Patchwork Quilts

Earlier this year, Kev and I announced our plans to adopt, and got busy refinishing the wood floors and redoing the walls in our future kids room…

Work in there has been at a bit of a standstill for a while now, but I did purchase two twin size vintage quilts (on Etsy…one was $38 and the other was $40) to use in the room as a jumping off point for the design.

We plan to put two twin-size beds in the room, and man was it fun to shop for those babies! (Goal #129: Launch my own line of colorful quilts!)

The first one I purchased is covered in the coolest looking flowers…

We sort of thought they looked like sea turtles, which is fun because they remind us of our time on Tybee. Each “flurtle” (flower/turtle…hee hee) is unique, and Kev decided this green one is his fav…

And this one is without a doubt, mine…

This one comes in a close second though…

Not sure where that scrap of fabric on that one petal/paw came from, (oil soak rags?) but it’s just kinda cool that there’s writing on it.

Here’s a shot of the second quilt

It got held up for several weeks at a post office in Canada, (apparently their postal service was on strike for a while- yikes!) but I was super stoked to see it show up in a box on our front porch last week. I’m not sure what the name of the pattern is, but if you happen to know, we’d love to be enlightened!

Happy Monday!

PS- Almost forgot! The flip side of quilt number two is pretty cute too!


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  1. says

    Love them! There is something so cozy about patchwork quilts…especially in a kids room. They’ll be some blessed little kids. Can’t wait to “meet” them!

  2. says

    I LOVE quilts and learned how to make the a couple of years ago. I use them a lot in photoshoots and they always make the picture pop! I love the flower/turtle one especially. It makes me wonder about its story!

  3. kelly says

    just precious! I love the back side of that second quilt too! I know this room will be so special and filled with love….every detail will come from your heart…and that’s the best kind of room to decorate.
    kelly in georgia

  4. says

    Hi Layla and Kevin-
    Quilts make me smile. They are all so colorful, happy, and made by someone with loving hands. I think they are the perfect bedding for a child’s room.
    My best – Diane

  5. says

    When I was looking the pic of the first quilt, I thought “they like turtles” and than I proceeded reading that you thought the same! Love the vintage quilts. It gives you a wide variety of colors to play off of for the room. The red polka dots on the second one adds some whimsy to it. I have a collection of them at the Fairfield House.

    Your Friend,

  6. says

    Absolutely love those!!! Almost makes me want to start quilting again. Having adopted twice ourselves, I know how exciting and nervewracking this waiting period can be!

  7. Annette says

    How exciting this time is for you. We’ve adopted four times and then blessed again with two biological children. Now ages 5 months to 14 years…..they do keep us busy here on the farm. Congrats to you and your endeavors.
    PS Love the quilts too!

  8. says

    So cute! They go really nicely together! And I LOVE the turtle thing! Sounds like something kids talk about with friends — that’s MY favorite! No, that’s MINE, that can be YOURS! :)


    • Layla says

      I know, right!? I have always instantly tried to find my favorite patch when it comes to quilts. Love that! :-D

  9. Maureen says

    Love both quilts. I am sucker for old quilts as well! Found a couple in my Nana’s attic that I never knew she had and love them to bits! Our postal strike was a real hassle for us as well…….when it finally ended I didn’t get any fun packages…..just a pile of bills that had been delayed :)

  10. says

    We’re also adopting, and we just got our referral for our 18 month old little girl. She’ll be almost 2 when we get her home, and I’m having a terrible time trying to plan a room that will work for this beautiful little toddler that I’ve never met! We’ll need a crib and a changing table of sorts, but only for a while — so we need something that will be easily changeable and adaptable. I’ve beens scouring your site for ideas — keep ‘em coming! THANK YOU!!

  11. says

    Pretty quilts! That’s a great price for them too.

    Good luck on the adoption process! If you’re looking to adopt within the US, my sister works at Smoky Mountain Children’s Home in Sevierville, TN. If you would like, I can check to see how the steps / process with them works. =)

  12. says

    Your flower/turtle quilt is quite a find! I haven’t seen that pattern around much. I don’t know the name of the second quilt pattern but it looks like a variation of a star pattern — maybe an original design? Both are beautiful!

  13. says

    Love them both. I recently started added more quilts to my collection. It seems I can’t seem to stop! Those are adorable and I love the flurtles! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for that room. Any news on the adoption?

  14. says

    I love quilts and post quite often on them as well. they are our go to blanket in the family room on chilly winter nights or even cool summer evenings. The older they are the better they feel! Love your two patterns, especially the quirkly flurtle one…so colorful for a kids room and as my little two year old grandson would say ‘let’s get cuzy (cozy)

  15. says

    Ah! Etsy for quilts! Why didn’t I think of that? Thank you for sharing and I love them and can’t wait to see how the room evolves and the little people who will live there!

  16. says

    Oh, I LOVE the first one! And ‘flurtle’ is the perfect name for them! You’ve got me wanting to shop for vintage quilts now. As if I need another object to obsess over. Can’t wait to see the room come together.

  17. Elizabeth says

    Did you see “Sarah’s Summer House” when she did the girls’ room with quilts?? That’s what this reminds me of! It’ll look precious Layla!!!

  18. says

    I adore the “flurtle” quilts and have to say, when you said flower my mind was like, “those are turtles!” Either way, I’m sure they’ll bring you and your (future) kids many wonderful years of cuddling and warmth.

  19. Sylvia says

    I love the quilts. I have several that were made by my great-grand mother and my grandmother. Back in their day, quilts were a necessity and they used old clothing for the front and purchased fabric for only the back. Looks like that is the case for your quilts, too.
    Wouldn’t it be great to know the stories behind your quilts?

  20. says

    Love, love, love…LOVE. I love that there are so many colors to use as a jumping off point. Bright, colorful, kids rooms are my favorite. We are in your same situation, trying so hard…really want a kids room…with kids in it :0)

  21. says

    LOVE the quilts-and good luck with your baby plans! I am pretty sure the red quilt has a few kinds of pattern- an eight point star variation like pinwheel ( main star) and hourglass ( the extra red/white piecing) along with just plain square patch as a filler-its colorful and cheery with all the red!

    The turtle quilt is adorable too-a nice applique.

    Oh and for future reference-save your child’s coolest tee shirts in a box in back of the closet. For, like YEARS…When the time comes for college/leaving the nest, make ‘em a tee shirt quilt with all their faves-it’s a piece of home no matter where they live. My twins are 25 now, and they still love their “who I am/life story so far” in a quilt :)

    • Toni Combs says

      I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I saved some of my favorite little shirts and things from our youngest son so I have a start… He’s 8 now and loves all sports under the sun– so I think I will save all his little league jerseys and T-shirts and just keep going from here and then have a quilt made for a high school graduation gift!

  22. Cath says


    I ran into the fabric store last week and while I was waiting my turn for fabric cutting, a young woman was having fabric cut for quilt backs. She was telling the store clerk that the quilt tops (at least 10 of them) were left to her by her grandmother. The colors were magnificant and each was more unique than the previous. I secretly thought, how lucky to have such beautiful peices of her family neatly sewn into functional murals for future generations to enjoy.

    Quilts make me wonder about the person who made them, where they making them for fun or a gift? Why do some get completed and others left to be finished by other hands?

    There was a quilt display I think in NY a while back if I find the link I’ll send it to you, just beautiful.

  23. Linda says

    I have several quilting books, but I cannot find this exact pattern. It resembles a couple of patterns from Georgia Bonesteel’s New Ideas for Lap Quilting. Maybe it is a variation of “Starglow” or “Mexican Star.” Or it could be . . . . . . A combination of both! Pretty : )

  24. Theresa says

    I love the quilts especially the turtle quilt. What great prices too. I think I’ll be taking a look over at Etsy for vintage quilts!

  25. says

    The flurtle quilt is adorable. So much work goes into quilting, and you got a steal on both of them! I just finished my first quilt, and it is the most awesome thing I have ever made!

  26. Shannon says

    LOVE your quilts! I too thought “sea turtle” when I first spotted the first one… Thought of your connection to Tybee. ;) We were able to vacation there last summer with our family~ What a wonderful place!
    I am on the lookout for coverlets/quilts for 2 full-size beds in a bedroom at our lakehouse… I think I’m off to Etsy!:) Thanks for the inspiration (as always).

  27. Kim in MD says

    “Flurtle”…so cute! I immediately thought sea turtle when I saw that first quilt-I love it! I love both quilts, and can’t wait to see how that room turns out! :-)

  28. carla says

    I totally agree with the sea turtles on the quilt , that is what I see. they are both so cute. I love the back of the quilt also. I cannot wait to see how this room transpires. Kids rooms are soo fun to do. I need to go watch Sara summer house so see the girls rooms. I love her design, almost as much as I love yours. except I can afford to do the things that you do :)

  29. says

    Oh yeah, love the flurtle guilt, just makes you happy looking at it. I wish I could help with the name of the second quilt but I’m dumbfounded. However it too makes me happy!

  30. says

    These quilts are all so colorful and sweet. I love the feeling of home that they give to the space. Can’t wait to see how the room turns out!


  31. says


    These are beautiful! I have a few quilts that have been passed down through the family for years that I will always treasure!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the room process! Best of luck in the adoption!

    xo Lee

  32. says

    Congratulations on adopting!!! I’m sure the room will be beautiful! Also I love the quilts! I have two favorite quilts in my house: 1) a wedding ring quilt that was given to my parents when they were married 2) a quilt my Nanna made for me for my 17th birthday. Quilts are wonderful!!!

    p.s. I’ll be thinking of yall as I watch design star tonight on hgtv!

  33. says

    What beautiful quilts!! I’m so excited for you guys to finish the room! I’m itching to get back into a home of our own so I can finally give my kids the adorable rooms in my head….for now I can just look at yours and get inspired!

      • Debi says

        You really should handwash them in the tub. Buy some very gentle soap like ones used for sensitive skin. Fill the tub with warm water and the soap. Soak them, swish them, rinse them and lay them out flat to dry. If those really are vintage quilts (and they look like they are) the batting might not take multiple washings in a machine, even on gentle. Personally, I would only display those and not use them on the kids’ beds.

  34. JolieAnne says

    I love those quilts…that is exactly what Sarah Richardson
    did on the HGTV series Sarah’s Summer House. You got
    two very good ones and the prices were right, too!
    That room will be so colorful and cute! I enjoy your blog
    and read as often as I can. I have quilts from my great
    Grandmother, Mattie, a very Southern lady. I will treasure
    them always!

  35. Beth C says

    LOVE the quilts! I think your idea to design quilts is fabulous! Please move it way up on your list though…I’d like to have one today!

  36. says

    At our craft group ladies try so hard to make their patchwork so perfect and their quilting stitches super even. I will show them the pictures of these quilts because the beauty in them is that they are hand made and they are have personality. Have fun with them!

  37. Julie says

    Love me some vintage quilts! Yours are in such great shape!
    I scored 3 vintage quilts for 12.50 at an auction. I love the colors and fabrics, but they definitely have some wear and tear.

  38. says

    I love the quilts, especially, the Flurtle! I know your room will be perfect! I always love what ya’ll design! I am adopted. I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world to have my adoptive parents! We seem much closer than many of my friends that are biological children. Good luck with this! You’ll make awesome parents!

  39. Geneal says

    The turtle quilt is really cute. The third turtle looks like Rainbow Fish. I think you will enjoy the book. My children loved it.

  40. Sandra says

    Love, Love, Love them. Especially the turtle one. How unique. I cannot wait to see the room finished.

  41. says

    Cute, cute, CUTE patchwork quilts!
    I love some of those myself. And have purchase used ones as well! I’ve got a few that are from my MIL home in Arkansas and they need to be finished. That is on my list of things to -do… # 329!

    Have fun!

  42. says

    I love both of those quilts! I thought of “turtles” when I saw the first on too. :)
    I ordered something from Canada too that got hung up in the postal service. Weird.
    Love you!

  43. says

    both my grandmothers made beautiful quilts. they were on all the beds at my one grandmother’s cottage in Michigan that I grew up going to — I used to pick my favorite flowers or squares or pieces of fabric that were my favorites. i now own some of those quilts — and put them on my beds for special times….or just for fun in the summer! The Flurtle quilt is AWESOME!

  44. says

    How beautiful! I would love to learn how to quilt! It is definitely one of my goals for the near future. I would like to be able to make a quilt for each of my future children before they are born, so I suppose I will need to learn within the next year or two before we start a family. Thinking of the future is so exciting, isn’t it??!

  45. Yevette Trussell says

    I love the turtle quilt! I have one, too! My grandmother made it for me when I was about 4 yrs old (now I.m 54!). She made my sister an airplane quilt and my mom a terrier dog quilt. Of course, there are MANY more because one of my grandmother’s sisters and my mother-in-law quilted, too. I have a quilt or two that my great grandmother made. I was thinking of selling some of my quilts in the near future. Please let me know if you or your friends are interested. I’m in Helena, AL.

  46. says

    LOVE those quilts! Now I’m going to have to get on etsy today. Good thing I have lots of free time (BAAAhaaaahaa). Love your blog and trying to keep up with adoption/decorating news. Don’t know you personally, but heard about you from a great friend whose parents live across street from you, and I’ve been following you ever since ;)

  47. says

    Those quilts are adorable. Your future child will have a wonder space to call their own, a comfy homemade quilt and some amazing parents! Good luck and keep up the posts on your adoption plans

  48. says

    I love the quilts and I have been wondering what is going on with the adoptions since they said they’d be cutting back so much. What’s the plans? Love your site, got here from The Pioneer Woman and I wish you’re inspiring ways could be emailed over to Pittsburgh!

  49. says

    What a great starting point for your design. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together. In the most recent Country Living, there is an article where the mom let her daughter pick a vintage quilt from an antique shop and then decorated the room around it. Very sweet!

  50. Aileen says

    The ” oil soaked rags” fabric piece looks like the text/font from the old Ziggy comic strip, circa 1970-80’s (not the more recent strip). It looks so familiar and of course I’m dating myself but perhaps my memory is still intact!

  51. says

    aww, those quilts remind me so much of my wynnbaby stuff. i just love what you chose, friend! keep me updated, so excited for you.

  52. Betty Hopper says

    The back of the quilt could be floor sacks. Goes with the material on the front and same time period. Love them. Betty

  53. Felicity says

    The pink is definitely my fav too. I think I’d put little French knot eyes on every one of them to make it more urtle than flowe. Such a cute couple of quilts, great find!

  54. says

    Beautiful quilts! We too are adopting from Ethiopia with AGCI, and have been waiting with parameters of 0-4yrs since last September. I love seeing work on the kids room! Ours is still a disaster in serious need of organization and set-up! Your progress is inspiring and I may just be ready to get going in there!

  55. Bernie says

    Excited for you on the adoption! Hope all goes smoothly for you. As a quilter of almost 29 years, I love old and WELL MADE quilts. The second one was quite a steal. What the “:Flurtle” one lacks in excellent craftsmanship (was that diplomatic enough?) is made up for by personality… long as YOU love it. By the way if you ever do have your own line of quilts PLEASE have them made in the USA!

  56. Jean says

    You definitely have an appliqued turtle quilt. I’m a professional quilter for nearly 10 years now, and that turtle pattern is common in books of vintage or antique quilts. It is a bit folk arty in its execution which makes it a bit harder to discern the pattern. Love it, and am going to look for my pattern this evening as I’m redoing and reorganizing my quilt references. I’m also, as I write this, planning to try and draft the pattern for the other, as it is a design I’ve never seen as pattern for before. Both quilts are beautiful, and you received a good deal. Just discovered your website because of Pioneer Woman’s mention of your site. Plan to be a follower and see how you incorporate your quilts into your room design. Hope you have bundles of joy to fill it with soon!

  57. Elaina Hall says

    I have been enjoying your site for about eight months,and I bought your e-book, too! You and your husband are incredibly talented, but more than anything, you love each other. We have one biological child and two adopted children. Our family is a blend of Dutch, Chinese, Hawaiian, Cree Indian, German, and African. Our oldest daughter, Olivia, attends college at SCAD in Savannah, and we just visited Tybee last summer. I am taking Olivia back to Savannah a week from today. She is going to be a student ambassador and will be “training” for several days from 8-5. I am excited to check-out the various stores on Tybee and really look at some of the cottages. We live in Boise, Idaho, and going to Georgia is almost like going abroad — so much is different; however, the one thing we noticed was how kind and helpful the people of Savannah were. And yes, we are big Boise State fans and will be watching that game between the Broncos and Georgia! Good luck to you and keep on blogging, publishing, writing, creating, and soon — parenting!

  58. Smiths Hallow says

    The room will be amazing. I heart your blog and rush to see what new adventures you are having. Can hardly wait to see what awesomeness you and the Mr will come up with next.
    All the best in your journey.

  59. says

    These are precious!! When I first looked at them I thought they resembled turtles also hehe flurtles-too cute:) Congratulations on the choice to adopt. I can’t wait to see the progression of this room.

  60. says

    Layla ~ just thinking of you and Kev, and wondering what is new on the adoption front? Clearly, adoption is close to my heart, and we’d love to adopt again one day. Khloe keeps praying that, “Jesus, show us where my little sister is” and is relentless about it… which is okay by me ~ I’d LOVE to adopt again! All in God’s timing and provisions, right!?! :)

    Did you reveal the kids room yet?! If so, I totally missed it, though I don’t know how as I have your posts delivered direct to my email. But ya never know!

    Blessings & Hugs from good ol’ {now freezing cold!} Minnesota!
    ~ Tanya

  61. Lucy Zantow says

    I just stumbled across this ….was looking for a sea turtle quilt pattern for my daughter’s dream quilt! Anyhoo….so I am also wondering! What happened on the adoption front and did you finish the room? Yes, I know I am late in the game! :)

  62. says

    Pretty sure those Are turtles! I wonder if the maker intended to put faces on them, or maybe she liked them kinda abstract the way they are. Anyways, what a great find, and the other red and white plus scraps quilt too! Score! I really like your website too by the way!

  63. Alicia says

    I have been trying to find out more about the star quilt. It really speaks to me and I am in the process of duplicating the design in a quilt of my own. I stumbled across a quilt tonight on another pinterest board, it was not a duplicate, but did have the same center star. It was a Mennonite Windmill Blades quilt from the 1870’s. I believe the quilt you have is a variation on the that design.

  64. Pam C says

    I love both quilts-especially the star one. I believe it is a kaleidoscope star variation, but I don’t know the name of the block. I recreated it in my software and can’t wait to make my own version! Thanks for sharing.

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