Moving and Adoption

Well, it looks like we may actually be able to move into our new place this weekend- yahoo! The bank agreed to fix the water and electrical issues that popped up in our inspection, and they *should* all be taken care of in the next few days, so our closing is still set for Friday morning.

I’m hesitant to blog too much about the new place until the keys officially belong to us, but I will say that one of my favorite things about the community we’re moving to is how kid-friendly it is.

Traffic whizzed past the front of our last house at 50-60 mph, and we were always a little concerned about having a small child living with us there. There were no sidewalks, and the piece of property our house sat on dropped off into a woodsy ravine behind the house. It was fine for us “big kids”, but like I said, we never really knew how it would work for us with a small child in the picture.

Our new (rural) neighborhood (10 minutes from the eastern edge of Montgomery, AL, where Kev’s parents and brother’s family lives) is nestled between two fishing lakes, and surrounded by hundreds of rolling acres of green space. Perfect for little ones (and parents) that want to get out and ride bike and explore.

And speaking of little ones and their parents, we were so inspired by the comments y’all left us on our last adoption post. So many of you mentioned praying for Guidance and watching for signs. Such great advice and we appreciate the reminders so much.

Since that post, we’ve done a lot of both…praying and sign-seeking, I mean. And those of you that said there may already be signs right in front of us were right. There were- we just hadn’t started seeing them as signs yet, I guess.

I don’t know how many times I’ve bumped into Christine– a blogger and adoptive parent who has always been so sweet about offering to help us with our adoption-related questions.

I don’t know how many times she (and many others) mentioned Lifeline Adoption Agency, which is just up the road from us in Birmingham.

Well, since that post, we’ve re-connected with Christine, who introduced us to Beth and Iris from Lifeline. As a matter of fact, she picked out a cafe for us all to meet at one day and what an absolutely awesome opportunity that was. I could’ve asked them questions and listened to their adoption stories for days!

We left that day feeling like we had taken a big, inspired step forward…

…and we can’t wait to see where He leads us next!

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  1. snowmanluv says

    You probably already know about this, but I this other website who quincentally also has a blog on home decor is adopting their 4th child from Philippes.

    Her website is :Adoption

    House of Rose Blog

  2. Rebekah says

    Layla, I know this is long past your post, but I had to just send a word of encouragement. We adopted our girl through an agency in Nashville 10 years ago. We looked at international and domestic adoptions. We had a child matched with us, but 4 days after birth, the mom changed her mind (The baby was in a “temporary” home until the parental rights were terminated. It was such a difficult time, yet we felt God’s peace knowing that we would never want to steal someone else’s child that they didn’t want to give!). We knew God had the perfect match for us. When they handed us our screaming, matted eyed, wild haired little girl, just as all the pains of labor are forgotten, the labor of our hearts over all those years just vanished. She is SO meant to be ours. I hate to imagine our home without her. In fact, 5 months after we got her, I found out I was 4 1/2 months pregnant! Isn’t God good? He knew how much we needed her! I have to tell you and Kevin, just as every birth has its own story, so will your adoption. And yours will be just as unique and amazing, if not more so. God bless you two on your journey!

  3. Sarah says

    It’s funny- I’ve come across your blog a few different times the past few years and was led here again recently… anyway, my husband and I are beginning the adoption process as well. We have been in the praying/sign-seeking stage for the past few months and feel like we are almost there in making a decision as to which agency! So excited to come across all the different guest adoption blogs you’ve posted and to hear/follow your adoption story. I can’t wait to see the little one God has for you— and for us!!