Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the tornado in Oklahoma yesterday afternoon.


We ask that in your most gracious Love,
You may send Protection, and Help
Strength and Peace;
Courage and Comfort
To all of those within Oklahoma
as they move forward.

Loving Jesus,
Please be with those
whom have lost a Loved one in this tornado.
We pray, O gracious Father,
Please bring Comfort to these families.

Let your Love and Comfort be felt.
Let those struggling feel your support.
May those whom are lost find you!


(by Michael R)

To make a donation to the American Red Cross, or to read about their relief efforts in Oklahoma, just click on the button below:



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  1. says

    What a lovely prayer and certainly one I’d like to use when searching for the write words for such a terrible tragedy. Thank you!

  2. Linda says

    Bless you Layla. Oklahoma has recovered from so many tragic events and will again. People like you help to give us strength.

  3. Janice says

    Praying for our neighbors in OK. God has performed many miracles and will also be the Comforter for the families that have suffered loss.
    We can also make donations to The Salvation Army via text message so you have a choice how to support these folks in need.
    Love your blog Layla and your concern for others. I am especially interested in your adoption journey because I am the grateful grandmother of 3 precious adopted children.

  4. Margy says

    Thank you, Layla, for your prayers and those from your followers. I live north of the city so we are not directly affected. But all of us in Oklahoma are so saddened for our fellow Okies. Another place to donate money is United Methodist Committee on Relief. http://Www.umcor.org. 100% of your donation goes to relief efforts – not to administrative costs. Thanks again to all of you.

  5. Jeniferr Cantrell says

    So amazing to see your post today! We moved to Birmingham from the Moore/Norman area a year and half ago and our hearts are so wanting to be there helping our friends and old church. I have to stop, turn off the t.v. and live streaming and facebook feed and remember that our prayers make the difference. Thanks for helping make our world here in Alabama feel a little smaller.

  6. says

    Heartbreaking to see the destruction on TV! I’m praying for those people, and donating! My home is my family’s sanctuary , I know “stuff is stuff” but losing your familiar safe place must be devastating. Oklahoma WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU!

  7. Shanna says

    Thank you for your kindness and prayers during this difficult time. I live in Moore, and was affected by the tornado. My 2 daughters go to Plaza Towers. They were at school when it happened and even though they were deeply frightened, they trusted God to keep them safe. My 6th grader was riding it out in a closet with 3 other students and her teacher. She led them all in worship songs that we have learned at church through the years, while they all took turns praying. She knew singing would keep them all calmer. My other daughter is a 3rd grader… She was in the hallway with the other kids (a lot of which did not make it). They dug her out from under part of a brick wall. She has minor brusing and scrapes but is alright. The little boy next to her had his arm around her during the tornado assuring her it would all be ok. He did not make it. It is truly a sad time for everyone involved. Life is precious, often taken for granted. I’ve always believed and I teach my girls that God has a plan, and even though we dont understand at times like this, HE is always in control and it will be ok. Thank you again, for your love, kindness, and especially your prayers.

    • Rachel says

      Shanna, your children are in my prayers. I live between the two schools, and my house was destroyed. I’m so thankful I wasn’t home. I can’t imagine the pain and fear your girls experienced. My heart is broken for my home and my neighbors.

      Layla, thank you for the prayers. I can’t tell you just how much we appreciate them.

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