• Mission: Barn Art

    They say there’s opportunity in every moment.

    And when you come across an old barn, housing a rickety old truck- you gotta seize that opportunity, man!

    I’ll never forget that day…

    While the last few minutes of our “adventure” involved prying my husband away from the oh-so-incredible scene, the first few minutes involved some good old-fashioned panic.

    See, we initially parked waaay far away from the barn, and quickly found ourselves wading through a long ditch, filled with knee-high length grass, just so we could get close enough to shoot it.

    That’s when the good old-fashioned panic kicked in.

    About halfway between the car and the barn, I started to visualize snakes.

    And I don’t know about you, but once I visualize something scary, it’s over.

    I had to abort “Mission: Barn Art“- and I had to abort it fast.

    So after a quick glance at my feet to make sure I wasn’t already standing on something slithery…

    (no snakes, whew!)

    …I whipped around and ran-walked back to the car as fast, but as calmly, as I could.

    (Ya know- so that the folks in the cars driving past me wouldn’t know I was freaking out or anything. I’m kind of a closet panicker.)

    Anywho, Kevin never looked back.
    He bravely forged ahead, and was able to get some great shots without incident.


    That makes him a hero, right?



    Have you seen this magnet before?

    Well, I was thinking this might be a good one too…


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