Mystery Room

Have you ever wondered where this door led to?

Come a little closer and let me show you.
It leads to THIS door, which is the one we come in and out of everyday…

And this door is located in…

You both guessed the correct room. :-)
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The floor was a really ugly ceramic tile, and hadn’t been properly sealed, so the grout was badly stained. Kevin installed the same flooring in here, that he put in the rest of the cottage…it looks SO much better now, don’t ya think?

I painted half the room “Natural Choice”
(the same color that’s in our Living Room).

I still have to paint this side of the room…

…and figure out what to put in those frames.
(IF I decide to keep them there)

I may have kept the green color, but whoever painted it did a horrible job. It looked like some spots had two coats, while others had one.
So I just decided to go with something I already had to save a little dough.

I have BIG plans for this little space too, and I’ll post more photos of my progress tomorrow!


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