Moving and Adoption

Well, it looks like we may actually be able to move into our new place this weekend- yahoo! The bank agreed to fix the water and electrical issues that popped up in our inspection, and they *should* all be taken care of in the next few days, so our closing is still set for Friday morning.

I’m hesitant to blog too much about the new place until the keys officially belong to us, but I will say that one of my favorite things about the community we’re moving to is how kid-friendly it is.

Traffic whizzed past the front of our last house at 50-60 mph, and we were always a little concerned about having a small child living with us there. There were no sidewalks, and the piece of property our house sat on dropped off into a woodsy ravine behind the house. It was fine for us “big kids”, but like I said, we never really knew how it would work for us with a small child in the picture.

Our new (rural) neighborhood (10 minutes from the eastern edge of Montgomery, AL, where Kev’s parents and brother’s family lives) is nestled between two fishing lakes, and surrounded by hundreds of rolling acres of green space. Perfect for little ones (and parents) that want to get out and ride bike and explore.

And speaking of little ones and their parents, we were so inspired by the comments y’all left us on our last adoption post. So many of you mentioned praying for Guidance and watching for signs. Such great advice and we appreciate the reminders so much.

Since that post, we’ve done a lot of both…praying and sign-seeking, I mean. And those of you that said there may already be signs right in front of us were right. There were- we just hadn’t started seeing them as signs yet, I guess.

I don’t know how many times I’ve bumped into Christine- a blogger and adoptive parent who has always been so sweet about offering to help us with our adoption-related questions.

I don’t know how many times she (and many others) mentioned Lifeline Adoption Agency, which is just up the road from us in Birmingham.

Well, since that post, we’ve re-connected with Christine, who introduced us to Beth and Iris from Lifeline. As a matter of fact, she picked out a cafe for us all to meet at one day and what an absolutely awesome opportunity that was. I could’ve asked them questions and listened to their adoption stories for days!

We left that day feeling like we had taken a big, inspired step forward…

…and we can’t wait to see where He leads us next!

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    • Layla says

      Thank you, Lisa! You are so right about change being good AND scary. We sure do appreciate your prayers!

  1. says

    I’m so happy for you! So many exciting and wonderful changes are coming your way. I can’t wait to see the new house. The area is beautiful and does seem perfect for little ones. :)

  2. Kiki says

    Reading your whole post, it was filled with signs! I’m so excited to watch how it unfolds for you and your husband!! I am a HUGE believer in signs.. my husband thinks I’m nuts… but there is something to it! When we were debating a move to the town we live in now, I had a friend say to me, “I’m going to pray for you to notice when God opens one door for you and closes another.” Instantly after she said those words to me… it went boom, boom, boom… everything was like slapping me in the face! I lived 18 years of my life on 2nd Ave, the home we bought was on 2nd Ave… the mom was a SAHM, they had a boy and girl and the dad was a 4th grade teacher…. same as my husband! The past 2 years, my husband had been looking for a principal job…he interviewed for one and when drove to go do a site visit… guess what street it was on… 2nd Ave! I told him this one is his… and YEP….he got it! There is something to those little and not so little signs if you ask me! ;) Good luck on your new adventure!! (I’m jealous… adventure and (good) change is my favorite!!!)

    • Layla says

      WOW, Kiki! What an incredible and encouraging story! Thank you so much for sharing it here today! :-D

  3. Eileen says

    Exciting stuff! I know Lifeline well! I also know their in-China person…..if you opt to go that way. Her name is Lily and she’s amazing. I can’t say enough good about her. I never got myself too worried during our wait because I always knew that Lily had things covered! By the way, the wait for our little man was only about 8 months from the start of paperwork to us meeting him in China!

    Lots of fantastic options out there. I’m sure you’ll pick the one that’s perfect for you…..and for a little person who will soon be blessed with a family!

  4. Linda says

    How exciting to watch your journey unfold as God picks the child already planned to be your son or daughter. What a platform you have to show this God adventure called life! I look forward to the day that we celebrate along with you.

  5. says

    I can’t wait to hear more about both! Your new hood looks ah-mazing! And adoption will be the best thing you’ve ever done (and I can say that from experience)!!

  6. says

    hey layla, i’m mostly just a “stalker,” but thought i’d let you know we live in fort worth, texas and are also adopting using lifeline. they have been amazing through the whole process. the initial paperwork is definitely overwhelming, but we are so glad we chose a christian agency who truly loves the lord. i can’t tell you how many times they have emailed or called us just to say they are praying for our family. currently, we are waiting on a referral (#18 on the wait list) from ethiopia. if you decide to use lifeline, i know you will LOVE everything about them. just wanted to pop in and say hello and introduce myself. we will be praying for y’all as you make this decision. blessings, s.

  7. Karen says

    Happy for you as you begin your journey to parenting. I am the adoptive mother of three. Two domestic and one international. Hang in there and know that you have a community of adoptive mothers out there if you need us.

  8. Katie Morene says

    The blogging world is such a funny place, it makes us feel as if we know each other when we really only see a small slice of the pie. That being said, CoNGraTuLAtIoNS! to you and Kevin on your new future; wherever you’re led, whatever paths you choose. I love reading your blog and the spirit of hope, possibility, faith and passion that you express here.

    Can’t wait to go along for the ride on the next phase.

  9. says

    Most people would feel like moving OR adopting were enough for one year – or decade! But, I sort of knew that you two would be jump in with both feet and see what happens kind of people! Your adventure is exciting. Your faith is inspiring. Your blessings will surely be amazing!

  10. says

    I can’t wait to move! We are for sale right now…fingers crossed we get an offer before the year is out ( we live WAAAAAY out in a rural area of OR

    Happy that you guys are following your heart. There is nothing like a child to change your life-no matter how they come to nest in your heat.

    Excited to see what you will be doing in the new house! Woohoo!

  11. says

    Oh Layla, this is such great news. It was only about a week ago I had you and Kevin on my mind and wondered what had happened to your dream to adopt. I hesitated to ask you about it, as I didn’t know what the status was. I am so excited to hear that you are still pursuing and God is opening new doors where maybe you thought they were closed.

    God bless you!

  12. sharee says

    Oh my! I know exactly how you feel. It’s exciting and a bit scary all at the same time. We brought home our son last March and I still can’t believe that our adoption journey is almost at an end…we finalize with a judge this month!

    Can’t wait to hear more of what God has in store for you.

  13. Karina says

    Congratulations on working toward both big steps! Can’t wait to read about both things on your blog. Love the curly hair, by the way.

  14. says

    So many exciting things on the horizon for both of you! Will keep my fingers crossed for Friday and I know that there is a little one out there just waiting for the perfect couple ~ that perfect couple being you and Kevin. Hugs.

  15. Sarah T says

    So many new and exciting things on your horizon – enjoy the adventure! Your “Tour Guide” is the absolute best. He will not disappoint you. He knows all our needs (better than we do) and will provide them. Sending you prayers for peaceful hearts and minds as you wait for what is next.

  16. Laura says

    I’m thinking TLC could also stand for Total Life Change? Or Thankful, Leaning (on Him), Challenged? So happy for the anticipation of wonderful blessings to come in your journey! The wait and the wonder can bring moments of fear, but I have been reminding myself the past few months that He never gives me fear! How can He when He is my loving Father? He brings rest and peace when I let Him!

  17. Holly says

    Love, love, love this. So happy for you, and so inspired by you. It’s crazy that in blogland, you can feel like you know someone from their sweet posts and stories. I am so rooting for you, and praying for you too!

    Big hugs,

  18. says

    SO excited to follow along as your adoption journey unfolds. I remember when we were waiting to travel to Khloe and I got an email from you (back in 2010) asking a few questions. I was so bummed when I later found it in my spam box :( As a fellow-MN gal, I already felt that connection to you, so it was just a blessing to see your heart for the orphans, as well. You will absolutely LOVE Lifeline. If {when!} we go back again, we’d love to go through them. I have many adoptive friends who have used them and a fellow adoptive mommy friend who WORKS for them (Andrea S.) …I’m sure everyone who works there is just wonderful! God bless you on this journey and I’m SO excited to see what God has in store for you next!! He is faithful! <

    Blessings & Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  19. pamela says

    So excited for you!
    Also, less imortant… but I LOVE your “new do”! How did you get them beachy waves???

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Pamela! I used a curling wand to create my curls. I’m still trying to get the hang of it, but I’m loving how much longer the curls stay curly with it!

  20. says

    I am a stalker to your website as well. You continue to inspire me. Growing up in a family that participated in adoption was so great for me. Really gives you a heart for people “not like you.” Really gets you out of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it.

  21. Judi Thompson says

    Your blog moves me to tears! What a beautiful young family filled with hopes and dreams and faith! May God bless you greatly!

  22. says

    I’m a BIG believer in signs. They are there if you are open to them. Just before my husband & I got married we got our marriage license at a local government office, with my Mother as our witness. There at the counter was a calendar printed/designed by my Dad from the local printing company he worked for for over 30 years. My husband has a harder time seeing the signs, even he was a true believer that day. I often time think I find signs here at The Lettered Cottage blog. Just about the time you all began writing about your adoption journey, my husband & I realized we were going to begin our own up hill battle with having children. For whatever the reason I feel compelled to follow & learn from your adoption journey. All the best in what’s to come for you both!

  23. says

    LOVE the looks of the new area you are moving too, can’t wait to see more.
    Now, about adoption and your own nervousness and apprehension, I’m sure friends, acquaintances and family have all asked you many questions about when you will expand your family. Having children is a life changing experience. Everyone is excited and supportive of you because we can all see that you will be amazing parents. We can also see that you will LOVE being parents. You don’t only love your child, you love the person that having a child requires you to become. They bring out the best and the worst in you, the best they make better and the worst they inspire you to improve. So don’t be nervous, if the signs are there and you feel this is Gods will for your family just dive in. Adoption is such an amazing thing, it brings blessings to so many and I am excited for you on this journey. Sending prayers!

  24. says

    I can hardly wait to see the new place. But, first, I noticed a few things in the post “Moving and Adoption” that we have in common. First and second, is that our 1) ADOPTION blog is called 2) MOVED to MOVE (dot blogspot dot com, of course). Third, is that we are with Lifeline…..we LOVE our agency. We are in their Ethiopia program which is run out of Louisville but, just the same, the agency has been EXCELLENT to work with.

  25. says

    Happy news! I know nothing about adoption exception that it can be quite the process — and it’s rare that any two are the same! Praying that all goes smoothly with the move and that you’ll continue on your path to growing your little family. :-)
    xo Heidi

  26. says

    We live in Alabama and are with Lifeline, too! We have loved our experience with this agency (we are in the domestic program) and highly recommend them! Blessings and prayers for you as you begin this journey. It is a wild ride – get ready – but there’s nothing that compares. Can’t wait to follow along and watch what God does! :)

  27. Jessica Reurich says

    Thank you for sharing your decor journey as well as your adoption one with us! You will be blessed because He loves you, God Bless

  28. Leda Perry says

    We have two adopted (one adopted at 18 months and one adopted at 9 years old!) and they are both such blessings! I have many friends who have adopted through Lifeline (Including two of my daughter’s foster sister’s families!) and I’m glad you were able to connect with them!! Best wishes~~

  29. says

    reading this post I am so happy for you guys. congrats on the new house (and that you’ll be in it SOON!). sounds like a great house to bring a child/children in to. parayers for you all during the entire process.

  30. says

    Layla, your new area sounds so fantastic for little ones and big kids too! I know you will build lots of great memories in this house. Good luck on Friday and I wish you the best in your adoption. You guys would make the greatest parents.

  31. says

    Wonderful, beautiful! Our dear friends adopted a newborn baby girl through Lifeline three years ago! I’ve only heard good things about Lifeline… God Bless you all on this journey.

  32. celeste meehan says

    we’ve been blessed twice by way of adoption. our son was born here in the US, not far from where we live (NY). we planned on another domestic adoption, but there were signs from above that we were to find our daughter in china – and we did. it took many years and traveling over many roads before we became parents, but it was all part of God’s great plan for us to become a family. i tell our kids that we were always meant to be together, even before any of us were born. i will keep you and your children – wherever they might be, in my prayers…

  33. says

    i am
    beyond excited
    for you both
    in your bends in the road

    those scary changes
    usually end up being
    the ones that bring the greatest blessing

    can’t wait to read
    how life unfolds for you
    in the next year.


  34. Michelle Combs says

    Praying for you girl. (remember me? from Collinsville, il on the farm?) still keep up with your blog & awesome designs! BTW your hair looks sooo stinkin cute (color & curls).

  35. Louise says

    Oh my goodness! I’ve got goosebumps just reading this! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you both! :) Best of luck with your move! So looking forward to seeing your new home!

  36. Itsa says

    I am so hoping, and praying that your dreams come true. You both deserve it. My God bless your new home and your new family!

  37. Adoptivemom says

    I’m so excited that you’re back in the exploring stages of adoption again! We looked at Lifeline and got their info, but for us personally, we weren’t completely comfortable with the required adherence to their statement of faith. We personally know a few people who have worked with them and had great experiences, however. We worked with A Angel also based in Birmingham (Helena actually) and also researched Villa Hope for international options, although we decided to pursue domestic adoption in the end. You might want to check those out and see what you think.

  38. Sharon says

    I just wanted to say I wish you the best on your ventures in adoption…I am an adopted child, many moons ago…and our daughter and son were adopted and we are about to adopt our 5 year old Granddaughter…..It is a blessed life and I wish you much joy…;o)

  39. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Your whole post made me smile this HUGE silly smile across my face. I am so tickled for you kids. I agree….watch the signs…….they are already there……….I have no doubt about that. It happens to us, BIG, whenever something is going on in our lives.
    Remember, one door closes — another one opens!
    My Dear,
    Let me do it.
    I am simply giddy for you both!

  40. Julie B. [Holland] says

    “Love never fails. Character never quits. And with patience and persistence, dreams do come true.”~ Pete Maravich

    All my best wishes for you and Kevin on making your dreams come true.

  41. Jeanine says

    So excited for you! I believe adoption is God’s heart, and He will lead and guide you to the little one He has planned to place in your arms since the beginning of time! You are in for an amazing journey. There will no doubt be bumps along the way, but they will all be worth it. Praying for you!

  42. says

    My family has just begun the adoption process and we are adopting from the Congo. We have three biological children and we’re looking forward to bringing home #4! My husband was born and raised in the Congo while his parents were missionaries. The country has millions of orphans (1million in the capital city alone). God will surely direct you to the country where your child is :)

    My only advice is to check out the Empowered to Connect Conference. It was AMAZING! I could go on and on about all we learned, but I believe this information will be so helpful after we bring our children home.

    Wishing you and yours all the best!

  43. JenMomof5 says

    I loved seeing your beginning adoption journey pics! It brought back so many wonderful memories of all of our adoption adventures bringing our five precious gifts into our family. There will be lots of ups and downs during your journey but don’t lose heart. All of your efforts will be completely worth it! I think I have seen the Lord more beautifully in our adoption adventures than any other times of our lives. It makes me certain that these adoptions were His plan. The impossibilities He overcame are our testimony!

  44. Lisa W. says

    Way excited for you two. Wonderful parents I know you will be, and we ALL already know you can decorate. Can’t wait to see the new house!!! Happy:)))))

  45. says

    Yay! I’m so excited that you will be working with Lifeline. I thought that was Beth in your pictures the other week. She is our social worker and we absolutely love her. We just wrapped up our last home study meeting this Monday. It’s so cool to hear how God is working in your lives.
    P.S. Your new neighborhood looks absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

  46. Brenda says

    We found our children who were living in orphanages in Ukraine and Russia by hearing about adoption one day while listening to Family Life Today on the radio. As God would direct, we ended up using the same adoption agency profiled on the show after praying fervently and seeking Him. Although both of my sons, now 13 and 15 (adopted at age 1 and 2) have ADHD and one has fetal alcohol related issues, they are God’s precious gifts and I am so blessed to be their mother.

  47. says

    There is something to be said for having a kid friendly neighborhood – we moved from an urban condo in Chicago to a suburban community in Fort Worth about 3 years ago, and the place is delightfully kid friendly – it’s the kind of place where the children play ball and ride their bikes in the street, and neighborhood children drop by to see if E. can come out to play. Having never had that before here in the US, it’s been a wonderful discovery!

    Good luck with your closing, and your continued journey towards adoption! {{{hugs}}}

  48. Marie @ Boutique de la Mer says

    I am so genuinely happy for you and Kevin. Can’t wait to follow your nre journey.


  49. says

    I can’t believe how fast this has gone for you! At least from my perspective…it seems like just yesterday you were posting room renos and we readers had no idea you were thinking about moving! So glad everything is going smoothly for ya.

  50. Billie says

    So inspired to hear about your new adventure. Being a Grammy of two adopted precious little boys, you have alot of joy waiting for you. Best Wishes on your adventure.

  51. says

    Our daughter is 4 and from Taiwan. We started out in the China prgm and led to the Taiwan prgm. Our daughter came home when she was 7 months old and she is the light of our lives, the joy in our heart, the smile on our faces. I have never done anything better in my life than to adopt!!
    I think you need to write down what your heart is open to and what it can take. Adoption from any aspect is not for the faint at heart and we had to chose based on what we thought we could withstand. We went to Asia because most countries offer a very stable program, very straight forward steps and paperwork, Attachment was a big issue for us and something every adoptive parent MUST consider!!! Love is not always enough. the older the child, the more dysfunctional the prior enviro, any abuse….these things can make it really tough to help a child thru attachment.
    China has a wonderful waiting child program and has children avail that have very minor to very severe needs. Taiwan has a similar prgrm as well. The Congo and Ghana are both prgms with children are in desparate need of families. Just make sure you find an agency that has a proven network and has families that have come home that you can talk to about their journey.

    I can put you in touch with families that have adopted from all over the world. The network of international adoption families is HUGE!!!! They are a wonderful support system.

    Congrats and wishing you a great journey to your child and all I can say is the feeling you will have in your heart the moment you see the first picture of your child will be a feeling you WILL NEVER forget!!!

    feel free to email me if you want to be connected to some families that have adopted Internationally. [email protected]

  52. says

    I said a prayer to St. Anthony for you guys (I am Catholic and believe in Saints and he is the patron saint of lost things) so I said a prayer that he FIND the “fixes” and find resolution to your new house issues so you can move in, and asked that he FIND that everything go into place, and you find the right child for you guys. Much happiness to you both.
    p.s. I think your husband deserves a pat on the back because he goes with you to all these ‘meets’ with all the ladies (cute photo above!). You are lucky, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. Plus, maybe the ladies think he is pretty cute too and they are happy he’s there. ;)

  53. says

    Oh Layla I am SO excited for you!!!! I am going to keep you in my prayers. You have inspired me in so many ways, it’s the very least I can do for you. Wait, what am I saying? Praying is not the least thing? It’s the most powerful! =0) Cannot WAIT to see your new house. And your kiddo will love growing up there. He/she will be so lucky!!!

  54. Lisa K. says

    It is all so exciting for you. I got all teary eyed reading your post. Blessings & prayers for you!

  55. Kim in MD says

    Congratulations, Layla and Kevin, on settling on your new home! My fingers are crossed (and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers) regarding your adoption, too!

  56. says

    I am SO glad to have you as a next door neighbor now! I live in Auburn and now you two an be closer to the games here instead of Kevin being glued to the TV! Also, keep telling my husband now (who’s an acupuncturist there in Montgomery & here), that I’m going to get you as his patient someday, LOL! Ok, I could be dreamin there. Love your post – as usual. MANY blessings on your move, and knowing that you both are going to make GREAT parents.

  57. Stephanie says

    Oh here you go! This reminds me of how our “chance meeting” began. Watch out Layla! You’re about to be blessed…

    Woo hoo!

  58. says

    Wow, somehow I missed your previous posts about adoption! Congrats, that is awesome! My husband and I are in the early stages of adoption right now. We’ve completed all of our classes and we’re currently preparing for our home study, which will most likely happen within the next few weeks! It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time! Best of luck to you! I’ll keep you in my prayers! <3

  59. Linda says

    Oh, I am so excited for you! Looking forward to seeing your new house but most of all to see where your adoption journey takes you.

    Thirty-eight years ago we became adoptive parents to a beautiful baby boy. What a wonderful journey that has been!

    • Linda says

      Meant to also tell you something else. After we decided to adopt we started house hunting for a good family home. Nine months after we moved into our new home, our adoption counceler called to say a baby boy who was a good match was just released for adoption!

  60. Meagan S says

    I am so thrilled that you are considering Lifeline! I have several friends who work there and several friends who have adopted through Lifeline! I am excited to read about this journey!

  61. Geri says

    I love your courage in all you do in life.
    Your photo looks so beautiful. You have a look in your eyes of
    complete calm and serenity. You have such a gentle and generous heart and soul. I am so excited to follow your life and loves. Geri.

  62. says

    Big prayers for you on your new adventure. I admire you honesty, courage, and enthusiasm. Life is hard. By sharing your story, you are making it easier for others.

  63. says

    Very happy for you and Kevin and all the wonderful changes and blessings coming your way. Cannot wait to see the new house. I know you’ll make it gorgeous, warm and inviting. Hurry, tell the bank to get a move on!!!

  64. says

    It is so great that you are thinking of adopting. Our really close friends decided to adopt about 2 years ago. This summer they went to the Marshall Islands to pick up their baby girl. Their story is amazing. Let me know if you want to read about it and I can send you a link to their blog.

  65. Lee Ann says

    My comment has nothing to do with adoption. Rather, I would LOVE to have a BIG BOX of “osage oranges” like the one Kevin is holding in the photos! They are so gorgeous in centerpiece bowls and vases this time of year, and they have a wonderful, light scent. I used to be able to buy them at farmers’ markets but alas, no more! I am jealous if you have those near you. I’ll expect to see lots of decorating using them, Layla!

  66. says

    What a great post! I’ve been a long time reader and have even talked with you via email a couple of times. I’m so happy to hear your positive attitude when waiting for your child. I’ll join you (and many others) in praying for God’s perfect timing and your peace as your waiting for that exciting day when you get to meet your little one!!

    Congrats on the new house! I had to check out your blog after seeing your instagram pictures of moving day!!

  67. says

    Love how God puts people together… and uses the tiniest (and biggest!) things to knit friendships!

    God bless you in your move, in your new home, in your family plans. God is doing AWESOME things in your lives and I’m so excited for your journey!

  68. diAnet says

    Congratulations, to you and Kevin, on your new home. Love the outside …can’t wait to see the inside!

    God’s plan always works. His timing is spot on.

  69. says

    i am an adoptive mom too. connecting with people who can encourage you through the process is one of the most important things about adoption. encouragement is a must when you are simply waiting. glad you were able to connect.

  70. Natalie B. says

    I am so excited for you guys! My husband and I leave just outside of Birmingham and we are Foster Parents through Lifeline! Such a great organization and we wish you and Kevin the best!

  71. snowmanluv says

    You probably already know about this, but I this other website who quincentally also has a blog on home decor is adopting their 4th child from Philippes.

    Her website is :Adoption

    House of Rose Blog

  72. Rebekah says

    Layla, I know this is long past your post, but I had to just send a word of encouragement. We adopted our girl through an agency in Nashville 10 years ago. We looked at international and domestic adoptions. We had a child matched with us, but 4 days after birth, the mom changed her mind (The baby was in a “temporary” home until the parental rights were terminated. It was such a difficult time, yet we felt God’s peace knowing that we would never want to steal someone else’s child that they didn’t want to give!). We knew God had the perfect match for us. When they handed us our screaming, matted eyed, wild haired little girl, just as all the pains of labor are forgotten, the labor of our hearts over all those years just vanished. She is SO meant to be ours. I hate to imagine our home without her. In fact, 5 months after we got her, I found out I was 4 1/2 months pregnant! Isn’t God good? He knew how much we needed her! I have to tell you and Kevin, just as every birth has its own story, so will your adoption. And yours will be just as unique and amazing, if not more so. God bless you two on your journey!

  73. Sarah says

    It’s funny- I’ve come across your blog a few different times the past few years and was led here again recently… anyway, my husband and I are beginning the adoption process as well. We have been in the praying/sign-seeking stage for the past few months and feel like we are almost there in making a decision as to which agency! So excited to come across all the different guest adoption blogs you’ve posted and to hear/follow your adoption story. I can’t wait to see the little one God has for you— and for us!!

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