• Pictures from the Past

    Have you ever found an old CD, full of photos that you hadn’t seen in ages?

    I found one marked “Baby Maximus” today…

    These photos were taken the day after we got him. He weighed just three pounds! Nowadays, he’s tippin’ the scales at twelve. :-)

    Then I came across one marked, “Baby Maddox”, that had a hysterical photo of my newborn nephew on it…

    I guess he wasn’t feeling the photographer that day. ;-)

    Another disc contained photos of my Mom, my brother and me- that were taken a few years back…

    Man! That was such an easy hair-do to maintain…hmmmmmm……

    This next image, found on a disc marked, “Hermitage” (the street on which our first house sat) really brought the memories rushing back…

    It always happened around this time, every year. One day, fire-hued leaves suddenly painted the ground outside my art room windows. I looked forward to that day every time Summer would start to wind down. It was such a pretty sight. Prettier than any work of art I could ever create, that’s for sure. I distinctly remember snapping this photo so that I could relive that special Fall day forever. I’m so glad I found it today!

    The last photo I was happy to find was on a disc marked “Wedding”. It was taken the day Kevin and I got married…

    It’s hard to believe almost six years have passed since this one was snapped!
    What’s that phrase?
    Fun flies when you’re having the time of your life”. :-)

    Hope you’re having a fun-filled week!


    PS- We’re looking for Carol in Indian Springs Village! Carol, if you’re reading- drop me a line at [email protected] to claim your awesome Alphabet Print prize, courtesy of Savoie Faire Photography! :-)

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