My Second Place

When Kevin and I sold our first house, on Hermitage Drive, we bought a brand new house, across the street from his Mom and Dads place.

This is the only NEW house I have ever lived in.
It was tiny, at just under 1200 square feet.
Somehow, the builder managed to squeeze in three bedrooms and two full baths.

Four months after we purchased it, we decided to make the move to Prattville, so we put it up for rent. Two weeks later, a couple of school teachers moved in.

I never got around to decorating or painting the Master Bedroom or Bath…

Both bright, blank canvases, with lots of potential. (The knobs on the vanity weren’t right…too much contrast and too ornate for the space. I probably would have changed them to these stain nickel ones instead.)

We did paint the Living Room- but never fully accessorized it, and never purchased a rug…

The Kitchen was open to the Living Room, and I had plans to switch out the laminate countertops with some kind of natural stone material…

The front of the bar needed some sprucing up, and the light fixture would’ve been changed out before long too.
But, the Lettered Cottage was calling our name…so we packed up our paint brushes and hit the road to Prattville instead! :-)

It does make me want to throw out a few questions though- for those of you who live in (or have lived in) spaces under 1200 square feet.
What do/did you love about it? What don’t/didn’t you love about it? Do you have any great space-saving secrets you can share?

I look forward to reading all of your comments.
Thanks in advance for sharing!


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