Paint Color

It’s Saturday (yay!) so I’ll make this short and sweet. (No pun intended as I’m about to mention a twice-baked, Italian-style cookie.) Remember that “light biscotti-colored paint” I mentioned in yesterday’s post? Well, Kev and I were in one of our favorite neighborhoods yesterday, and we saw the prettiest light biscotti-colored paint covered house! Check it out…

Isn’t it lovely?!

I have no idea what the actual paint color name is, but I absolutely love how it looks with those dusty green/gray doors across the front porch. Luh. Shuss. Ness!

Happy Weekend!

PS- I’m jumpin’ in on a conference call with David Bromstad on Monday, (Gonna pick his brain about the upcoming season of Design Star- he’s mentoring the cast this time around. Fun!) so if you’ve got any questions for him about the show, go ahead and leave ’em in the comments section of this post and I’ll ask away for ya on Monday!


Ooh! And we’ll be blogging about our (potential) design show next week too! So excited to share the latest news with you!


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  1. says

    That home is a jaw dropper. LOVE the color, too! Have fun with the conference call. Can’t wait to hear more about your show. :)


  2. says

    Love the color and style of house! Can’t wait to hear about your potential show! Make sure that they get us Free full episodes online! We got rid of our t.v. antenna so we could do more living and less watching tv, but HGTV has some great shows we can watch online. I wouldn’t want to miss yours! I’d love for you to ask David what he thinks of the new, more serious format of the show. I kind of miss when the judges smiled more and it was a little more fun and lighthearted. I’d also love to know what he likes and doesn’t like from the format he starred in to the new format this past season. Thanks Layla!

      • Sarah Teske says

        Oh, I echo Susana. We don’t have cable, but I do so love HGTV. It’d be great to watch it on the computer.

  3. Jamie says

    OK guru to the start of my day…this is exactly the color scheme I am trying to talk my husband into painting our awful pink brick (he’s not a fan of painting brick). You must find out the color of the biscotti! I have recently painted the doors to the pantries in my kitchen that awesome green and I love it….

    • Heather says

      Jamie, you mentioned that you found the grayish green color for your kitchen. What color did you use??? BTW…PAINT THE BRICK!!! You won’t regret it. We painted ours 15 years ago and love it!

  4. Elaine D says

    I love the color of the house and I really didn’t think I would (in my head). I thought the color might be too close to white and not have any contrast. Boy was I wrong! :) I can just see this place somewhere next to the sea, with sand dunes out back that lead to the ocean. Gah. Orge. Us.

  5. Cindy says

    When my sister was renovating her home, she spotted a house with the paint color she wanted. We drove past that house more times than you can imagine! Finally, one day I said, “Let’s just go ask them what the paint is.”
    So we knocked on the door and explained my sister’s major crush on their house paint. The owners were so gracious. They no longer had the name of the paint, but they told us where they bought it and gave us a piece of their painted siding so that my sister could match it.
    She matched it and painted her house that color. It is magnificent.
    So, when in doubt, ask! You’ll find that just about anyone will be friendly when you tell them you love their house!

    • Layla says

      Very cool story Cindy!
      I just sent my friend (who lives around the corner from that house) a text and and her if she knows the owners. :-)
      If I can find out what color it is, I’ll be sure to post it here for those folks lookin’ for a light biscotti-colored paint!

  6. says

    Love it! We love every post 😉
    So excited you get to talk to David! How does he “mentor” without diminishing the style of each contestant?

    • Layla says

      Thanks Jeni!
      That is such a great question too! I’ll see what he has to say about that on Monday for ya!

  7. says

    I love Design Star! And I really like David Bromstad. He is the best Design Star in my opinion. He is such a gifted artist! Tell him a lady in Kansas loves him!

    This big house is so nice! Love how clean it is. I really like the color…with the trim color on the doors.

    I enjoy your blog so much!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  8. kelly says

    Guys I love that color scheme! Beautiful! Probably more fitting for your house than the dark color you are looking at. Y’all should just walk right up and ask. Have no fear! I have had many strangers come up to my house and ask for the paint color. It is flattering! AND the folks might be readers of your blog and love to meet you! (Of course if they are readers of your blog then they are seeing their house here…oh duh.)
    You gotta tell us where this neighborhood is…Serenbe? Seaside? Do tell!
    And I have been dyin to find out about your show…you have left us hangin long enough!!!!
    kelly in georgia (who just returned from florida. )

    • Layla says

      Hey Kelly!
      We’re actually going with your Pelham Gray (medium/light) on the exterior. (Kev’s pressure washing as I type!)
      That house is in a neighborhood called “The Waters” in Montgomery, Alabama. Our best friends live out there and it’s always a treat to drive around and look at their neighbors houses!
      As for our design show- we’ve been hangin’ right along with you! Just found out some GREAT news on Wednesday afternoon though and I can’t wait to tell ya all about it!


      • kelly says

        Good luck Kevin!!! That’s alot of hot outside work. Can’t wait to see the results! But at least painting has such instant gratification. Thanks for the info on the neighborhood, Layla. It looks precious! Not only cute, but it looks like they have a lake and a gorgeous chapel and a neat looking restaurant (besides all the perfect houses!).
        Anxiously awaiting your great news!

  9. Dawn says

    Super cute house! What excellent inspiration.
    If you get a chance ask David “how he keeps from getting into a color rut?”
    I tend to circle into the same color pattern. Warm colors likes browns, khakis, oranges and reds for main room colors and then greens and blues for bedroom colors.
    Good luck with your conference call! What an awesome opportunity! Your talent and out look on life are amazing! Thanks for all of your sharing! I look forward to it always!

  10. Cyndy says

    You are right that house is absolutely amazing, however it looks like it could use one of your fabulous porch makeovers!!

  11. says

    What a perfect post for me today. I am painting the outside of my 108-year-old house, which has apparently been painted buttery yellow (yuck) for 30 years. I bought samples, chose a color, and it. is. awful.

    I have admired a house in my neighborhood for years. Similar to the story above, the couple was so nice and gave me info and a little dot of paint. Well, Home Depot couldn’t match and said they needed a bigger sample – about four inches! So I went back, and again they were so nice and let me dip my paint stirrer in the can.

    Matched, and ready to go – even though now I have a 5-gallon thing of paint I can’t use… Oh well, live and learn.

    Love the color on the house above.

    • says

      Jenn, you should take that paint back to Home Depot, I have taken back paint before. It works best to actually go to the paint counter, not customer service and explain the situation. They can resell it as oops paint. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask, that’s a big chunk of change! Good luck!

      • Emily says

        HD used to be very good about this but they have really cracked down on their no paint returns policy. I had a very difficult time getting them to exchange a product when they had made an error!

  12. says

    Layla it is a gorgeous color and just perfect on this home!!

    Art by Karena

    Come and join my Giveaway from the Novica Artisans!

  13. Jan says

    Ok, I have googled and found “Pelham Gray Medium/Light” … looks beautiful!!

    I’d like to know what finish (eggshell, satin, semi-gloss) you are using and what I should use for our ranch house’s ugly brick :)

    Thank you for all the inspiration you give us!!!

  14. Jillian says

    That is a lovely home, such southern charm but fresh and bright.

    I hope you pick us for your design project, i’ve been walking around our house looking at our blank undecorated walls and thinking about how much house doesn’t feel us. We (mostly me) could really use your design/decoration help making our house feel like the beach home it really is. Besides, i think you two will LOVE it down here, Florida can’t be beat, especially when we’re only 5 walking blocks from the beach!

  15. says

    I think the house’s paint colors are a lovely combination, too. *very nice*

    I hope this season’s Design Star is good, and that there aren’t any ridiculous challenges on it.

    Ricki Jill

  16. sarita says

    pretty house color – sooooo – please ask David if he wouldn’t like to come to the so cal desert and give my living a make over!! :^) – tiny house, tiny living room..needs some color..i never use to like color – but my color gene kicked in when i turned 60!!! :^)

  17. Amy-Beth says

    Girleen! Soooo pretty. Just go ring that doorbell!! That’s the home of people who are happily “house-proud!” I’m sure they would be happy to tell you. I know if I put that much time and effort into a home I’d be happy to talk about it. They might even invite you in and you can blog about the house:)

    • Layla says

      Hey Amy-Beth!

      We’re actually already painting our house another color, but our best friends live around the corner from the “biscotti house”, so I’ll check and see if they can ask them what it is in case anyone would like to know! :-)

  18. Venita says

    I love those colors, too! I can’t wait to hear about your design network news! Keep us posted. I think I need to go have a biscotti now for some strange reason :).

  19. Dondra says

    Hearthstone??? Nice neighborhood…really like some of those homes! Excited to hear details on the new endeavor! Congratulations!!!

  20. Jill says

    Beautiful! Layla I just love checking out your blog. It brings a huge smile to my face! What a blessing you guys are. Have fun painting your home. Can’t wait to see the outcome!

  21. LVP says

    This is the color of my living room and fireplace mantle! I love it, and feel even prouder of my color choices! Weeeee! :)

  22. Linda says

    Love this house. The color is great. I can smell the ocean by just looking at this house : )

  23. says

    Potential deign show!!! I know you will knock it out of the park! Can’t wait to hear more. I’ll be watching for sure!!!

  24. RosieK says

    Yes, please! Do ask what the color is. I’m so in love–and inspired. Ask about the green color too, if you can.

  25. says

    Good luck with your call and I can’t wait to hear about your show!

    My son (9mos old) loves Color Splash. We talk (well OK, I talk) about David all the time. Please tell him we love him!

  26. Laura says

    Those home owners would, of course, be readers of your blog, and they are probably calling, emailing, texting, tweeting, to everyone that they are featured on TLC! Who wouldn’t be excited to see their house here?

    My favorite David Bromstad moment was when he was skipping through a field, and you hear him say, “I think I stepped in something squishy!” I like his light-heartedness. Hopefully Design Star can be a little lighter than it was last season. Kind of tired of the emphasis on meanness on reality shows. My kids would be in big trouble if they thought consistently treated people that way!

  27. Nancy says

    Can’t wait for you “potential” future show! That will be awesome. I showed my mom your blog one day, and she said, “pretty soon this girl will have her own show, she’s really good!”

  28. Kim says

    LOVE the house pictured…. AND the color…… Funny, I am looking at a carpet that has a color name of biscotti. :o)

  29. geri says

    Hi Layla.
    How exciting!
    painting your house and a phone conversation with David Bromstad and a show!!!!
    Holy Lettered Cottage. so thrilled for you.
    Maybe you could ask David his fav season so far. (besides the one he won)
    I loved the previous years so much more than the last 2 years.
    I think the fun is seeing all the things that the contestants actually do alone or together
    rather than the judges being so negative and critical.
    Years ago they got the same message to the group without being so harsh.
    I can’t wait to hear all about your everyday fun, and maybe a visit planned to sunny Ct. hehe
    Hugs. geri.

  30. Stacey says

    Hmmm…. that paint color looks almost exactly like the color of my living room, which is Biscuit from Sherwin Williams. Even the name is close to biscotti. Check it out!

  31. says

    I WISH there were some way to post a Ohio with this comment, because otherwise you may not believe me. I took a screenshot of the house photo you posted and took it into my Behr paint app to let it tell me what color it was. We’re considering that exact combo of light cream and grey for our exterior, so I was dying to know.

    You’ll be thrilled: Behr calls it BAKED BISCOTTI (PWN-72). 😉

  32. says

    Hey Layla,

    Beautiful house! I was wondering…what color is the roof? Is it really as light as it looks in the pictures, or was there a lot of sun glare on it?


  33. Sandy says

    My neighbor Kathy told me about your blog post. Thanks so much for the kind comments about our house. We are huge HGTV fans and we’re so excited to have been turned on to your TLC website!! For those still interested, the paint colors are Benjamin Moore historical colors: Carrington beige on the siding, Nantucket grey on the doors and Linen white on the trim.