Old Office Door Makeover

Well, our old office door-turned-new hallway door makeover is complete!

Old Office Door Makeover | The Lettered Cottage

The finishing touch was this curtain my friend Jana made us for the back side of the door:

Cafe Curtain | Old Office Door | Wired Glass

(excuse the partially painted door trim!)

Since there’s a window on the exterior wall opposite this door (and another two-story house outside of it) we wanted to add a little privacy with the addition of a light-filtering fabric. I picked up the two cafe curtain rods at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $4.97 each. They were originally gold, but I wanted them to match the door knob so I spray painted them oil-rubbed bronze with some leftover spray paint.

I’m finishing up the kitchen cabinets today, but now that the door is done, I’m thinking a hallway makeover will be in the works soon, too. After all, pass-throughs should be fun to pass-through too, right? 😀

One more note before I get back to work in the kitchen though: I switched from Feedburner to Feedblitz recently, and I think some email subscriptions got messed up in the process. If you’re no longer subscribed and would like to sign up to receive a notification each time I publish a new post, just enter your email address in the box that looks like this in my sidebar:

The Lettered Cottage

I appreciate you taking the time to do that, and I can’t wait to show you how the kitchen cabinets turn out on Friday!

PS- A lot of my emails didn’t go out in April and early May, so here are some links to my previous hallway door makeover posts if you missed them the first time around and would like to check ’em out! :-)

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  1. Elizabeth G says

    I have been getting all your email blogs for a couple months now and loving them! I have to tell you that your blogs make me smile, feel good, and inspired. I admire your adoption journey immensely. I am a mom of 3 and am excited for what is in store for you and your kiddo!

    I am also curious on the spray paint you used for the rods – you posted about Rustleum (?) – is it the same thing? I have a door knob I would like to revamp.

    All the best-

  2. Sandy A says

    I just love your very creative idea for this door–not just the door itself, it is so darling–but “Possibilitarians”–unique but perfectly stated!!!

  3. says

    There is nothing I don’t love about this door! I would love to see a full length photo from the hallway if you do another post about it. For research purposes…. :)

  4. Ashley Olsen says

    Layla, LOVE THE DOOR! I am on the hunt for a white curtain for my back door that is very similar to this. Do you know what kind of fabric it is? Or does your friend have an etsy shop with curtains or anything? I need something sheer enough to let light in but give us the privacy we need! I love this. Let me know. Will you also send the link for the rods that you used! It is all just what I am looking for! Thanks for the post! So fun!

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