• Our Boys Bedroom – Decorating Update

    It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post an adoption update, but it sounds like the things are fiiiiinally starting to move a little down there in Haiti! We’re hearing that  appointments for Children’s Court (a new step in the Haitian adoption process) are going to start happening soon (or maybe some already have?), and that’s the last step that our son’s paperwork needs to go through before we get to go meet him! :-D

    I’ve had so much fun working on his room this year. Every month, I do a little something.

    Tuxedo Cat | Boys Bedroom

    This month’s “little something” was a wall hanging for above his headboard.

    I used fabric glue to attach some navy & white ribbon to a yellow & white piece of fabric from JoAnn’s Fabric.

    Fabri-Tac Fabric Glue | Boys Bedroom | Wall Hanging Banner

    I hemmed the edges, created a rod pocket, inserted a wooden dowel, and used rope- also from Jo-Ann’s. I used more fabric glue to make sure the ends of the rope won’t fray…

    Pennant Banner | Boys Bedroom

    …and then my friend Rachel used screenprinting ink to paint on this “snips and snails” phrase:

    Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails | Boys Bedroom | Wall Hanging Banner | Fabric from Joanns | The Lettered Cottage

    I just LOVE the way the colors and textures play together….

    Wall Hanging Banner | The Lettered Cottage | Yellow Polka Dot Fabric from Joanns

    …and I LOVE that it’s hanging from a SNAIL! :-D

    Boys Bedroom | Kids Room | Cottage Style | Schoolhouse Electric Bedding | Characters by Julia Snail Trophy | Land of Nod Jenny Lind Bed

    Julia, (the talented gal who made it) calls it a “trophy slug”, but I’ve renamed it a trophy snail because it goes along better with the new banner. :-)

    Snail Trophy | Characters by Julia | Kids Room | Boys Bedroom | Cottage Style

    Characters By Julia | Etsy | Snail Trophy | Slug | The Lettered Cottage | Boys Bedroom

    Snail Trophy | Characters by Julia | The Lettered Cottage

    Wall Hanging Banner | Boys Bedroom | Snail Trophy from Characters by Julia

    Now I’ve just gotta find a spot to hang his buddy with the bow tie…

    Snail Trophy | Characters by Julia | Etsy | The Lettered Cottage | Boys Bedroom | Kids Room | Cottage Style | Letters from Land of Nod Puzzle

    I’m thinkin’ he may need to go in mama’s room. ;-)

    PS- Here’s a link to Julia’s website if you’re interested in seeing more of her whimsical work…

    Characters by Julia


    …and my friend Rachel just started an account on Instagram (@LoveToLetter) if you’d like to see more of her beautiful lettering! :-)




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