Mom’s Place – Interior

In the Living Room, Mom used a Martha Stewart color called, “Willow”. It’s the prettiest green. So refreshing. She painted a Wisteria vine in this corner of the room:

I love the little oar propped above the big window, and her Cardinal-themed Christmas tree was stunning. The tree had grapevine wrapped around it that she found in the woods. I loved the way it looked, and you can’t beat that price. :-)

One of the most charming parts of the room is this little stove. Check out those chunky travertine tiles underneath it….what a great little platform!

The coffee table that sits in front of the sofa started as an inexpensive (and ugly) flea market find. But with some white paint, my Moms knowledge of seashells and a thick sheet of glass, it’s turned into the sweetest coffee table I’ve ever seen! She even found the right-sized baskets to fit on the shelf underneath. Perfect for all those shelter mags!

A big, wooden cardinal “flies” above the T.V. When you pull on the string, its wings glide up and down. Very interactive. Very cool!

Just past the Living Room is their Dining Room. The walls in here are painted Martha Stewart’s “Sand”. The ceiling is painted the pretty blue color I just used in my Kitchen. This lovely old (100 years old to be exact) Dining Table will soon sit in the Dining Room at the Lettered Cottage. (woo hoo!) It belonged to my Great, Great Grandparents. (Who, by the way, were “Stauffenberg’s”…and closely related to Colonel Von Stauffenberg, who is being portrayed by Tom Cruise in the movie “Valkyrie” that’s out right now) :-)

On top of the table, Mom put together a little snowman-themed vignette. Gotta love the little Charlie Brown-syle Christmas tree.

Behind the table, Randy carved out an area between the wall studs for a place to display plates and collectibles:

On the opposite wall, Randy installed this stained glass window (which looks into his office). Mom salvaged some old shutters and painted them one of her favorite colors- Lilac. I remember ALWAYS having Lilac bushes around our house in Minnesota when I was young. My neighbors gave me the nickname “Layla Lilac”. :-)

In the Master Bath, they salvaged an old claw foot tub and painted the outside a sunny yellow color. The book on the tub caddy is “How to live at the Beach”, and I HIGHLY recommend it. :-)

I love her use of this etagere at the end of the tub. It’s so sculptural and is such a nice way to display her small sunflower-themed collectibles…

Above the commode, hangs this little mirrored face (from the French Quarter) and some live greenery. I love the simplicity and whimsy.

This is the only picture I have of the Guest Bedroom. I’ll have to get another one next time I’m visiting. It’s beautiful and serene…

Tomorrows post will include photos of her INCREDIBLE Department 56 Christmas Village display, and Randy’s awesome train set-up. It’s in their Sunroom, and it’s so impressive!

Happy New Year to everyone reading this…hope you have a SPECTACULAR 2009!


Mom's Place - Department 56 Snow Village

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