Beckies Fireplace After Photo

Beckie’s Fireplace – Pick My Presto

Remember when I blogged about my friend Beckie's fireplace: She wanted to give it a little facelift, so I sent her these four Photoshopped inspiration photos to get her creative gears turning... Well, she and her husband sold that house and moved to another state- LOL! : … [Read More...]

Old Doors from Southern Accents | The Lettered Cottage

Building An Armoire

Hi! Remember those old doors I blogged about a couple of weeks ago? They came from a house called Cliff Side Manor that was built in 1884 in Fayetteville, TN... ...and they used to be the "walls" of a very deep doorway...sort of like this: A fire consumed the house in 2004, but our d … [Read More...]

Kitchen Makeover Inspiration for Laura | The Lettered Cottage

Laura’s Cottage Kitchen – Pick My Presto

"Let us show what life means to us with our actions. Dreaming and hoping and reaching forward. What does it look like when we come alive? Let's find out." -Jon Foreman *** Hi! A gal named Laura recently emailed me this photo of her kitchen and asked if I'd throw some ideas out there for … [Read More...]

DIY Chandelier Chain Cover-Up | The Lettered Cottage

Dining Room Update – DIY Twine Chandelier Chain Cover

Remember that twine-covered chandelier pole we ordered through our (interior designer) neighbor, Cindy, last year? The one we added to the chandelier in our sunroom? Well, that one normally costs $49.50 through Aidan Gray, and even though we were able to order ours for $20 from Cindy, we were … [Read More...]

The Lettered Cottage | Dining Chandelier from Ballard Designs with Chandelier Crystals

Dining Room Update – Old Chandelier Crystals

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The recipe for a sweet little Sunday afternoon? Come home, kick off shoes, sing some more Songs, and do something fun with the old chandelier pieces your friend Kathy left on your front porch! The table and (Lourdes) chandelier are the first things you see wh … [Read More...]

Wood Door Turned Countertop for Laundry Room | Makeover | The Lettered Cottage

Laundry Room Countertop and Reclaimed Wood Shelves

One of my favorite projects things in the "new" hallway/laundry area is the old door we turned into a countertop, and the reclaimed wood we used as shelves. You may remember that we found the old door at our favorite architectural salvage shop, Southern Accents. Here's what it looked like the … [Read More...]


Finishing Touches In The Kitchen and a Built To Blossom Reminder

Kevin and I are filming the final segments of our kitchen makeover for our last webisode for The Design Network today (part two of our kids room webisode and a HUGE kids room giveaway is coming soon, too!), but I had him snap a quick pic of me in my v-neck Built To Blossom shirt because a lot … [Read More...]


Built To Blossom

Okay- it's t-shirt day over at! Here is a size chart for the Unisex t-shirts: (I am wearing a Unisex size Small in the photo above) Here is a size chart for the Ladies cut V-neck shirts: Here is a size chart for the Ladies cut Crew neck shirts: The sale … [Read More...]

Barnlight Electric Light | The Lettered Cottage

Hallway/Laundry Area Makeover – Before and After

You may remember when I blogged about our hallway before... Almost every single bit of it was tan. The trim, the walls, the ceiling, the cabinetry...even the glass part of the light fixture was a light tan color. So when the folks at Dutch Boy asked if they could come shoot a video for … [Read More...]

Built To Blossom T-shirt at and

Adoption Update – Yesterdays

"Oh, I yesterday." -Paul McCartney *** Our adoption adventure officially began in December of 2012, (note: I'm calling it an adoption "adventure" vs. an adoption "process" to help keep my focus on the Wonder vs. the wait lately. ;-) ) and we've done a lot of Looking, Leaning, and L … [Read More...]

The Lettered Cottage Kitchen | French Door Mirror | Boxwood Wreath | Heather Gray Island | Gray Owl Walls Lightened by 50 Percent

Kitchen Update – Antique French Door Turned Wall Mirror

“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.” -Maya Angelou *** I couldn't stop at the sign, y'all. I *had* to hang something on the wall by the pantry, too. I mean, didn't it just *need* a 165-year-old french door from New Orleans-turned-wall mirr … [Read More...]

Lunch Is Now Being Served Sign | The Lettered Cottage | Kitchen

Kitchen Update (More Decorating!) & Red Top Market Antiques

Remember that "Lunch Now Being Served" sign I blogged about last year? Well, it's hanging in a new spot in the kitchen as of today: After I got done decking out the countertops the other day, I felt like I wanted to add something above the stove. I stood there and stared at it for a … [Read More...]

Houseplant on Stump Slice | Decorating Kitchen Countertops | The Lettered Cottage

Kitchen Update – Farmhouse Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

“Everywhere in my house are these little things that have meanings and make me think of great memories. -Nate Berkus *** After space planning, adding the "little things" is definitely my favorite part when it comes to any room makeover. I had some fun adding personality to the counters on … [Read More...]

The Lettered Cottage | Cat Room To Hide Litter Box

Sunroom Update – Hiding The Litter Box

Raise your hand if your dog likes to get into your cat's food bowl and/or litter box? Ours sure does. We've had that gate in front of "Kit-Cat's closet" for the past year, but I've been determined to figure something else out. Something a little le … [Read More...]