• Our Handsome Transom

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    I’ve always loved the look of a transom window above a doorway. Their ability to create the illusion of taller ceilings makes them so appealing. I also love the way they instantly create an easier, breezier vibe by allowing natural light to keep on, keepin’ on.

    I had a transom-related idea last night while I was sitting on the couch, eating my supper.

    Let’s cut an opening above the door that leads from the living room to the hallway!


    Kevin thought it sounded cool, so he literally walked away from his plate and proceeded to pop off the trim above the doorway that leads to our hallway…

    We could hardly fall asleep last night we were so excited about it- ha!

    Today after breakfast, he went to town on the wall with our reciprocating saw…

    The paneling came out really easily…

    Next, he had to cut through the horizontal planks of wood on the other side of the wall…

    No problemo!

    (It’s hard to believe he didn’t even know what a reciprocating saw was two years ago!)

    Just look at all that extra sunshine pouring into the hallway now…

    Next, he started to trim everything out, all nice and neat…

    Here’s what it looks like as of tonight…

    Obviously we still need to caulk and paint, but I can already tell I’m going to love it- especially when the planks are painted in the hallway!

    Tomorrow’s agenda includes priming and painting the hallway, and finishing up the transom. The trim and ceiling will get painted white (which will help make that big ceiling vent disappear a little) and the walls will be an off-white color, like the ones in the guest bedroom. Since there are no windows in the hallway, I want to keep it as light and bright as possible color-wise. I also have plans for a large mirror, to bounce some light around, too.

    Tip du jour: Have fun with your house. Even if it involves setting down your supper to saw a hole in your wall- ha!

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