Pics From The Pioneer Woman’s Place and The Perfect Pot Roast


I finally got around to organizing some more pics from our trip to Ree’s ranch this morning.

(Had to bust a squat to line that one up just right! LOL!)

It’s crazy how fast you can take a million photos, but how loooong it takes to upload, download, resize, and organize them, isn’t it?

Here’s a couple shots that Kev snapped in the kitchen…

And here’s one of the dining table that alllllmost came home with us…

It just wouldn’t quiiiiite fit into the back of our car.

I kid. I kid.

A whole lotta good cookin’ goes on in this place.

A whole lotta good eatin’ goes on in this place too.

We’re really looking forward to watching Ree’s new Food Network show, (it premieres on Saturday, August 27th at 10:30 am Central time!) because we need all the help we can get when it comes to cookin’!

That being said, Kev was actually inspired to try Ree’s pot roast recipe today.

From what I understand, the urge came out of nowhere, and was so intense, a spontaneous trip to the grocery store for all the ingredients was made while I was painting some wood in the backyard yesterday.

Here’s a photo of what it looks like when Ree makes it…

Beautiful. Colorful. Delicious.

Hopefully ours will be edible too. LOL!

Now, then…where’s that pot we used to try to make things in before our stove broke last year?

Hmmm….looks like we may need to run to the store again.


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  1. Melanie says

    Great shots! Layla u r gorgeous!!I wanna see your pot roast soon…soooo did ya’all plan anything else with the long room? Im soo curious, I’ve been itching for an update? I cant wait for both of yunz shows!! That is gonna be so cool, seeing her on TV, after actually meeting her.

  2. Lynda says

    That pic with Kevin and the horns cracked me up! I made Ree’s pot roast for dinner Sunday night. It’s just so easy and so YUMMY!

  3. Martha says

    After reading your post I ran right out and bought the ingredients for the pot roast and made it for dinner! It was FANTASTIC and so easy. Hope yours turned out a yummy as mine!

  4. says

    Love, love this place! it looks absolutely beautiful. Love the wooden ceilings, wooden floors, the kitchen is amazing, and the awesome dining table too. If I was there I would of take the table too. :-) Is the place open to visit? is it a restaurant or what?
    You guys are such a cute couple. Love to read your blog.

  5. says

    Love it! Thanks for the pics. They are awesome. My sister in law hipped me to Ree’s site. And becasue of that, I’ve also found your site.! This blog community/family stuff is kind of cool. :-)

  6. says

    I’m hearing ya about the picture organizing process. I just spent all afternoon getting 4 albums up on my Picasa account. About that kitchen….to die for. I would love a kitchen like that. I’m hearing ya about the table too. We are in serious need of a new one and that one would be totally cool. Unfortunately, it not only wouldn’t fit in our car but not in our dining room either. Too bad. I guess she can keep it. Thanks for sharing. Looked like ya’ll had fun.

  7. says

    OMG! I am totally in love with this kitchen! Can’t you just smell the wood smells mixed with fresh home made bread… Thanks so much for sharing!