Pioneer Woman Presto Update

Remember when I blogged about helping P-Dub renovate/re-decorate her upstairs? Well, she’s been a super busy gal lately with the release of her second cookbook

…so obviously she’s had a different type of RANCH on her brain lately- ha!

She did receive the Dash & Albert runners I used in my presto change-o photo drawing recently though…

…and she took some photos of them for me yesterday so I could see what they look like in “real life”…

Couldn’t you just eat them up!?

Scrump. Dilly. Ishous!

She told me she’s planning to blog about the whole staircase switcheroo, step-by-step style, so that we can all see exactly how to tackle this kind of project- from carpet removal, to runner installation.

I’m looking forward to catching up with her for a bit before her book signing in Birmingham tomorrow, and I can’t wait to blog about her next ranch-y re-do update, too. We’re designing the upstairs around this pillow cover from Pottery Barn

Earthy, fun, and ranch family-friendly!

PS- Anybody else going to Ree’s signing in B’ham tomorrow? If so, I hope you’ll say hello and let me hug your neck!

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  1. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE P-Dub!! I so wish I could see the both of you tomorrow to hug both of your necks, but I’m a CPA and am buried in work. I adore the rug for the stairs and look forward to seeing the finished product. Would you hug P-Dub’s neck for me??

  2. says

    LOVE it, Layla! I’m not going to be able to make it to the signing. BUMMER! But I’ll be there in spirit! My friend and I are hoping to catch Ikea in Atl on Saturday. Maybe we’ll run into each other!! xoxo

  3. Marianne in Mo. says

    Love you both, and check in with you every day! Hugs to both from me too! Can’t wait to see Ree’s blogs about her latest re-do! Although I wonder if you’d get rope splinters on the rope railing? The whole look is FAB!!!!

  4. Emma Lee says

    I was wondering if you guys would be driving up tomorrow! Taking my whole family up to her book signing, can’t wait!! I love that runner on the stairs, can’t wait to see it in its fully installed glory! :P

  5. says

    loved your ideas for the space! you have such an eye for decorating and redoing. i can never see anything except the way things are. great job.

    have fun with ree tomorrow. i squeezed her last month…ask her to hug you for me!

  6. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    Oh…what a bummer…I can’t make the 3 hour drive tomorrow to see the both of you:( Sure hope I get her new book for Mothers Day!


  7. Kate says

    Have you spoken to Dash and Albert? I tried to get a carpet runner through them, but there are NO carpet installers who will put it in. They claim because it is cotton it will stretch! Do you think it is worth it to try to get one and install or do you have any suggestions on other carpet runners along that line?


    • Layla says

      Hi Kate!
      Yes, I have a contact at Dash and Albert, but Ree’s having a local person help her with her runners. :-) She’s gonna give them a whirl for a while and see how it goes. I’ll definitely keep you posted their progress! :-)

  8. MimiG says

    Couple of friends and I are going to be there tomorrow night. I look forward to meeting you too!

  9. says

    Oh I am super excited about coming along for the ride as you help her make those changes! I am debating pulling up the carpet on my stairs so this is great timing. LOVE that rug! :-)

  10. Pam M says

    Wish I could be there! We have been trying to decide where to move when hubby retires (or as I say “when we grow up”) and he thinks Alabama might be the state. I think it’s too far from our son but then on the other hand I keep thinking “but then I would be closer to Layla & Kevin” – lol.

  11. says

    LOVE it! I wish you could come redo my kids playroom for me. It’s upstairs and their bedrooms surround it, so no real walls. One half wall with a closet, one wall with windows, and a banister. Huge space but terrible for furniture arrangement. Everything has to float. Love your sense of style and eye for decorating!

  12. Haley H. says

    We went to her signing in Oklahoma City this past weekend and she was fabulous! So nice and friendly!

    • Layla says

      So glad you had a chance to meet her, Haley! She’s a great gal and I can’t wait wait to see her again tomorrow, too! :-)

  13. Stephanie says

    I love Ree!! I am making the 4 hour drive to her book signing tomorrow also. Maybe I’ll get to see both of you down there. Wishful thinking…LOL!

  14. Lani says

    Wish I could come! I would love to meet both of you! I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I LOVE your” pick my presto”. It is so fun and I have loved every one of them, as well as the DIY of your home. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  15. Helen says

    I love the runner and could use a rug in my sunroom with very similar colors. Thanks for sharing and have fun tomorrow!!

  16. Heather says

    Oh, can’t wait to read about the process. Once the kids get a bit older and we can safely remove the old carpet, it’s runner all the way!

  17. Melinda says

    I’m going to the book signing tomorrow with three of my friends from work. We are making it a girl’s day out! I am super excited to hopefully see you there as well. A bonus I didn’t anticipate! Yay!!!

  18. says

    I adore the red. Lately, I am looking more and more at reds and white for decorating. The runner is great. You said it is cotton, so I’m thinking it reminds me of some placemats I have. So, here is an idea — WHAT IF we could use some re-cut and sized placemats on the stair treads?? It would really have to be tested out to see about durability. Looking forward to what you and Ree find!

  19. says

    Have a great time at Ree’s book signing tomorrow! I think the colors in the Dash & Albert rug are so true to ranch living — rich and robust! I adore the PB pillow and the fact that it is the inspiration for design — and I’m sure Charlie is thrilled as well! :)
    Your Friend,

  20. Kathi says

    Can’t wait to read the step-by-step on installing the runner! I’m about to do that in a month or two!!
    Wish I was going to the signing tomorrow, but I live in Pittsburgh, PA!!

  21. Stacey says

    Oh I wish I lived closer!! But I am all the way in NC :) You have SUCH a great eye for design!! I wish I had it, think the creative gene skipped a generation…

  22. Maureen says

    Sadly I am in NY so it is too far to travel, but I will be there in spirit! The renovation you have proposed for P-dub is beautiful, carpet runner and all. I look forward to watching it all unfold and seeing the finished product. Have a wonderful time at the signing.

  23. Tracey says

    Awww… That’s the pillow I spied on your first post about Ree’s redo! It’s even cuter up close and personal. Love it and love the runner!

  24. Kathleen says

    Love the Basset Hound pillow ! I have a Basset……I may have to get one of those pillows for myself!

  25. Tara says

    What’s the name of P-Dub’s runner? I’ve been on their site, but I can’t find one that looks “just like it”. LOL

    • Layla says

      Hey Tara! Click on the Dash & Albert link in this post and it’ll take you right on over to that particular runner. Happy decorating! :-D

  26. says

    I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime. My husband and I just recently bought our first house (covered in god-awful wall paper) this last September. Following your blog has really given us some ideas as to what we would like to do with it. It has also made me envious at times. Wishing I had stairs somewhere so I could have an awesome runner like the one in this post. We’re in the middle of remodeling our kitchen at the moment. We’ve been tearing it apart since February and we’re doing it all on our own. I don’t think I would have ever had the guts or the creative motivation to do something this bold, had I never seen your blog. Seeing your before and after pictures, as well as guest post have really inspired my husband and me to enjoy this house and really make it our own. If it hadn’t been for your blog I would be growing old in a home with someone elses story, but thanks to you both we’re able to write our own one coat of paint and one nail at a time. Thank you Layla and Kevin! =)

  27. Kim says

    So wish I was going to be there! I would love to meet you. LOVE everything you did with P-Dub’s stairway. That runner is awesome!

  28. says

    I’ll be there with others from our Sweet As Pie Cooking Club where we’re cooking up PW recipes and blogging about our experience. AND I would love to run into you too Layla!

  29. Goosefeathers says

    So exciting – a room designed around a “Charlie” pillow ! It’s thanks to PW for letting us know about you, and that led me to subscribe to your wonderful newsletters, and I LOVED the whole room concept you developed & suggested for Alex & Paige’s bedroom, and that marvelous striped stair carpet was exactly what I’ve been looking for, myself. You’ve solved a major ongoing problem that’s been bugging me for two years – how and where to find good looking woven cotton rugs at a fair price. Wow – I went to the Dash & Albert site and fell in love. And best news of all, there’s a small shop nearby that’s a dealer for Dash & Albert – the answer was practically in my back yard. I can hardly wait to see what you’ll come up with for P-Dub-Widdy’s “Charlie” room !!

  30. Linda says

    Wish I could be at the book signing there since I missed the big one here! Would LOVE to meet you also!

  31. Aimee from AL says

    I will be there tomorrow! I’ll be the one multitasking, face first in an anatomy book but SUPER excited to see P-Dub!!!!

  32. says

    Wow, how awesome! I love the idea for the runner on the staircase — that is going to be beautiful! I just recently received her cookbook as a gift. My mom had no idea that I follow her blog and site on a regular basis! ;-) Thanks so much for keeping us updated!

  33. says

    I came up from Montgomery yesterday for the book signing and it was wonderful! Someone pointed you out to me across the room! I was so happy to give Ree a painting I did of Charlie…it was a thrill! She is so nice!

  34. Nanne says

    Loved your version of Pioneer Woman’s daughter’s room much better than what they ended up with……yours was a dream! I saw comments from others that felt the same way.

    You are so talented!

  35. Kimberly Bruhn says

    Layla — we have a funky staircase similar to Ree’s…how are you suggesting they attach the runner? There must be a less expensive way than using those rod “things” that hold the rug in place at the back of the steps? Love, love, love your blog and site…something I look forward to!

    • Layla says

      Hi Kimberly! I actually have no idea how they’re going to do it- but I sure am looking forward to learning! :-D

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