• Open Cabinetry

    I get a lot of emails from folks asking me for my advice on open kitchen cabinets.

    To remove the doors…or not to remove the doors.

    That- is the question!

    I think it’s really a matter of personal taste.

    I, for one, happen to like the look.

    I like it ahh-lawt…

    To me, open cabinets aren’t a whole lot different than open bookcases.

    Bookcases display books- open cabinets display dishes.

    Here’s a photo of our cabinets that was taken back in October of ’07…


    MAN there was a lot of doors on those things!

    I suggested we remove some of them so that the room wouldn’t be quite as “door-ey”.

    (Okay, fine. Besides loving the look, I also didn’t want to have to paint twenty four cabinet doors. Can you say “wrist fatigue”?)

    Kevin was down with my idea, so we took the doors off the six upper cabinets on the left.

    Why did we remove those particular doors, you ask?

    Because if you’re going to remove some doors, you’ll probably want to display your prettiest pieces in the those cabinets, and conceal the “other stuff” in the ones that are closed, or that are closest to your stove and fridge.

    Once you’ve figured out which ones you’re going to remove the doors from, you can decide if you want to add anything to them.

    Here’s what we did…


    Each piece of mirror was around ten bucks.
    The “squishy shelf liner stuff” was about four bucks a roll.
    And, for the record, the twelve little vintage wine glasses were SIX DOLLARS, not twelve.
    (I don’t know why I said they were twelve. Silly rabbit.)

    And, hey, as long as you don’t throw away the doors after you remove them, you can always put them back on if you decide you don’t dig the way it looks.

    And remember,
    decorative molding is your friend.
    Use it, and no one will
    ever know your cabinets had doors on them!

    Unless you blog about it.



    Think you can’t have open cabinets because it’s too dusty where you live? It’s dusty in Alabama too! (cough, cough) We use the dishes in our open cabinets every day though, so they usually don’t have time to grow sweaters. If something does happen to collect a little dust, we just give it a quick rinse before we use it.


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