Patchwork Quilts

Earlier this year, Kev and I announced our plans to adopt, and got busy refinishing the wood floors and redoing the walls in our future kids room…

Work in there has been at a bit of a standstill for a while now, but I did purchase two twin size vintage quilts (on Etsy…one was $38 and the other was $40) to use in the room as a jumping off point for the design.

We plan to put two twin-size beds in the room, and man was it fun to shop for those babies! (Goal #129: Launch my own line of colorful quilts!)








The first one I purchased is covered in the coolest looking flowers…

We sort of thought they looked like sea turtles, which is fun because they remind us of our time on Tybee. Each “flurtle” (flower/turtle…hee hee) is unique, and Kev decided this green one is his fav…

And this one is without a doubt, mine…

This one comes in a close second though…

Not sure where that scrap of fabric on that one petal/paw came from, (oil soak rags?) but it’s just kinda cool that there’s writing on it.

Here’s a shot of the second quilt

It got held up for several weeks at a post office in Canada, (apparently their postal service was on strike for a while- yikes!) but I was super stoked to see it show up in a box on our front porch last week. I’m not sure what the name of the pattern is, but if you happen to know, we’d love to be enlightened!

Happy Monday!

PS- Almost forgot! The flip side of quilt number two is pretty cute too!


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  1. Smiths Hallow says

    The room will be amazing. I heart your blog and rush to see what new adventures you are having. Can hardly wait to see what awesomeness you and the Mr will come up with next.
    All the best in your journey.

  2. says

    These are precious!! When I first looked at them I thought they resembled turtles also hehe flurtles-too cute:) Congratulations on the choice to adopt. I can’t wait to see the progression of this room.

  3. says

    Layla ~ just thinking of you and Kev, and wondering what is new on the adoption front? Clearly, adoption is close to my heart, and we’d love to adopt again one day. Khloe keeps praying that, “Jesus, show us where my little sister is” and is relentless about it… which is okay by me ~ I’d LOVE to adopt again! All in God’s timing and provisions, right!?! :)

    Did you reveal the kids room yet?! If so, I totally missed it, though I don’t know how as I have your posts delivered direct to my email. But ya never know!

    Blessings & Hugs from good ol’ {now freezing cold!} Minnesota!
    ~ Tanya

  4. Lucy Zantow says

    I just stumbled across this ….was looking for a sea turtle quilt pattern for my daughter’s dream quilt! Anyhoo….so I am also wondering! What happened on the adoption front and did you finish the room? Yes, I know I am late in the game! :)

  5. says

    Pretty sure those Are turtles! I wonder if the maker intended to put faces on them, or maybe she liked them kinda abstract the way they are. Anyways, what a great find, and the other red and white plus scraps quilt too! Score! I really like your website too by the way!

  6. Alicia says

    I have been trying to find out more about the star quilt. It really speaks to me and I am in the process of duplicating the design in a quilt of my own. I stumbled across a quilt tonight on another pinterest board, it was not a duplicate, but did have the same center star. It was a Mennonite Windmill Blades quilt from the 1870’s. I believe the quilt you have is a variation on the that design.

  7. Pam C says

    I love both quilts-especially the star one. I believe it is a kaleidoscope star variation, but I don’t know the name of the block. I recreated it in my software and can’t wait to make my own version! Thanks for sharing.