Photography Tips for Sharper & Brighter Interior Photos

I contributed to a multi-blogger guest post over at Kate’s today…

Centsational Girl

It’s about photography, and it includes a lot of helpful tips!
So if you’re interested in learning about this kinda stuff…

And how we used them to create these three shots within seconds of each other yesterday…

And why using one of these little guys…

…to attach your camera to the top of one of these bad boys…

…is the first super-important step towards taking sharper, brighter and better photos of your home- head on over to Kate’s!

PS- Mr. Palmer’s got an exciting photography website in the works where he’ll be sharing TONS of tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to shoot those pesky, uh, I mean inspiring interior photos we bloggers love lookin’ at so much. More details to come sometime next Spring!


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  1. says

    This is much appreciated!!! A big Thank You from me! Also what camera do you recommend? I’m having the hardest time with my super simple digital and am in the market for a serious upgrade. Thanks again, Danielle

  2. says

    Thanks for the tip about the tripod! I’ve been trying all kinds of setting I’ve seen in blogland, and my photos were always blurry. I’m guessing it was just because I wasn’t holding the camera steady. I had no idea.
    What type of tripod do you recommend? I’ve tried shopping for one, but I’m overwhelmed with all the choices. Thanks for your help!!! I love your beautiful website. :)

  3. says

    One of these days I would love to get a dig slr I still have my cannon rebel 35 mm which I love but you dont know if the photos your taking will turn out. I need to sell it and put that money to a dig…lol I use a kodak right now it is a little more advanced than a simple camera but I still want my dream cannon. Thanks for the photos tips will have to try them on my kodak to see if that will help. Took photos this year of the tree to post on my blog and did not really care for how they come out but better than no photos at all…lol

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