Our House

We fell in love with our current (rural/lakeside) neighborhood back in 2005, so when our (foreclosure) house dropped down into our price range, we immediately sold our previous house and bought this one! We look forward to growing our family in this kid-friendly community (our last house backed up to a steep woodsy ravine, and sat on a suuuuper busy street.) It’s a 2 bedroom/2.5 bath (for now)- and we look forward to making the rooms “clickable” when we have “after” photos of them to link to. For now, here’s the first floor layout:


You can see before photos of each room on the first floor HERE.

This is the second floor layout:

Second_Floor_Layout copy

You can see before photos of each room on the second floor HERE.

This house was built in 2005, and had sat empty for seven years before we bought it. Like I mentioned above, it’s in our favorite neighborhood, but the house doesn’t really reflect our personalities right now. We look forward to having fun with it, room by room, over the next several years to come!


We lived in the house below from October 31, 2007- September 28, 2012. Click on the rooms below if you’d like to take a peek inside!