• One Canoe Two

    Remember those calendar tea towels I got for our half bath?

    One Canoe Two Tea Towels | The Lettered Cottage

    I got them on eBay, but the tag said they were originally from Anthropologie:


    I’m such a sucker for beautiful branding, so I had to know more about this “One Canoe Two” the (super cute) tag spoke of. My internet search quickly led me to this barn:

    One Canoe Two Barn

    It’s located in Missouri, and these are the creative gals who work/play there:

    One Canoe Two Letterpress

    Carrie and Beth (on the left) have been drawing buddies since they were kids, and now they work together (in the barn/studio) as professional illustrators, designers, and printers. Their website says “The name ‘One Canoe Two’, came from years of dreaming up big ideas around a campfire and floating down a spring-fed Missouri river in a canoe. Two girls, one canoe. One canoe, two! “.

    One Canoe Two

    “Carrie and Beth were just beginning their journey as a letterpress company when they asked Carrie’s sister-in-law, Karen, (on the right) to join the team. Now three women strong, One Canoe Two is chasing even bigger dreams and creating art that makes people happy all around the world.”

    And boy do their creations make me happy! I adore these tea towels:

    One Canoe Two | Tea Towel

    …and the way they display them in their photos!

    Tea Towels | One Canoe Two

    They also create really fun calendars

    One Canoe Two Calendar

    …and recipe boxes

    One Canoe Two | Recipe Box | Recipe Cards

    …and lots of other gorgeous goodies:

    One Canoe Two Products

    I instantly fell head-over-heels in love with their style, so shortly after I found their site, I took a chance and reached out to them about creating a new header for my blog. I had no idea if it was even something they did, but much to my delight, they wrote back and said, “Yes!“.

    The Lettered Cottage Blog Header | One Canoe Two

    I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out! It’s exactly the look and feel I was hoping for. It’s like they were able to read my mind! :-D

    I wanted to brag on them a little here today, not only because I love their work and they’re so such sweet peeps, but because I’ve received several questions about “what font” my new logo is. The lettering was actually hand-drawn by Carrie, and if you’d like to e-meet her and the rest of the One Canoe Two team, just click on the banner below to be redirected to their site!

    One Canoe Two Logo

    They were so kind to knock my logo out quick enough for me to use it on my first episode for The Design Network, too:

    The Lettered Cottage Show | The Design Network

    Which reminds me, if you were one of the friendly folks who left me a message about episode 1- thank you so much for your encouragement!!! I am so glad you enjoyed it, and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to share it with you through TheDesignNetwork.com!

    And speaking of their site, if you have time to swing by there and leave me a comment with ideas for our last two episodes, we’d all be so grateful for your time and input! We’re working on a big project on one side of our living room for episode 2, and I *think* we’re re-doing a friend’s fireplace for episode 3, but we’re totally open to suggestions for episodes 4 and 5. Unless they include getting bit by another fire ant while we’re filming:

    The Lettered Cottage | The Design Network | Episode 1

    I’m definitely not open to that again. ;-)

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