"Olive" on Etsy

Her name is Fallon. Like “Allen” but with an “F”. And if you think her name is cool, just wait til you see her work!

Have a looksie…

I LOVE this pillow!

The “Antique Shop” pillow coordinates beautifully with Fallon’s “Flower Shop” and “Market” pillows. The base of this pillow is a buttery yellow-and-white polka dot cotton. Fallon printed the “ANTIQUES” banner on special fabric using her printer (it’s not an iron on!) The window is made from white wool/felt and features a charming little flower box and blue-and-white striped awning. A white felt door has a button door knob, and sits below an inviting “Welcome” sign. The sign was handwritten (by Fallon) on fabric and sewed onto a mint green-colored felt. She sewed a string and a button through the sign to hold it very securely. The signs and price tags on this pillow actually hang- too cute! Check out the items sitting on the sidewalk…a picture frame, an eggshell chair and a birdcage stand- adorable. Backed with off-white linen, this pillow is sweet as can be!

It measures about 12″ x 16″, and is stuffed plump with a cluster-free filling that is soft, yet gives great form. It’s sewn shut with an invisible stitch for a nice, finished look. PS…Fallon also takes custom “house pillow” orders…how cool!

Check out her Personalized Postcard Pillow…

Is that not one of the coolest things ever!?

And her “Take Me Anywhere Suitcase Pillow #12” is equally as neat…

Fallon and her husband, Jake, just bought of house. So between redecorating and her working her full-time job, she is one busy lady. She takes advantage of any spare second she can by creating things in her sewing room for her “Olive” shop on Etsy. She brings her artistic visions to life through the mixing & matching of colors and patterns. And what delightful creations they are!

Here’s the link to her shop: Olive (It’s accidentally spelled “Oiive” on Etsy, in case you’re searching for her)

Oh, and don’t forget to visit her blog too!


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