My First Place

I’ve shown you so many pictures of my current home, but I’ve never shared any photos of the FIRST house Kevin and I bought together. It’s very different from the house we live in now, but it’s equally (more, actually) as dear to me.

Today, I’ll start with photos of the exterior. Then everyday, for the next week, I’ll give you a guided tour of each room inside.

If we had not sold it, we would have painted the exteriors brick, carport and trim, and re-surfaced the driveway.

Welcome to Hermitage Drive…

Walking up to the front door:

Here’s the back yard:

This is the courtyard on the other side of the brick wall in the carport.

We were going for a Japanese Zen Garden type of a space.
I sure do miss the hot tub we had back there this time of year. :-(

Stay tuned for the first set of interior pictures tomorrow!


Hermitage Drive - Entry and Living Room
Firehouse For Sale

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