Paint Color

It’s Saturday (yay!) so I’ll make this short and sweet. (No pun intended as I’m about to mention a twice-baked, Italian-style cookie.) Remember that “light biscotti-colored paint” I mentioned in yesterday’s post? Well, Kev and I were in one of our favorite neighborhoods yesterday, and we saw the prettiest light biscotti-colored paint covered house! Check it out…

Isn’t it lovely?!

I have no idea what the actual paint color name is, but I absolutely love how it looks with those dusty green/gray doors across the front porch. Luh. Shuss. Ness!

Happy Weekend!

PS- I’m jumpin’ in on a conference call with David Bromstad on Monday, (Gonna pick his brain about the upcoming season of Design Star- he’s mentoring the cast this time around. Fun!) so if you’ve got any questions for him about the show, go ahead and leave ’em in the comments section of this post and I’ll ask away for ya on Monday!


Ooh! And we’ll be blogging about our (potential) design show next week too! So excited to share the latest news with you!


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  1. Stacey says

    Hmmm…. that paint color looks almost exactly like the color of my living room, which is Biscuit from Sherwin Williams. Even the name is close to biscotti. Check it out!

  2. says

    I WISH there were some way to post a Ohio with this comment, because otherwise you may not believe me. I took a screenshot of the house photo you posted and took it into my Behr paint app to let it tell me what color it was. We’re considering that exact combo of light cream and grey for our exterior, so I was dying to know.

    You’ll be thrilled: Behr calls it BAKED BISCOTTI (PWN-72). 😉

  3. says

    Hey Layla,

    Beautiful house! I was wondering…what color is the roof? Is it really as light as it looks in the pictures, or was there a lot of sun glare on it?


  4. Sandy says

    My neighbor Kathy told me about your blog post. Thanks so much for the kind comments about our house. We are huge HGTV fans and we’re so excited to have been turned on to your TLC website!! For those still interested, the paint colors are Benjamin Moore historical colors: Carrington beige on the siding, Nantucket grey on the doors and Linen white on the trim.

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