Pantry – Painted Back Door & Dining Room – Picture Ledge

Look what I did. :-)

Soooo much better, right?
The color is called “Ryegrass”. I got it at the Home Depot.

I also played around with some frames that I already had, just to see what my new picture ledge in the Dining Room would eventually, sort of, look like.

In the next few weeks, there will be a completely different, and more cohesive, display of black-and-white photos up there.

I’m really pleased with how the Dining Room is (slowly) coming together.
Crisp and Cottage-y!
My favorite kind of space. :-)

Ciao for now-

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Thank you, thank you! :-)

Pantry - Grasscloth Wallpaper
Lettered Olive - Sneak Peek

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  1. Suzann says

    I LOVE it! What a yummy green. Rye Grass….hmmm…LOL. Me and my green. I adore the black screen door too. Everyday it seems to look more lovely.

  2. Queen B says

    LOVE that color. It is perfect with the black and white. Keep those pictures coming!

  3. megitys says

    Lovin’ that! I have been waiting to for you to paint it. Is that so wrong? Do you think that I could pull something like that off on my metal back door that has not cute windows and cottage appeal??

  4. chriskauf says

    I think the screen door is such a great idea , heck I like all your ideas.
    Just got a shop vac today , girls like us need these kinds of toys , shoes or shop vac, shop vac , I actually need one of those.
    I love seeing all your projects.

  5. Ashley says

    love – Love – LOVE it!!!!

    And I voted for you again (but then it wouldn’t let me vote another time).

  6. Chris says

    Okay, fine. You’ve apparently been busy. I’ll let it slide that I haven’t heard from you. :-} The door looks fabulous!!!! There are so many great shades of green out there, and you picked the perfect one! Oh! I covered the lampshade with fabric. I went to Jo Anne’s fabric and bought @ 1/2 yard of it. You’re doing great, Layla! Keep those pictures coming!

  7. Marie says

    What a perfect green! It looks so pretty on the door. Your whole house is beautiful. :o) I voted for you again. Keep reminding us and I’ll get over there as often as possible. And THANK YOU for all the garage door photos!! One of these days I’ll print them up and have you autograph them for me… ’cause I “knew you when.” :o) Thanks!

  8. Nancy Hood says

    love that pop of color! and the apple! the quiet elegance of it is so calming and peaceful~

  9. Linda at Lime in the Coconut! says

    Ahhh. Resplendent in crisp cottagy-ness.

    You are the master!!

  10. Kristi says

    Nice contrast with the green and black! Will you be showing us a bathroom makeover sometime? I ask out of selfishness, I want to redo my kids’ bathroom in a beach type style without going overboard. So far I have a striped shower curtain in blue, sage, tan, light brown. I also have a cool wastecan that is actually a sage color bucket. Not sure on the wall color and definitely don’t know what to do for other accessories and art!

  11. Darlene says

    I justed gave you 5 stars on HGTV Design Star. Hope you make it on! Love your blog! Good luck with your new business venture!
    I just started a blog tonight…hope you’ll visit soon!

  12. Deserae says

    Love that green…it is devine! The black screen door looks fabulous along with the picture ledge too :o)

  13. Blissful Nikki says

    LOVE IT ALL!!! Great job! The black and white is just stunning together!

  14. Stacey @ The Blessed Nest says

    I am in love with your pantry door! The green painted door looks great too :) Can’t wait to see more pics as things progress!


  15. Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden says

    That looks GREAT!
    I’m dying right now, there’s a screen door almost identical to your’s in someone’s trash and I have no way to get it. It’s raining and I couldn’t get it in my car. I hate to see it thrown away!!

    The picture ledge is fab also. Really like the look of those framed words.

  16. The Old Painted Cottage says

    Great shade of green. I’ve added you to my blog fave’s list by the way..hope you don’t mind.


  17. Ray says

    Love Love Love that color green. I may have to “borrow” for my kitchen accent wall. :)

    Thanks for your comment! It’s my first one as a “new blogger!”

  18. Daisy Cottage says

    LOVE it – awesome, awesome color and the screen door is PERFECT.


  19. Sarah C. says

    Beautiful! Love that pop of green. Gave your video a 5 star rating. Good luck! :)

  20. Suzann says

    Miss Layla, Could you please tell me what color white you have chosen to use in your home? Hubby and I were looking at your photos and he thinks it's a cool white. I am really loving how your white looks with everything and would like to grab a swatch of it and see if it would work on my trim here. (I'm still going back and forth between painting trim & woodwork white or cream). Also, I have to know…Do you love your black cabinets? Do you feel like they made your kitchen feel small? Hubby loves the idea of the black cabinets, but I'm afraid it will be too much in our area.
    Thanks in Advance for taking the time to answer my questions.

  21. Sherri says

    I just found your website and I love it!! Cottage is a wonderful style and you have made some wonderful style of your own! Keep up the great work!!

  22. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam says

    Layla – it’s coming along so incredibly!! WOW! Hope your HGTV ratings are going well. Love your last post as well – but there was no place to comment. :)