Our Merry Mantel

After a supper of delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, and a warm nights rest thanks to three layers of blankets and the living heating pad I call “Max”, I woke up anxious to add some Christmas cheer to our mantle this morning…

I paired some things we already had, with some pretty pieces the ladies at White Flower Farmhouse sent us. My goal was to create a merry medley of earthy colors and textures, punctuated by sparkly silvers and glittery golds.

I’m excited to blog about all the individual bits and pieces over the next few days.
I’m also looking forward to sharing a few other holiday decorating ideas I used in other areas of our living room too. I really had to get creative this year, but that’s okay- I love thinking outside the box! Or should I say outside the “giftbox”? :-)

Happy Holidays!


Our Winter Mantel - 2009
Guest Bathroom Reno - Day 25

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