• My Day With The Movie Man

    Our visit with Chris Wiegand was so fun!

    American Blogger Airstream_Chris_Wiegand

    He pulled in verrrrry early Saturday morning, and after he had a few hours of sleep (bless his heart!), he and I ran around and filmed at a few different places thoughtout the rest of the day.



    It was reeeeeally hot out, but Chris said he was used to working in the heat because of all the hours he put in fixing up the Airstream.


    (Me, planning our route. Chris, preparing my mic.)

    After a fun chat at our house (that guys cracks me UP!), we met up with my friend Evan at Prattville Pickers and did a little treasure hunting.


    (More details about that chicken coming later this week!)

    After that, we stopped by Keith’s to drop off a couple of things for the makeover we’re doing in his living room right now, then we visited the old Prattville cotton gin, and the  “bamboo forest” so that Chris could shoot some b-roll footage. (I forgot to bring my camera, so I found these photos online:)





    Around 5pm went back to our place and did a little more filming. First on the water, then back at our place. Kevin snapped this photo of Max wanting in on the fun- ha!


    Chris went outside to capture the sunset after that, and we wound the day down with one of Kevin’s spaghetti dinners and last week’s episode of the Bachelorette. It was a fun-filled day for sure, and I’m so grateful to be a part of Chris’ American Blogger project!

    Chris hit the road early Sunday morning…


    He’s making his way to West Palm Beach, FL to meet up with another blogger right now, and I look forward to sharing information about the movie once it’s released later this Fall!

    PS- I’ve got another post planned for this afternoon if you’d like to swing back by!

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