Oil-Rubbed Bronze Knobs For My Bedside Chest

Remember that cute little bedside chest I got from my friend Mary a while back?

I finally hooked ‘er up with some knobs, so I can actually open the drawers without using a kitchen utensil now…

I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. There’s nothing like a buncha’ drawer-fronts covered in knobs to help keep surfaces (a little) tidier. All my “stuff” is tucked inside it now- instead of on top of it, like it used to be.

I went with some simple, inexpensive, oil-rubbed bronze knobs from Lowes…

My groom, on the other hand, went with some bright red tulips from Walmart, the day before I got home from Nashville

…so he is more than welcome to continue keeping his “stuff” on top of his bedside chest.

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  1. says

    Awwww, what a sweetheart.

    Are you sure you didn’t take a photo of my darlin’s bedside table? Oh wait, you’re missing the extra pair of wool socks (it’s cold here!) and the camping lantern…we’ve never lost power here!

  2. geri says

    As always so beautiful, so inviting and so warm and so cozy.
    After starting to visit lots of blogs thanks to you, I enjoy how very different
    everyones decorating style is.
    The best part it’s allways very affordable.
    You however stand out as having the whole package. ( Kevin included, cups and all..hehe)
    Happy decotating, designing Monday. geri.

  3. judy says

    I have that identical chest! It was my grandfather’s (and I am 63 years old)..it is a treasure to me. FYI.. I believe it originally had glass knobs on it. I do love the knobs you chose…very simple and clean look. My chest is painted a very dark green with a whitewash and I replaced the original knobs with new glass knobs. It looks great in the setting it is in. I do love the way your chest looks in your room. I love your style and I love the way you and Kevin do your projects together. That is great prep for parenting! Lots of working together! You two will be amazing parents.

  4. says

    Oh my goodness…that is so my husband’s bedside table. And do believe I have those same knobs on our bathroom vanity. Amazing what those little suckers can do.

  5. says

    The table looks beautiful…especially with the tulips. I have some next to my favorite little spot that I just featured.
    Mary Ann
    PS Aren’t you so happy how easy the drawers open now?

  6. says

    Love this! The knobs really are set off so nicely on that dresser….I love the contrast. Sorry, as much as I love the knobs though, the tulips just MAKE that table. So beautiful and such a nice thing to see from here in the cold Midwest. Maybe I should leave this page open and casually ask my husband to check his email…”oops, you mean I left that beautiful post with tulips open? Sorry, honey….hint, hint!” =)

    I’m rather new to your site and am absorbed! Love it!

  7. says

    It is truly amazing how much lift a new set of knobs can bring to a whole room! We just inherited some great old furniture from Katy’s grandparents, and some new knobs might be just what they need. I’ll be sure to post a write-up on our blog for all the other young couples on a budget out there! Thanks for the great post and pictures!