Mom’s Place – Exterior

I had a GREAT visit with my Mom and her husband, Randy, this Christmas.
Their home is such a magical, little place- filled with treasures they’ve collected over the years. Memories are oozing from every nook and cranny! From the tiny seashells resting on the window sill, hand-plucked by Mom- to the collection of vintage beer cans neatly displayed by Randy inside an old beadboard hutch.

In the front yard, Santa welcomed us:

They live in Florida, and my Mom has a thing for Flamingos, so not far away from Santa- stands this guy:

On the front porch, Mom even decked out the ferns with big, red bows:

You can also access the front porch from the side of the house. Don’t you just love the lush little pathway?

As you walk toward the back of the house, there is a sweet little garden nestled up against the left side of the house:

And when you enter through the back gate, you find their pool. Notice how she cut the hedge in the shape of waves!

You’ve heard about parents hanging their kids artwork on the fridge? Well, about 8 years ago, to the left of the pool, Mom had me paint a mural on the side of the garage. :-)

Here’s how it looks at night:

Through the gate on the right side of the pictures above, you’ll find their “Secret Garden”- complete with table and chairs, hammock and a custom-built dog house.

Beyond the Secret Garden, is the Tree House. Mom and Randy enjoy “Happy Hour” up there, and invite their guests to help decorate the tree limbs with Mardi Gras beads.

The Tree House is surrounded by woods. My Mom carved out a little walking path, and placed these two old wood chairs near the end of it.

For Halloween, she decorated the path in the woods with toy spiders, witches, jack-o-lanterns, “napkin ghosts” and draped Spanish Moss from the branches for my nephew Maddox. He loved it, but won’t touch any of the spiders. :-)

In front of the tree house is a vegetable garden. Here’s Mom showing us their gorgeous cabbage crop:

And working your way back towards the house, you’ll find their horseshoe pit. I love the seating area off to the side:

Next to the pool, stands this old lighthouse. It was there when they moved in, and yes, it does actually work! It adds so much character, doesn’t it?

Since her Flamingo Garden wasn’t in bloom, I’ll have to save that for a post later this summer. Everything in it is pink. It’s beautiful.

Tomorrow I’ll take you inside their place and show you some of my favorite things.
See ya then!

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