Oil-Rubbed Bronze Knobs For My Bedside Chest

Remember that cute little bedside chest I got from my friend Mary a while back?

I finally hooked ‘er up with some knobs, so I can actually open the drawers without using a kitchen utensil now…

I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. There’s nothing like a buncha’ drawer-fronts covered in knobs to help keep surfaces (a little) tidier. All my “stuff” is tucked inside it now- instead of on top of it, like it used to be.

I went with some simple, inexpensive, oil-rubbed bronze knobs from Lowes…

My groom, on the other hand, went with some bright red tulips from Walmart, the day before I got home from Nashville

…so he is more than welcome to continue keeping his “stuff” on top of his bedside chest.

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    It is truly amazing how much lift a new set of knobs can bring to a whole room! We just inherited some great old furniture from Katy’s grandparents, and some new knobs might be just what they need. I’ll be sure to post a write-up on our blog for all the other young couples on a budget out there! Thanks for the great post and pictures!

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