More Random Meets Remarkable

Writing that last post was so much fun, and the comments attached to it inspired me to scroll back through my cell phone so that I could share some more random-meets-remarkable moments with you today.

They really are happening all around us all the time, you know. :-)

Miracles that match…

Twin Boys

Window displays that wag…

Dog In The Window

Trees that play back…

Little Girl Tree

…and wildflowers that make the wait more fun.

Lot For Sale Wildflowers

Greens that spring from gray in the most unexpected way…

Fern Ball

…and fluffy white “birds” that never sleep.

Tin Roof

“Laptops” that love…

Tuxedo Cat Paw

…and “gimme a V”!

Tuxedo Cat Stretching

Secret scribbles happen across tables at Cracker Barrel…

Little Girl Coloring

…and pens curl their back to loveliness in Books at Panera…

Picture Of Bible

I was so moved by that last moment.

It happened last Fall, and it still fills me up whenever I scroll to it my phone.

The wear-and-tear…the scratches…the “bookmarks”. What a powerful visual that was sitting on the table next to me!

The woman who owned it was an older lady, and I asked her if it would be okay to snap a photo of it right before she started packing up to leave. “Well, sure!“, she said with a surprised giggle.

I thanked her for the positive effect it had on me, and for letting me capture it for keeps. She smiled right on out the door and although I’ve never seen her again, I think about her and her Book all the time.

Amazing how a few pens at Panera can do that. :-)

Happy Friday, friend. Hope you experience lots of random-meets-remarkable things this weekend! :)

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  1. Sunny Beamish says

    How fun was that …looking through the lens to see life precious moments…thanks for reminding me to look in my day and see what He has for us.
    The last photo speaks volumns…a journey in itself.
    Happy Summer!

  2. Susan Taylor says

    Loved, loved the Book at Panera absolute favorite of all! You are such a lovely inspiration to all and I adore your decorating style. Thanks for posting!

    P.S. The doggie in the window was precious!

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