• Photography Tips for Sharper & Brighter Interior Photos

    I contributed to a multi-blogger guest post over at Kate’s today…

    Centsational Girl

    It’s about photography, and it includes a lot of helpful tips!
    So if you’re interested in learning about this kinda stuff…

    And how we used them to create these three shots within seconds of each other yesterday…

    And why using one of these little guys…

    …to attach your camera to the top of one of these bad boys…

    …is the first super-important step towards taking sharper, brighter and better photos of your home- head on over to Kate’s!

    PS- Mr. Palmer’s got an exciting photography website in the works where he’ll be sharing TONS of tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to shoot those pesky, uh, I mean inspiring interior photos we bloggers love lookin’ at so much. More details to come sometime next Spring!


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