My Snowy Valentine

Normally, I’m totally consumed with what’s happening inside our house, but today I couldn’t take my eyes off what was happening outside. Within minutes of waking, I had fallen hopelessly in love with a million winter-white snowflakes. They took me back, brought me closer to God, and reminded me of my Grandma Evelyn. (She passed away this very day, 11 years ago) I was so moved by the magic, I was compelled to capture bits and pieces of it on video so that I could watch it from time to time and smile. :-)

Unfortunately, when I peek through my blinds tomorrow morning, my winter wonderland will have no doubt disappeared. But I guess that’s what makes days like today extra special, and I will certainly cherish the memory of it forever.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend too!


PS…That’s Kevin playing guitar in the video! :-)

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