• Pick us a Paint Color!

    Okey dokey!
    It’s time to pick a paint color!

    And, just so ya know, we’re totally cool with any one of these handsome hues.

    Re-decorating with you is FUN- so we’re open to whichever color wins!

    And, remember, the winning color will only be on a couple small walls (the rest of the room will be clad in white-painted wood planks)- so not only will the bed & bedding not be touching whichever wall color wins, it will be on the opposite side of the room from it too!

    Here are the contenders…

    (Sea Salt- Sherwin Williams, Silver Sage- Restoration Hardware, and Blue Hubbard- Sherwin Williams)

    And here’s a pic of the color we originally chose for the walls, next to a sample of Silver Sage…

    It’s crazy how taupe-y it looks next to the blue-ish-ness of Wedgewood Gray!


    And here are some pics of each color, zoomed in at a closer level…

    Silver Sage:


    Sea Salt:


    Blue Hubbard:


    If you’d like to join in on the fun, check out the poll in our sidebar to cast your vote!

    We’ll keep it open ’til Monday morning- and then we’ll get crackin’ on re-painting the walls next week!

    Thanks friend!

    We feel so blessed to be able to share our renovation and re-decorating adventures with you, and we appreciate your encouragement so much!



    Here’s a little high-def video footage too of our choices too!

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