• Our New/Old Dresser

    Behold the power of a SOLD tag…

    Don’t you just love how they protectively scream “BACK OFF- I’M SPOKEN FOR!” to all the other shoppers while you scramble to figure out whose truck you can borrow to haul home your fabulous new find?

    The day we spotted this delightfully, decrepit dresser I knew it would be ours before I even looked up to see Kevin’s reaction to it…

    Thankfully, when I did look up, he was just as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as I was.


    We just couldn’t resist it’s rustic-meets-romantic charm…

    (would you believe it was only $40!)

    The patina is so beautiful. It really just needs a good cleaning.

    And since the mirror is missing, we’ll have to get a friend of ours to cut us a new piece (Ooh! Maybe I’ll antique it!…Uh oh. There I go announcing things again).
    It does need some new knobs too. Picking them out will be so much fun! There are so many amazing options out there to choose from. I love these…

    (click on the photos for store info)

    I also love these “knobs”…

    Photo: Cottage Living

    Photo: Country Living

    Ooh! And I think I’ll have some fun on the inside of the drawers too…

    Photo: Country Living

    To be honest, I’ve actually got quite an unhealthy obsession with old dressers. I just can’t seem to stop buying them! We’re the only people I know that have three old dressers in our bedroom instead of a bed. If only we were small enough to sleep in the drawers…

    Photo: Jennifer and Co. Photography

    Here are some more dashing old dressers I found online while searching for inspiration…

    Photo: Donna Pochaski


    Photo: A Beach Cottage


    Photo: Royal Oak Cottage


    Photo: Country Living


    Photo: Country Home


    Photo: Rustic Rooster Interiors


    Photo: Country Living

    Hubba hubba, right? Somebody stop me!

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