of them up on the wall right above that little hamper this weekend.

    I re-discovered another “thing we didn’t need right away” in another one of the boxes I unpacked yesterday, and after a quick scan of the room, I decided to mount it to the side of the secretary. It’s a wire magazine rack, and I got it at a flea market last year:

    Those linens draped over the back of my desk chair are actually an old seed sack we got on a roadtrip a few years ago, and a dish towel from Ikea.

    A friend of a friend is making me a 12″x16″ lumbar pillow cover out of them (and some hemp trim) and I’m super excited to see how it turns out. I *think* it’ll be ready tomorrow, so I’ll be back to share some more pics of some more sunroom progress soon!

    Are you doing anything home decorate-y/crafty this weekend? I’d love to hear about what you’ve got in the works, too!

    PS- The winner of the Mended book giveaway is:

    Congrats, Ashley! I’ll be in touch with you shortly via email!

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