Perpetual Calendar

I’ve got a thing for vintage perpetual calendars. I’ve been smiling at this one every morning since it arrived on my doorstep…

It came packaged in that cute, little cardboard box…all the way from my friend Mary’s shop.

It’s not only one the happiest-little-things-I-ever-did-own, it’s super easy to operate too…

Those are the metal messages I found as I flipped from February to March. They were such a sweet surprise!

Why Tennessee, you ask?

‘Cause like Lloyd Christmas said to Mary Swanson, I like it. I like it uh-lot.

We’re switching around and/or renovating several rooms in the house right now (fresh photos & low-dough renovation & decoration ideas coming soon!), and what will soon be our new home office/studio (formerly our guest bedroom), could really use a little perpetual pretty too. Here are some neat ones I have saved in my favorites file…




Dependable Letterpress


Too bad it doesn’t work!  :-(

Modern 50

Karen Russell




Patina White

And although this one’s not perpetual…it sure is purrrrty…

Heather Lins Home

My pointer finger just couldn’t resist punching the purchase button on it this morning.

If everything goes smoothly with our adoption plans, this year’s gonna be an exciting one for us to remember, and those wooden wonders are gonna make for great-lookin ‘art with heart’ around here somewhere.

When all the dust settles, that is.


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  1. says

    Hey Lay!
    I Love a sweet perpetual calendar..and yours is adorable! :) You’re gonna have a lot to keep up with when your adoption goes through and you bring home your sweet little baby/babies!’re gonna need that calendar! :) Oh, I can’t wait!
    Love you girl!

  2. says

    Layla these are all so cool!! Love the images!

    Come and enter my Artful Offering!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Gracie says

    In LOVE with that Flickr one. Wish it was for sale and I had all the money in the world because I am sure that baby isn’t cheap! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to. I know it will be great!

  4. says

    Yay! Love the TN calendar! ’cause I live outside of Nashville!!!
    But all of them are really cute. The green tree with the tags is really cute too!

    Can’t wait to see what’s going on over there!!!

  5. says

    OMG! I love it! I went straight to etsy and found one for myself. It was even a vintage Las Vegas one…my hometown! I can’t wait to get it :)

  6. says

    Thanks for bringing back so many memories! I hadn’t thought about perpetual calendars (nor seen one) in ages. Great compilation!

  7. says

    Can’t wait to see all the things you are working on Layla. It is definitely going to be an exciting year for you two! :)

  8. says

    awwww! i am in love with your tennessee calendar. i’m from nashville/franklin and miss it so much! (i’m in atl now!) we actually just got back from a visit on sunday…and i hated to leave! :( can’t wait to see all the projects you have been working on!

  9. Colleen says

    I love the fact you like Dumb and Dumber movie. That is a classic in my house with four teenagers. Great post!

  10. says

    I love the Tennessee calendar! You know, I was born and bred in Tennessee. . . it’s a great state! When I was a little girl, the signs at the state line all said, “Welcome to the Three Great States of Tennessee.” They took those down years ago, but West, Middle, and East Tennessee do almost seem like different states.

    It’ll be fun to see what’s going on at TLC after the dust settles. Of course, I love seeing your photos even when things are still dusty! :)

  11. says

    What great pieces! I especially love the Salesman Hardwood from Modern Fifty…and the Dependable Letterpress Calendar. I embarrassed to say I don’t totally understand that one. You guys have a such a great eye for antiques!

  12. says

    I have one that’s exactly like the flickr one except mine is in much better condition. I use it on my desk at home! I’m lucky to have a father-in-law who loves to bargain antique and dumpster dive and he finds me all sorts of neat little treasures. Then I put them all around my house and mother-in-law says I’m just encouraging his silly hobby. Ha!

  13. Meredith says

    Can’t wait to see! I’ve been dying to see how you completed your barn door. My husband and I have been talking about doing the same in our kitchen. I know everything will be fantabulous!

  14. says

    I didn’t realize calendars could make me swoon like that – thanks for sharing these awesome finds!

  15. Katie says

    So cute!! I’m a Tennessee girl and would love to find another calendar like that first one. Any tips on where we could score one?

  16. says

    I own the dependable letterpress calendar. It is even more gorgeous in person than in photos! So fun, love these!

  17. says

    What a great collection of calendars. The one from Patina White is absolutely gorgeous and I know right where it can go in my house.
    Can’t wait to see the finished projects you guys have going on! I know they will be fabulous.

  18. Shannon says

    What a great collection. I am a calendar collector also. I found a great one for this year on Etsy.
    Oh My Deer handmades. Her blog site is Hand made and beautiful. Gave as gifts this year.

  19. Athena says

    I love, love, love the Tennessee calendar. I was born and raised in TN, and it is my heart. I would love to be able to find one fo those.

  20. Tara says

    My Nana and Grandpa had a perpetual calendar similar to the Modern 50 one (theirs was horizontal). I was the only one that ever changed the date so it always reflected the last time I visited them. I now live 500 miles away. Grandpa is no longer with us and we’ve come close to losing Nana this past year. I wonder what happened to that calendar. I’ll have to ask my mom to keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the memory!

  21. says

    The calendars made me smile! I met my husband on Sunday, Feb 15 – 30 years ago. We were married on Saturday, May 22 the next year. Thanks for sharing!

  22. says

    Awww….thanks so much for showing off your cute little calendar! You are the BEST my friend, we really have to catch up one of these days! I hope all is well…so excited for you with all you have going on…in the house…and in the heart.


    Happy Day to you and Kevn!


  23. says

    You and Kev are just the sweetest things. Seriously. I feel like I am coming home when I check your blog. Thanks for the posts. Anxious to see what you do after the dust settles on your current renovations.
    Now you have me wanting my own perpetual calendar; something I didn’t even realize I wanted until I read this post. =)