Mom’s Place – Department 56 Snow Village

Every year my Mom and Randy set up a giant Department 56 Snow Village and train set display in their Sunroom.

Each year it changes a little, and we love to just sit and talk about all the new little details…

This is the entrance that most people use when visiting their home, and it’s really cool that it’s the first thing you’re welcomed by.

The first piece my Mom started her collection with is this big, white house.
It looks almost exactly like the house I grew up in:

The church was another early piece in her collection:

My brother and I bought her this log cabin. I love the little gnome. :-)

The tree house piece reminds them of their real-life tree house. She even draped little, tiny Mardi Gras beads from the branches like the ones outside:

Mom’s newest piece is this Pancake House. Our ancestors were Dutch, so she just HAD to get this one:

I love the Snow Plow pushing the faux snow in front of the Toy Store:

This is a neat view of the pedestrian bridge next to the train track bridges:

And here is a cool view of the train choo-chooing its way across the bridge:

This little vignette makes me smile everytime. I have fond memories of roasting marshmallows back in Minnesota:

And the snow angel scene is too cute too. The black dog symbolizes my Mom and Randy’s dog, “Shadow”:

The village really comes to life at night. The windows glow with warmth…

I made the little brick-covered bridge for my Mom in Art class when I was in 6th Grade:

Inside the Pancake House, you can see a family sitting down for a yummy meal:

I also have a collection of Department 56 village pieces. I think I’m up to about eight. I have plans to display them in my Guest Bedroom next Christmas…but I don’t think I’ll ever out-do my Mom and Randy’s amazing set up!


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