Nest Shoot – Day One


I’m happy to report that we finished our to-do lists last night around midnight and we were up in time to make ourselves look presentable (yes, I brushed) this morning too.

At about 10 a.m., Alistair and Don (prop stylist extraordinaires) began sprinkling our house with all sorts of colorful, textural, patterned goodies. It was such a treat to see them work their magic, room by room. The tablecloth they used on the Dining Room table is amazing, and I’m IN LOVE with the bowls that are now sitting alongside my white ones in our open cabinets in the kitchen.

David, the photographer (and his assistants) also came by this afternoon to begin preparing for tomorrows shoot. They discussed which rooms they’ll shoot, and in which order they’ll shoot them, etc. First up, the kitchen! And thanks to some fab new accessories, our herb crates will look a little different than how you’ve previously seen them:

I can’t wait to see how the new accessories photograph. The whole process is so intriguing to me!

We’ll be tweeting throughout the day tomorrow, so if you’re interested in hearing about our day- check us out on Twitter!


PS…For those who have asked, the herb crates in the photo above are available on our Lettered Cottage Home site!

Also, we’ve been taking tons of photos, but we’re only allowed to certain ones here on our blog until after our issue comes out. We’ll be sure to post all of them here on our blog after we get our copy in the mail though! Our issue will be released around December 28th, and for those who have asked, “The Nest” is a subscription-only magazine, and is not available in stores or on newsstands. “The Nest” is a division of “The Knot” magazine. To order a subscription, visit this link!

Nest Shoot - Day Two & Three
The Nest magazine is coming to TLC!

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