Old Cloverdale House Renovation – Paint and Fixtures!

I made another visit to Ashley Gilbreath‘s house to see how it was coming along on Thursday. (Believe it or not, they did end up moving in the day after I took these photos!) Still lots of work to do on the exterior, but things are really starting to come together out front:

Ashley Gilbreath Home | Parapet Wall

A little more stucco work, some new awnings, and a little landscaping and that place is going to have some major curb appeal!

Here’s a look at what was going on out back that day:

Cement Truck | Courtyard

Cement Courtyard

It won’t be long before there’s an awesome courtyard out there!

A couple of readers commented that they were confused about how the roof worked on a previous post, so I snapped a shot of the side of the house so it would be a little easier to see what’s going on up there:

Parapet Wall

Basically, the architectural review board wanted the front and back of the house to look as close to the original house as possible:

Ashley Gilbreath House

…so to hide the new pitched roof (that was added to accommodate the new central air and heating duct work) there’s one parapet wall on the front of the house, and another one near the back of the house. The pitched roof sits in between the two. Here’s a drawing of how it looks from above:

Ashley Gilbreath House | Elevation

Here’s a look at the playroom/office to the right of the front door:

Ashley Gilbreath | Playroom | Office

The walls throughout the house are painted White Dove (flat) and the trim is painted Revere Pewter (semi gloss). The floor is stained Jacobean by Minwax.

Distressed White Chandelier

Old Shutter Doors | Sliding Track

From what I understand, that chandelier and the iron track and those old shutter doors are already hanging up in this room and I cannot wait to snap some more pics of how they look next time we go over there!

To the left, the living room was really coming together last week, too:

Rustic Wood Ceiling | Ashley Gilbreath

That’s the kitchen island sitting in the middle of the floor there.

Farm Table | Kitchen Island

Ashley Gilbreath | Kitchen Island | Blue Table

I’m pretty pumped to see how that looks in the kitchen now, too! And speaking of the kitchen…

Ashley Gilbreath Kitchen | Revere Pewter Cabinets | White Dove Walls | Rustic Wood Range Hood

Rustic Wood Range Hood | White Subway Tile | Kitchen | Revere Pewter Cabinets | Ashley Gilbreath

Marble Countertop | Revere Pewter Cabinets | White Dove Walls

(That’s me and my Aunt Chriss standing there in awe- LOL!)

Marble Backsplash and Countertop

Wow, right?! So pretty! Here’s a look at the breakfast room:

Ashley Gilbreath Home | Rustic Beams | Revere Pewter Gray Trim | White Dove Walls

What a great idea to use some more of those old boards that way, huh? 😀

Through the breakfast room is the almost-finished little hallway:

Rustic Beam Boards | Revere Pewter Trim | White Dove Walls | Old Chippy Doors

Chippy Old Doors

Chippy Old Doors | Revere Petwer | White Dove

…and here’s a look at how the bedrooms and bathrooms looked as of last week. Master bedroom and bath:

White Dove Walls | Revere Pewter Trim | Dark Hardwood Floor

Master Bedroom | Revere Petwer | White Dove

Master Bathroom | Arched Backsplash | Revere Pewter | White Dove

White Dove | Master Bathroom | Clawfoot Tub

This is one of the two kid’s bedrooms…

White Dove Paint | Revere Pewter Paint

White Chandelier

…and this is the bathroom the kiddos will share:

White Bathroom | Subway Tile

The cabinet below was original to the house:

Old Bathroom Cabinet | White Dove Paint

They moved it from where it was originally positioned, and it still needs a little cleaning up, but WOW- is that thing neat!

Ashley’s turning the table below into a sink base, and it will sit to the right of that cabinet in the photo above:

Antique Sink Table Base

That’s the marble backsplash laying on top of it, and here’s a shot of the marble countertop that will sit on top of it:

Marble Countertop

Ashley finds most of her old furniture and doors at Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, and I just love that pieces she’s picked for this house!

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to leave Ashley a comment here, or you can always find her over at her Parish blog. As soon as she’s got everything cleaned up and decorated, we’ll head over and photograph the place one last time. They renovated the house in less than 45 days, so I’m sure she’ll have it ready for it’s final close up in a couple of weeks- LOL!

PS- If you missed the first two posts, and you’d like to see how this renovation started, click on the links below! :-)

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  1. Shannon Stuart says

    Where did they get the rustic vent hood, or how was it made? I must have for the house I’m building! :) Would love any details – thank you! Gorgeous house!

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