Pantry – Grasscloth Wallpaper

I hung the Grasscloth wallpaper in the Pantry this morning.
Still LOTS of work to do in there, but thought I would post a current picture of where it’s at today.

Here’s my to do list in this room:
1. Install 8″ baseboards
2. Install crown moulding
3. Install beadboard on wall opposite green door
4. Paint all trim and beadboard semi-gloss white
5. Paint wall with green door on it creamy white (Fencepost by Glidden)
6. Install floor-to-ceiling shelving on beadboard wall.
7. Install hanging pendant fixture from ceiling.
8. Accessorize shelves with rows of baskets and galvanized boxes from IKEA.
9. Purchase a rug for the floor.
10. Hang window shade on green door.
11. Replace gold doorknob.
12. Beautify the Grasscloth wall with art or mirrors!

Okay…gotta get back to work! I’ll keep posting pics as the room transforms.

Layla :-)

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Thank you, thank you! :-)

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  1. No.35style says

    Can’t wait to see it all come together! I love grasscloth wallpaper and would love to have it somewhere in my the black door…thinking i’d like to paint one of my interior doors black!

  2. Anonymous says

    Did you hang the paper yourself? Was it awful? I’d love to do that behind my built in bookselves. Any tips? I am so impressed with this cottage. Every step is better and better. You go girl!!

  3. Reese and Marie says

    HI Layla,
    I am new to posting here but I have been following your blog since reading about it on One Womans Cottage Life a couple months back.

    I LOVE your style and I thought you did a GREAT audition for DS – one of my fave shows. I will be amazed if they do not select you for next season. Your style is so clean and classic and even more impressive is how much DIY you do! 5 stars from me!

    I can’t believe how you’ve transformed your pantry and I love your choice of materials. Simply fabulous!

    One room you haven’t shown us yet is your bedroom… hint hint! All in due time, I’m sure.

    Well, if you get a chance, come by and visit my new blog! I added you to my blogroll, because I consider this an inspirational blog!


  4. chriskauf says

    Amazing , making things beautiful takes so many little steps but then perfection.

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Layla-

    It’s coming along great.

    Did you consider changing the swing of your exterior door — so that it opens to the right? I don’t know how difficult that would be but that way it would not block your path to the dining room.

    Love your blog,

  6. Bella Casa says

    It’s funny how what’s old is new. In 1995 when we bought our little old bungalow, there was dark green grasscloth wallpaper in the dining room and I couldn’t wait to get it down! lol

    Now, in this house we have it in our basement (dark tan), but I am keeping it this time, and we are going to paint over it. It is really a great paper for painting, so cool beans, no wallpaper to rip down there!

    You might be able to use that rub and buff stuff on your door knob. I still need to find that stuff, I want it for my kithen cupboard hardware.

    Your pantry looks really nice so far :)


  7. Linda at Lime in the Coconut! says

    Hee…Bella, when we were living in Colorado, Our hallway had grasscloth…my neighbor and I used steam irons to pull it down 1 inch piece by 1 inch piece! It was sooo 70’s (said rolling eyes in the 90’s) We put it up again in our bathroom this year. I laughed!

    Looking magnificent Layla!

  8. Nancy Hood says

    I love it!! never would’ve thought of hanging the grasscloth on the horizontal but it looks great! and how did you come to the decision to put beadboard alongside the grasscloth?! You rock, Layla, and I soooo hope you get the DS spot!!!

  9. Diane@A Picture is Worth.... says

    It’s coming along…can’t wait to see it when you’re done.

  10. Susie Harris says

    Very pretty Miss Layla! You know how to get a lot done….cant wait to see when your list is complete. Your cottage castle will be beautiful!

  11. Suzann says

    That grasscloth looks really cool. Who’d a thunk? I had an apartment in 1990 that had that on the wall and I thought it was really retro and funky. LOL. But, it was durable and I kinda liked it. I love how it looks with your green door and the black accent. I’m really looking forward to seeing it all done (as are you I’m sure). Lookin’ great so far!!!

  12. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Oh, yeah…that grasscloth has come full circle, hasn't it? It does look new again & us older ladies remember it back in the day. One of my first jobs in the early 80's had grasscloth in the lobby area. It is cool again! I would hang it somewhere too if I could find the right place. Humm, maybe below the chairrail in my DR.

  13. Angela says

    Love it!

    The house we bought last year had faux grasscloth in one of the bathrooms–it was the only thing I wanted to keep of the previous owners’. Of course, the paint contractors we hired painted over it by mistake! Ugh.

    I love how your pantry is coming along!

  14. Inspired Kara says

    Oh Fencepost. My favorite shade of white paint! Not too chalky white, not too yellowy cream. Juuuuust right. All my white paint projects are done with this color.

    Love the room so far.

  15. Sandy Toes says

    I am excited to see this all come together…I bet it will be beautiful with all your plans! Great blog!

    -Sandy Toes

  16. Laurel MacD says

    Love that wallpaper and now I am thinking of places to put it. Love your style and blog – I’ll keep checking for more.

  17. Deserae says

    Lookin good girlie! Love the grasscloth wallpaper…that’s hot! LOL,LOL!!!

  18. Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden says

    Grasscloth… awesome choice. The list sounds great!
    Hmmm, nice and long like all of my lists!

  19. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    The grasscloth looks great! I read that you need to purchase a rug… we do custom rugs & monogram rugs…just so you know. Will be for sure checking out your blog sale!

  20. Jen@The Cottage Nest says

    Love your grasscloth. I have considered using it in my dining room. Was it very expensive? Can you share where you found yours?

  21. Ashley says

    Aww!! I love that wall! I’m with Jen above! Fill us in on where to find this!

  22. Layla says

    Ashley and Jen-

    Go to Sherwin Williams at look this up:

    Manufacturer: Patton Wallcoverings
    Pattern Number: SW-848121

    It’s $16.50 a roll. It’s not hard to put up at all. The folks at Sherwin Williams are usually pretty willing to walk you through the steps involved. Just take your time and mark level lines on the wall first!


  23. Emily@remodelingthislife says

    Just found you through watch the wind blow by. It looks beautiful. This looks beautiful, I love the door!

  24. ROXY says

    Love, Love, Love the grass paper you chose for the pantry. I just think it’s so natural and soothing. Love your blog and good luck with Design Star.