More Random Meets Remarkable

Writing that last post was so much fun, and the comments attached to it inspired me to scroll back through my cell phone so that I could share some more random-meets-remarkable moments with you today.

They really are happening all around us all the time, you know. :-)

Miracles that match…

Twin Boys

Window displays that wag…

Dog In The Window

Trees that play back…

Little Girl Tree

…and wildflowers that make the wait more fun.

Lot For Sale Wildflowers

Greens that spring from gray in the most unexpected way…

Fern Ball

…and fluffy white “birds” that never sleep.

Tin Roof

“Laptops” that love…

Tuxedo Cat Paw

…and “gimme a V”!

Tuxedo Cat Stretching

Secret scribbles happen across tables at Cracker Barrel…

Little Girl Coloring

…and pens curl their back to loveliness in Books at Panera…

Picture Of Bible

I was so moved by that last moment.

It happened last Fall, and it still fills me up whenever I scroll to it my phone.

The wear-and-tear…the scratches…the “bookmarks”. What a powerful visual that was sitting on the table next to me!

The woman who owned it was an older lady, and I asked her if it would be okay to snap a photo of it right before she started packing up to leave. “Well, sure!“, she said with a surprised giggle.

I thanked her for the positive effect it had on me, and for letting me capture it for keeps. She smiled right on out the door and although I’ve never seen her again, I think about her and her Book all the time.

Amazing how a few pens at Panera can do that. :-)

Happy Friday, friend. Hope you experience lots of random-meets-remarkable things this weekend! :)

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Random Meets Remarkable

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  1. says

    What wonderful pics. Thank you for sharing! I am determined to look for random meets remarkable more often!

  2. Amanda says

    Wow, you really have a way of seeing things…that must be pleasing to God, the way you see beauty all around you. Thanks for inspiring me to LOOK, too.

  3. says

    totally admitting to the fact that several of these images that you have captured totally made me SQUEEEEEEEEEE loudly this fine friday morning. so thank you for sharing the joy.

    • Layla says

      Yay! I never know if seeing the photos will be the same as seeing them in person, but I always hope so! πŸ˜€

  4. says

    I loved yesterdays post! The first thing that came to mind was the title of a Hallmark type movie : The Magic of Ordinary Days. (its not a magic movie…lol). Just reminded me of the little things that make me sit up, pay attention and savor for later. Our son’s adoption was finalized many years ago..but I still remember the magic of those days!

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Beth! I had so much fun putting it together! :-) I especially loved reading that last sentence of yours…makes me feel so excited and hopeful! :-)

  5. Rebekah Johnson says

    Wow. Thank you thank you again and again! I am going to bookmark this post for future encouragement emergencies :) all of these random meets remarkable moments are such sweet reminders of God’s hand in each area of our lives. He’s in the random! Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. Doreen@househoneys says

    There really is beauty everywhere, if only we take the time to really LOOK. That’s one of the things about photography…it forces you to see things differently.

    Don’t you just love panera?

  7. Amber says

    Thanks for these posts. I hope you keep doing them. It reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moment – which I often forget during the rush of life.

  8. GinaE says

    The photo of Kit Kat’s paw with your hand is frame worthy. It would be so cute framed by your desk!

  9. Janice says

    The “book” with the bookmarks looks like a well-worn Bible to me and I noticed you capitalized the word, so maybe you thought the same thing. Love it when I see someone doing a study or just reading His words in public places and just quietly soaking up Truth amongst the busyness. Thanks for the simple but powerful images you capture and share.

  10. Shelley Coughlan (from Northeren California) says

    Layla! This was so much fun! I said, Awww! at Matching Miracles and window displays that wag, WOW at the fluffy bird cloud and totally CRACKED UP at your kitty cheering, “Give me a V”!!!! hehehahaha!

  11. says

    I’m glad to know I am not the only one that gets a warm feeling when I see a heavily loved Book. I have a friend whose Book is held together with duct tape on the front and aspire to have mine held together the same way when I’m her age. Funny. I’ve never wished for anything to fall apart from use. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    You had me at “Laptops that Love”………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and of course, the final picture gave me a catch in my throat.
    :-) Thanks

  13. says

    Kind of wacky but I thought of you when I saw the deal today on Decor Steals. I actually hit MMS blog first and saw it. I thought you may want to check it out as this is your style and you are redoing rooms. I was going bonkers. Good thing I didn’t recover those pillows yet in my tan and white ticking–I’m waiting for the GOOD stuff! Have a wonderful day!

  14. says

    I know so many people get angry with the digital world we live in but my iPhone lets me capture those little moments that just make the world seem more special and amazing. Thank you for sharing your moments with us!

  15. Ashley says


    I totally had a random-meets-remarkable moment today, and the truth is, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if your previous post hadn’t been on my mind.

    I was driving to a coffee house this morning, late for a meeting and catching EVERY red light on the way. I was almost there when I got stuck behind an old beat-up pickup driving slow-as-molasses in my lane.

    I let out a big sigh of frustration at the same moment that I noticed who was driving the pickup: a person in a big, floppy straw hat with a pheasant feather bobbing in the band. I looked closer, intrigued. Then I spotted the occupant of the passenger seat: a happy-looking husky with big blue eyes. The driver kept turning to look at his companion, carrying on a full conversation as if the husky were human and following every word.

    Something about the moment made me put on the brakes to take it in, even though watching those two was making me even more late for my meeting.

    As I pulled up beside them at the light, I saw that the person in the straw hat was a young man with a handsome, smiling face, and that husky’s smile was even more handsome.

    I walked into my meeting late but wearing a big smile myself… My morning stress had just melted away.

    Thanks for the encouragement to literally slow down and notice the beauty that was right in front of me.


  16. Susan says

    I read your blog regularly but have never commented. Today is the day! (how’s that for random?!)

    We’ve had so much rain and thunder storming in a south Carolina late in the day this summer that we’ve had more than our share of rainbows (God’s promises in a big way!). Last week while we waited out a storm to find out if our swim meet would be cancelled, I saw the sun peeking thru and burst through the crowd to look for the rainbow. I could hear my sweet husband say to another parent near him, “My wife always looks for rainbows.”

    It warms my heart that my guy still sees the goodness (and God’s grace) in me. So I’ll keep on checking the Eastern sky after a storm.

    Thanks for reminding me of this today with your sweet thoughts and photos, Layla.


  17. says

    Such fun moments! You inspire me to not be too shy to ask someone if I can take a picture. I normally would be scared to do that, but I think I might give it a try sometime!

  18. Jennifer from Chesapeake, VA says

    Oh, I so loved your post. Thank you for sharing so special moments that many times I am sure I was too busy to notice!! Ps. I heart the kit-kat, he isn’t even mine and I love him. I have one who looks very similar but has a little more white on him. Thanks for sharing him too!!

  19. Bethany says

    Oh my goodness – I just love you and the way you see life. Thanks so much!!

  20. Kim says

    OMG your last few posts have just been amazing! I keep seeing your entries and then keep thinking about what AMAZING parents you will be. Layla, you strike me as the most gentle soul ever and you are thankful for everything God brings to you and Kev. I know I’m a total stranger, but your last few posts have really shown me how to look for beauty in my everyday world. Thank you for sharing and putting a smile on my face.

  21. Karen says

    Oh Layla, how you make my heart smile! I also wanted to let
    you know that mostly due to you and Kevin, we sponsored two
    children through Compassion. Thank you for letting Jesus’ love
    shine through you .You truly are a reflection of His glory!

  22. brenda says

    pens in an old book at Panera with a Kindle reader in the background……………………………

  23. Dawn says

    Layla, I just love your Random Meets Remarkable moments! Thanks for sharing them with us! It inspires me to look for them in my everyday life as well.

  24. Toni says

    I had a little random moment myself today & I’m still smiling. I had bought a watermelon for my son’s traveling baseball team to munch on between the semi-final and championship games of their weekend tournament. As I cut into it, I was frustrated because I thought that it was seedless but it wasn’t. Oh well.. I cut it up and threw it into the cooler. As the first game progressed… it became obvious that we wouldn’t be in the championship game after all– our little guys just didn’t have the “stuff” today. They were flat, they were hot, and they were frustrated. They lost… (this is uncommon for our boys). As usual, the coaches gathered the group of dejected 10 year boys for their little post game recap. I took my cooler of watermelon to the sad little group and started passing it out… their frowns turned into smiles, they started laughing and spitting out seeds, teasing eachother about the juice dribbling down their faces and just like that… the day got a little better for them. Who knew that a watermelon full of seeds would lead to such a remarkable moment. (however, I was enjoying it so much… I didn’t take a picture! :)

  25. says

    All beautiful moments – I especially love the “laptops that love” though. My little beagle likes to lend a helping paw while I’m working too!

  26. Claire Belmont says

    You leave such a positive mark everywhere. I am repeatedly inspired to live my small life in big ways. Thank you!

  27. Sunny Beamish says

    How fun was that …looking through the lens to see life precious moments…thanks for reminding me to look in my day and see what He has for us.
    The last photo speaks volumns…a journey in itself.
    Happy Summer!

  28. Susan Taylor says

    Loved, loved the Book at Panera absolute favorite of all! You are such a lovely inspiration to all and I adore your decorating style. Thanks for posting!

    P.S. The doggie in the window was precious!