Barrels, Beds And Books!

Kevin and I worked on a pumpkin project the other day, and when it came time to photograph the finished products on our front porch, we immediately thought of our friend Evan. Why Evan? Because he has an amazing prop locker closet warehouse, complete with beautiful old barrels of course!

 photo Decorating_Whisky_Wine_Barrel_Lettered_Cottage_zps07e3895f.jpg

Evan (a.k.a- Evan G. Cooper) is a stylist and wedding/event planner here in central Alabama and he’s so good at mixing ideas and elements to create a cohesive concept that looks as gorgeous in person as it does in pictures. Check out these pretties from his portfolio:

 photo Whisky_Wine_Barrel_Evan_Cooper_Wedding_zpseb6359ce.jpg

Evan said you can find both half-size and full-size barrels at flea markets and select home improvement stores & garden centers for anywhere between $20-$100 a piece. (PS- For more pretty pics, search EvanGCooper on Instagram!)

Our kid’s craft articles will pop up on later this Fall, but here’s a sneak peek of how we used one of Evan’s barrels next to our front door:


Working out on the porch this week made me excited to spend more time out there this year. I’d love to create a swing like this at some point…


(Source: Southern Living)

Man does that look like a great place to stretch out with a half sweet/half un-sweet tea, doesn’t it?

I saw a cute sign the other day that said, “Southern belles solve all the world’s problem on their front porch.” After we’re done building the swingy bed, I’m thinking I may need to make a “Midwestern belle” version of that for my Southern front porch, too- ha!

PS- Awesome item alert: Josh blogged about some really cool customizable photo books over on the blog today…

That Ever James sure is a cutie, isn’t he?

Beneath My Heart
Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore

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  1. Sabrina says

    Looks like you have the Pier 1 settee on your porch that I’ve been eyeing in the store! Although I have nowhere to put it, I LOVE it!

    • Layla says

      Yep-that’s the one, Sabrina! We used it in the pilot episode we shot for HGTV, and got to keep it after we were done filming. #Score! 😀

  2. says

    I’ll join you on that Midwestern belles front porch! I dream of a front porch swing … my neighbors right across the street have one and they never, ever use it! And yet I covet it all year long …

    And the Fall porch looks adorable!

    :) Linda

  3. Kimberly says

    Hi! I love front porches and even though I live in New England I still solve lots of problems on ours. :)

  4. Rayna Baker says

    I work for a winery here in Napa, CA and I get aged barrels from work to use around the house. It’s truly inspiring what ideas you can come up with using them. Beautiful!

  5. says

    I LOVE MY FRONT PORCH…and plan on vamping it up soon for spring….thinking about ditching our chains on the swing and replacing them with rope! ~Kim

  6. says

    Ooo! I love it. I have a little thing for barrels:-) I envy your front porch and it’s future swing. The only spot I have to hang on is on the power lines in our back yard. I’ve been told that’s a bad idea:-)

  7. says

    I love wine barrels, I have my own on my front porch near entrance with a flower pot onit and also decorate it for other holidays.

    Love your blog too!

  8. says

    Hey Layla!

    We have a swing similar to this one that we got at Buettner Brothers Lumber Co in Cullman. It is sturdy and has held up well being on a screened porch for at least 12 years.

    I believe they are also available at Werners Trading Company…also in Cullman. They also have a source for mattresses to fit the seats.

    Rather than getting the mattress, we got 3 egg crate style mattress pads. We folded them up and they fit perfectly. I covered with some fabric, added some pillows and yes…’s a great place to nap, read a book, enjoy time with your sweetie! :)

    Love your blog & emails!

  9. says

    I love those black cat pumpkins and I’m very glad I found your blog. I just moved back to Alabama and this blog makes me happy!!

  10. Lisa W. says

    He SURE is a major cuteness!!! The pumkin project is awesome,, major!!!! AND those barrels look so cool…would love to do some decor like this someday if my kiddo’s would decide to get married outside, nice…very nice! OH and I surely hope you do DO a porch swing, I’d like to crawl right up in that baby…ahhhhhhh

  11. says

    I love the barrels, I think I may need to find some for my outdoor décor this summer!! Thanks for the ideas! I only wish I had room for a porch swing! I too, like to solve world problems on the porch, only, I do not have a large porch, I have my rockers in my garage… Yes, I am the “young, old lady rocking in my garage as neighbors walk by, I am known for inviting neighbors for a chat! Love it! Happy Spring!

  12. Nancy says

    How appropriate that the barrels came from a guy named Cooper! Maybe it runs in his family… I too love the porch swing and would love to do something similar on my back deck.

  13. says

    Oh goodness, I know spring just started, but that fall porch has me excited for autumn evenings outside! LOVE the barrels as well! Thanks for the tip on where you can find them. I may have to hit up some flea markets soon to see what’s available.

  14. says

    Oh how I would love the dream the afternoon away on a porch swing! You look like you have the perfect spot for one and I KNOW your porch will be looking cute during any season : ) Love the pumpkins you did – my niece will love to be crafting those up come Fall.

  15. Courtney says

    If you make that “Midwestern Belle” sign, I NEED a copy! It is so true, especially in my little neighborhood!

  16. Suzy B says

    Had to laugh at half & half tea comment. I go to McDonald’s all the time for their 1.00 Half Cut iced tea..makes my day! Can’t wait to see your porch swing…love the new house. Excited to see how you guys give it that TLC touch.