Photo Styling Favs

Just a quick heads up: I’m guest blogging about my top 3 “must haves” when it comes to interior photo styling over at Just A Girl today…

…so if you’d like to read about those kinds of things, and/or would like to join in on the conversation- I hope you’ll swing by!

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  1. Jessica says

    Layla, I LOVE the green lamp with the white drum shade. Is it vintage, or do you remember where you found it? Thanks!

  2. Stephanie says

    I stopped over and left a comment. After I posted it, I got to thinking that I probably should have posted it on your blog. Under the “Life” section what are the green flowers called? I’ve always loved those!!

  3. says

    Layla —
    “Texture for interest, life for movement, and art for heart” — my new mantra when taking photographs. You are Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously talented.
    Your Friend,

  4. Lisa W. says

    WOW…I just have to say Layla you are SO beautiful, just beautiful. And your style is SO awsome…love this blog:)

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