News and a Thank You

We got some exciting career-related news yesterday, so we’d like to take a moment to thank a friend of ours for helping us figure out that it was even possible/something we wanted to do.


Back in 2008, Kevin and I decided to leave the security (and stress) of our day jobs so that we could chase our dreams.

To make matters (and our parents) even more crazy, we didn’t even really know exactly what our “dreams” were.

I mean, we knew they had something to do with music and design, but we didn’t know exactly what they were.

All we were absolutely sure of, was that we both had that “I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t do something about these feelings NOW” feelings.

So, together, we went out on a limb.

But unfortunately, as with a lot of crazy, impulsive decisions, the limb we went out on proceeded to break clean off behind us.

Whoopsie daisy.

Fast forward to today- Friday, August 13th, 2010.

Kev and I still aren’t quite sure where we fit in to the world of music & design, but as of yesterday, we’re gonna give shooting and styling for a real-life, glossy-paged magazine a try!

We were hired by Cottages & Bungalows magazine to style and shoot a cute little bungalow located in here in the South, and lemme tell ya…
(I’d give you a sneak peek, but I’m sure that’s against the rules and mama needs to start savin’ up for a new air conditioning unit with that paycheck!)

(I don’t know what was more exciting- telling our parents that we got the gig, or finally being able to answer “Yes!” when they asked if we were getting paid. LOL. Oh lord. I can’t wait to see the comments our Mom’s leave on this post!)

Anyway, we’re crazy excited/nervous about the whole thing, and I think this might actually qualify as one those dreams we started out unconsciously chasing.

It sure feels like it anyway!

But I can honestly say that I’m not sure we would’ve even known how much we like “shooting and styling interiors” if it weren’t for an incredibly encouraging & inspiring friend of ours.

She’s a real daymaker this one.

She’s a talented, warm-spirited gal, and has a familiar and comforting soul.
She’s sunny, yet down-to-earth.
She’s confident and reassuring, and it’s become insanely clear to us that she’s come into our lives for a multitude of very important reasons.

She allows us to be wacky, wild, Kool-aid style.
She paints us bubbly when we’re feeling blue.
She makes us feel like we’re on the right track.
And she gives us the courage to never look back.

The friend I’m referring to, of course, is you.


So thank you, friend, for accepting us for who we are while we try to figure out just who exactly that is!



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