• Pantry – Painted Back Door & Dining Room – Picture Ledge

    Look what I did. :-)

    Soooo much better, right?
    The color is called “Ryegrass”. I got it at the Home Depot.

    I also played around with some frames that I already had, just to see what my new picture ledge in the Dining Room would eventually, sort of, look like.

    In the next few weeks, there will be a completely different, and more cohesive, display of black-and-white photos up there.

    I’m really pleased with how the Dining Room is (slowly) coming together.
    Crisp and Cottage-y!
    My favorite kind of space. :-)

    Ciao for now-

    And if you have a second, pop over to HGTV.com and rate my audition video! I’m desperately seeking 5-star ratings!
    (PS…you can vote more than once sometimes)


    Thank you, thank you! :-)

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