• Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint – Mint Green Secretary Makeover

    I painted the secretary this weekend and I just love the way it turned out!

    Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint | Laylas Mint | The Lettered Cottage

    Thanks again to Marian for creating such a sweet color for me! (Here’s a link to her post about it if you’re interested in mixing up a batch of your own: Finding Layla’s Mint)

    Layla Mint | Miss Mustard Seed | Milk Paint

    Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint is so much fun to work with!

    Because milk paint is powder that you mix with water, and because I mixed mine by hand (with a small fork), I saw quite a few little clumps as I painted it on:

    Laylas Mint | Shutter Gray | Miss Mustard Seed | Milk Paint

    See them there in the center of that photo? Well, one of the cool things about milk paint is that those clumps end up scraping off very easily when it’s dry. Check out the photo on the left below:

    Milk Paint | Miss Mustard Seed | Laylas Mint | Secretary Makeover

    I used a small, flat paint can opener to scrape off the bumps, and because I didn’t use any bonding primer, the Shutter Gray color underneath showed through. Pretty cool, huh? You can also see how the milk paint (naturally) bubbled up and flaked off in certain areas in the photo on the right. That’s another cool thing about milk paint- you never know where it’s going to do that. It makes the process so much fun! :-D

    I used my paint can opener to distress all the edges and corners:

    Laylas Mint | Shutter Gray | Milk Paint | Miss Mustard Seed

    …and I used Marian’s soft furniture wax to seal it when I was done.

    Laylas Mint Milk Paint | Miss Mustard Seed

    The Lettered Cottage Kitchen | Laylas Mint Milk Paint | Miss Mustard Seed | Heather Gray Island | Gray Owl Walls

    I was going to do a step-by-step tutorial, but Marian really does the best job of walking you through the whole milk paint process on YouTube. Here are some links to her super helpful videos that I watched before I started working on my secretary:

    Mixing milk paint by hand

    Mixing Milk Paint with a blender

    Bonding agent tutorial

    Applying the first coat of milk paint

    Applying the second coat of milk paint

    Getting the chippy look with milk paint

    Applying furniture & antiquing wax

    Hemp oil tutorial

    Happy painting!

    Updated to add: Exciting news! Marian texted this morning and said that “Layla’s Mint” is going to become one of her milk paint colors! AAAAAHHHHH! :-D

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